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Are Seventh-Day Adventists False Prophets?: A Former Insider Speaks Out [Copertina flessibile]

Wallace D. Slattery

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5.0 su 5 stelle Humbled 8 maggio 2013
Di Humbled - Pubblicato su Amazon.com
Formato:Copertina flessibile
I grew up a Seventh-day Adventist. I went all through grade school and high school in the Seventh-day Adventists system. My parents would read to myself and my siblings every morning Ellen G. White books. At church Ellen G. White was always quoted, in both the children's and adult's Sabbath school classes she was quoted and used to pass judgment onto others. I've always felt judged and never good enough as a person. Because I was a very highly active and energetic child, I didn't fit into the other people's mold. I was always told that I could never say that I was saved and could go to heaven, because I was being judged by God, and that every sin I committed that He would be waiting for me, and would have the Book of my life in His hands and He was waiting to judge my life. I finally said, "Screw it! I'm out of here!" I not only left the SDA church but I left Christianity and became a worldly, atheist, non-believer. There was an event in my life that rocked me to my core. At that point I fell to my knees and cried out to God. He lovingly, graciously, and caringly saved me. I was accepted and loved by non-SDA Christians. After I was accepted by Christ, I wanted to go back to the church I grew up in. When I went back I was judged even harsher than before. The member's displayed a prideful and arrogant attitude that they had the elite truth, and all other denominations are going to hell. They said that I had received my recommitment from a different denominational church without the truth (which the other church kept the Sabbath as well). I started researching the SDA history and have found so many documented facts that the SDA organization has hid from their members. The vision that Ellen G. White claims in her book, Testimonies for the Church, where she saw people walking down a narrow path, which became so narrow at the end that the people could barely remain on the path, and there were chords from the sky that came down to save them. This exact vision was shown to me in 1Nephi chapter 8 in The Book of Mormon, which this book was published in 1830, more than ten years before Ellen G. White became a supposed prophet. The majority of all her visions and books are documented as being plagiarized from other sources. Now I am free and untangling all the programming of lies from Ellen G. White's writings and the Seventh-day Adventists teachings. Now they tell me I'm going straight to hell. I just thank Jesus for His grace, love and mercy, and that I don't need to be perfect to go to heaven (or act that I am perfect and judge others hypocritically when we all are sinners.) Thank you Mr. Slattery for sharing your story; your book has been an encouragement. Thank you for the documentation and facts to help guide where I could find the original source materials from the White Estate for my research.
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5.0 su 5 stelle "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" John 8:32(KJV) 7 maggio 2013
Di Grace - Pubblicato su Amazon.com
Formato:Copertina flessibile|Acquisto verificato Amazon
I was born and raised in the SDA church and school system (third generation on both sides of my parents). As a small child, I had many fears of end time events, specifically about the Sunday-law persecution of Sabbath keepers (taught from Ellen G. White's book The Great Controversy, p.592). I was also very much afraid that I would not be `good enough' to go to heaven, and that at any time if I were to die without being perfect, I would surely not enter. These fears were only made worse as I became old enough to read Ellen G. White's books for myself; when reading her material I would have a terrible insecurity that I would never be good enough or achieve the perfection that seemed to be required. I spoke to my mother about these feelings and her response was that my sinful heart must be the problem. My mother told me that she found Ellen White's writings to be such an inspiration and beautiful expansion on Biblical truths; that we all should uphold those standards. As an adult, I stopped reading Ellen White's books, and through only reading the Bible came to the knowledge that my salvation has nothing to do with how `good' I am. (I suppose this is common knowledge for most Christians, but definitely wasn't in the SDA environment I grew up in). This new knowledge set me free to serve and love Jesus with a heart full of gratitude for His sacrifice, and ever since I have treasured the knowledge that my salvation is sure! Ellen White teaches that you can never claim to be saved, that we all are under investigation (this is the SDA's unbiblical teaching of the sanctuary doctrine, which came into teaching as a secondary conjecture after Jesus failed to appear on Oct. 22, 1844).
The book, Are Seventh-Day Adventists False Prophets? By Wallace Slattery was the next step in helping to truly set me free as a Christian. I relate to all Mr. Slattery spoke about being raised in the SDA organization. I have only recently studied into the historical facts (from other sources other than just the slanted events presented from the church) of the formation of the SDA church and prophecies of Ellen White, and am still in a bit of shock realizing that my entire life, the `TRUTH' was actually teachings of a false prophetess. I do not blame my parents or grandparents for misleading me, each are/were sincere Christian people, who sincerely believed what was presented to them was the whole truth. But not all the historical facts have been available so easily as in our age of technology. I thank Mr. Slattery and his wife for following the truth that God presented to them, and for bravely publishing their story. It has been a stepping stone in my path to spiritual freedom! "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" John 8:32(KJV)
37 di 55 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
2.0 su 5 stelle Righteousness 6 dicembre 2003
Di Mr.B - Pubblicato su Amazon.com
Formato:Copertina flessibile
I noticed that a "former" minister stated that this church teaches righteousness by works...i beg to differ, i am a researcher and found no such thing. I encourage all readers to go to the source.
adventist.org. this christian organization teaches the biblical righteousness by faith.
111 di 167 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
1.0 su 5 stelle Accountability to God 1 ottobre 2001
Di Skyy Sutton - Pubblicato su Amazon.com
Formato:Copertina flessibile
Christians are accountable to our Heavenly Father, to Jesus Christ the Savior, and to the Holy Spirit. I would advise Christians to pray before taking upon themselves to slam *any* Christian denomination. Mr. Slattery may have had some negative experiences with individual SDAs, and that may have been his catalyst for writing such a book. The Adventist church promotes justification by faith in Jesus Christ our LORD and Savior. Ellen White encouraged all Christians to believe in *only* the Bible, and her writings were never meant to be equal to or take the place of the Holy Bible. I choose to pray for Mr. Slattery, and others who have not taken the time to find out what the SDA church stands for before making slanderous remarks. There is no secrecy involved in our worship services, and visitors are always welcome and free to ask any questions about our beliefs. Slamming Seventh-day Adventists because of our belief that the seventh-day Sabbath is the Lord's Day is not new; many of the Jewish people and early Christians were also persecuted for their beliefs, and often sought out safe havens where they could worship freely. I find it interesting that many Christians who observe Sunday, the first day of the week, have no problem with the other nine Commandments. I encourage interested parties to pray, read the Holy Bible, and ask God to reveal to them the truth about our church.
16 di 24 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
2.0 su 5 stelle It's all about his saving grace. 22 agosto 2007
Di K. Turner - Pubblicato su Amazon.com
Formato:Copertina flessibile
I have not had the opportunity to read the book but I was browsing Amazon and the title and reviews caught my eye. This does not in anyway describe the Adventist church that I have been apart of for 35 of my 39 years. I was educated in in Adventist schools and in my heart I do believe that the adventist church is the remnant church. We do not in any way, shape, or form acknowlege Ellen White over the awesome authority of Jesus christ. We do believe Ellen White to be a prophet, and is definitely inspired, key word, INSPIRED. Ellen White time and time again refers the reader to the holy sciptures. She does not by any means attempt to challenge or belittle the authority of Christ. Yes I do read the writings of Ellen White and I do believe she was a prophet of Christ, and the bible teaches us that we are saved by grace alone so that know man can boast! What an awesome God! In essence, know individual can work his way into heaven, including Ellen G. White. I believe all religious material should be prayfully approached so that the holy spirit can reveal the truth. Perhaps the writer needs to examine himself before writing on a subject that he clearly is clueless about.

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