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At First Glance [Copertina flessibile]

Breeanna Alessandra

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Descrizione del libro

23 maggio 2012
Harlow Grimm is a young beautiful girl living as a poor peasant in a rural of a time that is now forgotten. She lives every day humming about, living day to day with not a particular care in the world. She is in love, or so she thinks. She doesn't expect that just by catching the eye of the prince, her life will be forever altered. So prepare to enter the world the world of this girl, Darian Archer, and all their counterparts as the world around them is shattered to ruin. Everything they knew is swallowed up my forces beyond anything the people of the early world could comprehend. When the Prince rolled into the small merchant town of Dash, no one could have imagined that he would fall in “love” or more accurately, fall in "lust", just as no one could have imagined the treacherous magics at work that no living human had ever dreamt of. By a twist of fate, she would meet a man he did not understand, along with so many affairs, and situations that she would never be able to explain if she lived long enough to. As Harlow begins to discover her true destiny, she becomes distraught. Sometimes losing her mind, her journey over a short time, brings her to places she never thought she would go. In war, she conquered. In life, she shone. In love, she sored. Harlow Grimm is the brightest star. Merely a child, she faces adult situation. Every now and then, she simply weeps over her doomed existence, knowing her nemesis is life itself. The writing on the wall, they say, is often seen. But more often than that, we assume that writing is meant for someone else. Harlow had to see that it was her writing. Even at only fourteen, she was forced to see that she was not just Harlow Grimm of Dash. In Enza De Jue, there can be no rest for her, an innocent girl placed into extraordinary situations by the events that all started at first glance.

Descrizione prodotto


Breeanna Mae Alessandra is a student at Quakertown High School in Pennsylvania. A square dancer and a reader of all types of literature, she prides herself in being a stray from the regular. She draws inspiration from music, nature and her crazy friends. More than anything else, Bree enjoys writing and her thirst for knowledge is boundless.

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1.0 su 5 stelle Oh, Honey. 24 febbraio 2013
Di M M - Pubblicato su
Formato:Copertina rigida|Acquisto verificato
I bought this book knowing it was going to be atrocious. After all, when a 17 year old author takes it upon herself to spam author's boards, twitter, facebook, and anywhere else she can think of with stuff trying to "promote" her book, well.... you know it can't be good.

However, what I didn't know was that this book was going to be one of the most unintentionally hilarious things I had ever read, rivaling only Gloria Tesch' "Maradonia" series in the pure ineptness of its author.

Before even getting into the story, there's the words the author uses. Jafar. Zapatos (the Spanish word for shoes, which in her story means years). Trabajador for the name of a city. Oh, honey. No. Just no.

The story begins with Harlow Grimm, a fourteen year old girl (although the narrator tells us that time doesn't mean the same this world). A prince named Jafar (...yes, Jafar) spots Harlshow and is instantly enamored with her beauty. But there's a problem! Harlow is engaged to another. Oh, and Jafar is an asshat. He takes her back to his castle, rapes her repeatedly and marries her. At one point he puts on a show of having beautiful doves be mercilessly killed by a cage of hawks, for no other reason than the lolz. (That doesn't at all remind me of Jace Wayland's story from The Mortal Instruments series, which was *itself* ripped off from the classic movie Kes... but I digress).

Harlow immediately runs into the arms of her savior, a guy named Roswell who is sort of a werewolf, sort of a demon and (according to the author) ALL MAN. Meanwhile, Darian, her aforementioned fiance, sets out to rescue her. But then he gets possessed by some evil force of evil, but not after Harlow RANDOMLY develops psychic powers for no other reason than to spot Darian speaking with another woman and thinking he's given up on her. (Note that she NEVER uses these powers again).

Meanwhile, random mystical creatures of mysticalness start wandering around. Oh, and there's random bits of time travel, to Feudal Japan, to the year 2045, and beyond.


Back in the story, we find out Harlow is pregnant. Roswell dies. But Roswell is not *quite* dead. Jafar reappears and Harlow lets him become her new companion, and...



Yeah, that's right. The guy who RAPED HARLOW REPEATEDLY has now reappeared. And Harlow forgives him. AND SHE KIND OF THINKS HE'S CUTE.

Excuse me while I sit in the corner and weep.

Anyway, the author goes on to describe a challenge sort of thing that Roswell has to undergo before he can return to the world of the living, during which THE AUTHOR DIRECTLY PLAGIARIZES SEVERAL LINES OF DIALOGUE AND A SCENARIO FROM THE MINISERIES THE TENTH KINGDOM.

I'm sorry if you thought that nobody else would remember this miniseries, Bree. Can I call you Bree? But yeah, I remember it. Remembered it well enough that when I read that scene I said OH SHE SHE DIDN'T and immediately googled that scene to be sure that I wasn't making things up. Just to clarify that I'm not stabbing at windmills:

"Point taken." He cleared his throat, though the frogginess remained as he spoke. "Your task is simple. Of the two doors, one leads to you the next trial, the other leads to a horrible death. You may only ask one and only one question, but I always lie."
"I have a question all right," I took the frog, holding it up in front of my face.
"Hey, only my girlfriend can touch me there," he croaked.
"What is the point of having a door with horrible death behind it? What does that achieve? What is the purpose of your life? To be a pain?" I unconsciously opened one of the doors and tossed him inside. As I turned, massaging my temples, I heard a loud explosion that had come from inside the left door which I had thrown the obnoxious frog into.
"Door on the right it is," I spoke to no one in particular.

