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Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth: 1 [Copertina flessibile]


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Descrizione del libro

27 febbraio 2012
In this book, Kevin literally takes his readers on a walk with him through trials and tribulation! He will take you through the depths of Hell with him and return you to the warmth of daylight frightened but safe. Taken from his core lessons in faith he allows the reader to witness and experience his constant fight to end the negativity perpetuated by the demons that surround him daily. You will feel the darkness of the devil and the cravings of his offers but by listening to the message planted within us all at birth everyone can concur their demons. Says Kevin. My goal is to take the reader through the dark side to face a challenge and returns them to the light by the end of each of my biblically based non-fiction poems! It is a powerful and some say dark, non- fictional view of his faith and beliefs and his personal walk with God! He has found himself pulled from the brink of death countless times! He has survived a long term coma dependent on machines for life support, and been ripped from the claws of three eighteen wheelers and placed out of harms way in the nick of time! His first car was cut in half by an out of control big truck and yet, he walked away uninjured, witnesses were in shock, as he climbed out of the remaining front windshield area of the Trans Am! There is quite a bit more but needless to say that he attributes it all to God always having been there watching over his every move for a reason! He knows for a fact that God has kept him here for something much bigger than he is, and he is ready to serve!

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Kevin A. Harrison AKA Black Anthony and WHYY was born on April 4 1956 in Houston Texas where he was instilled with strong faith and beliefs at a very young age. Attending True Light Baptist Church since birth he was raised to believe in a higher power than himself. After relocating with his family to New York in 1966 Kevin strayed away from the church but continued to search for his spiritual identity! In his first book titled “See through me” Kevin asks his readers to walk in his shoes! It is the powerful poetic autobiography of his life told through pictures and poems! “But I must warn you,” he say’s because most people tell me that this book is strong, “very strong” because it is so real! Simply put Kevin has a unique way of portraying life’s experiences good and bad and the readers say they can relate!

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