And from The Tenth Kingdom:

Two doors to safety or death are guarded by a talking frog who offers one question, but claims to always lie (which would make it unsolvable as a logic problem since the rules themselves are in doubt). By now the father of the protagonist Virginia has had it with this kind of puzzle.

Tony: All right, all right. Wait, wait! I have a question! What is the point in having a door that has a horrible death behind it? Huh? (picks up frog)
Frog: Get your hands off me!
Tony: What does that achieve?
Frog: What are you doing?
Tony: I mean, what is the purpose of your life? Just to be a pain?
Frog: Don't touch me there, only my girlfriend touches me there! (Tony throws the frog through one of the doors) WHOA! (Tony slams the door, there's a large explosion and fireball)
Wolf: I guess it's the other one.

Even if the writing wasn't REPREHENSIBLE. Even if it wasn't obvious the author just discovered what a thesaurus was. Even if it weren't for the disturbing fact that her MAIN CHARACTER WILLINGLY ALLOWS HER RAPIST TO JOIN HER AND FINDS HERSELF ATTRACTED TO HIM, HAVING SUFFERED NO TRAUMA AT ALL FROM HIS TREATMENT OF HER, the fact that the author PLAGIARIZED is enough to make me hope, with everything I have, that this author NEVER writes another novel AGAIN.

Anyway, back to the story, Roswell comes back from the dead, her former fiance goes insane and IS REVEALED TO BE HER BROTHER, he kills their mother, and Harlow continues being an idiot Mary Sue when she discovers that not only is she an elf, she's a ROYAL elf, and she's fated to save the world.

The entire story devolves into the author's fever dream of fantasies about herself, Harlow spits out her kids and, what do you know, they're mystical magical babies of MAGIC.


Just...*sigh*. They all save the world. Whatever. The Hell's Gate breaks open and splits the world into the continents we know today. K' then. Harlow marries her demon-werewolf hybrid and they spit out another kid and the origins of angels and Christianity are revealed and... whatever.

It's just stupid. Nothing makes any sense. The author steals ideas from basically every other book she has ever read. As I was going through the story I was able to pinpoint exactly which stories she stole from.

Bree, you have no idea what originality is. You have no idea what good storytelling is. Please, stop calling yourself a published author. You're just embarrassing yourself. I would feel sorry for you if it weren't for the fact that I find you hilarious.

And for that reason alone, I recommend any of you who needs a good laugh, or to feel better about your own writing, to buy this book. I mean, come on.

Gloria Tesch couldn't have done a better job.
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1.0 su 5 stelle Oh Lord 26 marzo 2013
Di Meredith - Pubblicato su
Formato:Formato Kindle|Acquisto verificato
I laughed so hard I almost broke a rib. This was one of the most ridiculous, poorly written and unintentionally hilarious things I've ever read. I've wasted my money, but the silver lining is that it makes me feel good about my own writing.
5 di 5 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
1.0 su 5 stelle Oh by the great Tentacles of the Mighty Cthulhu, what is this? 30 gennaio 2014
Di Dominika Jakubowska - Pubblicato su
Formato:Formato Kindle|Acquisto verificato
This book... is horrid. And somehow, the author insists that the reason people write bad reviews is because they're hating on a hard working writer. Really. Check her facebook. An upset customer (I will state out front I do know the customer - I do illustrations for her sometimes) wrote about how she hated the book and she was met with arguments as ridiculous as "But I was young when I wrote it!" Yes. You still are young. TOO YOUNG to write about matters as serious as RAPE. This book literally glides over RAPE. The main character is assaulted, imprisoned and made a sex slave and it just... leaves her just as she was. At least I assume that's it because we have no indication of how she acted before her imprisonment and forced marriage.
And don't get me started on pregnancy. That's not how moodswings work! The main character is a sociopathic schizophrenic, I swear...

Stay away from this book. Just... stay away.

(seeing her comments on FB she said she is re-writing the book. Sorry, Breeanna, I was burned once, never ever buying anything written by you again. And I will advise everyone I know to do the same)
10 di 12 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
1.0 su 5 stelle Horrible book by a horrible person 6 luglio 2013
Di C. Hartley - Pubblicato su
Formato:Formato Kindle
The fact that the protagonist falls in love with her rapist is enough to put anyone off. However, the individual who wrote this book is a horrible person in her own right. She trolls Tumblr and other blogs and makes fun of survivors of sexual assault. She despises her own gender. Clearly she has issues and takes out her problems on others. Stay well away from her or any of her writing. She does not deserve any kind of revenue or acclaim.
8 di 10 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
1.0 su 5 stelle It is physically painful to read this book 6 luglio 2013
Di Amazon Customer - Pubblicato su
Formato:Copertina rigida
If you look on the author's page on you can find the full book where she's made it available. Curious as to why everyone hated it so much, I dared to peek into it. I immediately began to regret my decision.

I have no idea how this book ever got published. It makes no sense and contradicts itself every other paragraph. The characters have names that make no sense together, or are just laughably absurd (a butler named Jenkins? Really? That's the best she could come up with?). The language itself made me cringe. When she wasn't being painfully and awkwardly formal with words like "upon" she was using common slang (at one point Harley bemoans that the dress is shoving her boobs up awkwardly).

I had to give up on finishing this book. It hurt too much.

To find its equivalent you need look no further than a poorly written fanfiction story with a strong Mary Sue. Keep a sharp eye out to find one with rambling narration and at least 12 grammar/spelling mistakes per paragraph to get the full experience.

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