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Biobalance: The Acid/Alkaline Solution to the Food-Mood-Health Puzzle (Inglese) Copertina flessibile – 1 nov 1988

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Book by Wiley Rudolf A

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HASH(0x9f1e8ab0) su 5 stelle I SHOULD HAVE DISCOVERED BIOBALANCE YEARS AGO 27 agosto 2001
Di Un cliente - Pubblicato su
Formato: Copertina flessibile
I am an M.D. with a holistic practice in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I underwent BioBalance Therapy via phone under Dr. Wiley's care several years ago for a constellation of problems revolving around depression, anxiety, obesity and insomnia. It took Dr. Wiley less than 20 minutes to decipher my metabolic type, and 3 additional sessions (1 per month) to essentially eliminate my problems with my biocomptaible nutritional regimens (I am a bipolar female - if you read the book, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about). I routinely tell other M.D.s about BioBalance, but the overwhelming majority won't listen. They (as I once did) have the attention spans of a gnat; mesmerized in short-lived fashion by each worthless cure du jour that crosses their desks. It's truly criminal that the press and media have failed to pick up on this incredible (and thus far silent) revolution in health care. I often wonder how many more millions of people will have to needlessly suffer, and - yes, die - from lack of appropriate care. I have made BioBalance Therapy an integral part of my practice. I would urge you to read this incredible book, and to paraphrase the popular ad, "Just Do It!"
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HASH(0x9f74c0c0) su 5 stelle A must read 28 maggio 2000
Di Un cliente - Pubblicato su
Formato: Copertina flessibile
Dr. Rudolf A. Wiley's book (BIOBALANCE: Using Acid/Alkaline Nutrition to Solve the Food-Mood-Health Puzzle) is nothing short of revolutionary. It deconflicts virtually all of the contradictory advice being dispensed to the public by the nutritional community; advice which promotes nutritional regimens ranging from low fat/high fiber vegetarianism at one extreme, to high protein/high meat fare at the other.
As this review is being written (May 2000), the debate among the so-called nutrition experts rages. Characteristically, it has been forced to fever pitch by the recent clash between Dr. Richard Adkins (an advocate of the high protein diet), and much of the mainstream dietary community (advocating low fat, high complex carbohydrate fare). As illustrated in his book, Dr. Wiley has resolved this debate in addition to others being waged within the nutritional community by demonstrating that different individuals metabolize foods in different fashion. Specifically, he has shown that while some individuals will thrive on regimens similar to the regimen advocated by Dr. Adkins, other individuals will require low fat, high complex carbohydrate fare. (For biochemical reasons made clear in his book, Dr. Wiley classifies the former and latter as acid and alkaline metabolic types respectively.) Conversely, Dr. Wiley has demonstrated that each of these regimens can be catastrophic to both physical and mental health when inappropriately applied. Hence, metabolic compatibility is the key to matching or pairing each individual with his or her biocompatible nutritional regimen in the quest for optimal performance.
Dr. Wiley has gone on to show that some individuals (most notably, some premenopausal women) metabolize in different fashion at different times during a monthly cycle. These individuals require not 1, but 2 different nutritional regimens (each at a different time of month) to sustain optimal metabolic performance. Dr. Wiley concludes that this metabolic variability over time, is genetically driven, is not the result "deep-seated psychological trauma" or "stress," and (if untreated) is largely responsible for the severe and often icapacitating distress which accompanies menstrual disorders. In fact, Dr. Wiley's research concludes that many disorders currently classified as "psychological" or "mental" (including chronic fatigue syndrome) are instead the result of metabolic or acid/alkaline biochemical imbalances, and will thus not lend themselves to "talking things over with a sensitive mental health expert."
Equally remarkable is the fact that Dr. Wiley has been able to accurately reduce metabolic identification to one simple test, namely caffeine tolerance. Specifically, he has shown that individuals who report a favorable response to caffeine will generally thrive on low fat, high carbohydrate fare, while individuals who are caffeine-intolerant must limit their carbohydrate intake, and must increase their intake of proteins, in particular nucleoproteins which are found in specific meats, fish and vegetables. (Ironically, these proteins have largely been ignored by the so-called nutrition experts irrespective of their dietary recommendations.) In essence, Dr. Wiley has rigorously demonstrated what you have suspected all along, but have been unable to articulate as part of a coherent food-mood-health plan, namely that one size does not fit all.
Dr. Wiley's analysis of the chaos sweeping the nutritional and health care communities today is best summarized in his remarkable book as follows. Today's nutrition experts are akin to the wise but blind men in the children's fable, "The Blind Men and the Elephant." Because each wise man is blind, he misunderstands the nature of the elephant, despite repeatedly touching one part of the animal. Consequently, after touching the elephant's tail, one sage insists that the elephant is very much like a snake. After touching its leg, another sage insists that the elephant is not at all like a snake, but instead resembles a tree. After touching its tusk, a third sage insists that the elephant is neither like a snake or tree, but more closely resembles a spear, etc.. Consequently, because each nutrition expert has unwittingly encountered notable success in treating one and only one metabolic type, he or she has tragically generalized this success to everyone. (Failed cases are of course dismissed, and shuffled off to psychotherapy, or stress management therapy.) Sadly, these generalizations in turn form the root of the chaos, confusion and contradictory advice dispensed by the nutritional community. Dr, Wiley rigorously argues that absent an understanding of the metabolic diversity which characterizes the human species (a diversity which forms the cornerstone of BioBalance Therapy), little if any progress will be made in the nutritional treatment of disease.
In summary, Dr. Wiley's book will show you how you can quickly and non-invasively determine your metabolic type, and thereby self-administer one or more nutritional regimens which will allow you to maintain optimal psychophysiological performance. In conclusion, Dr. Wiley's book is a must read for anyone who is either a serious student of the food-mood-health connection, or for anyone interested in ridding himself or herself of any illness which has either been classified as "psychological," or which has persistently eluded medical diagnosis.
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HASH(0xa0fae5e8) su 5 stelle Unbalanced Book 25 maggio 2003
Di Jenn - Pubblicato su
Formato: Copertina flessibile Acquisto verificato
It wasn't until page 133 out of 198 internal pages did I finally get useful information on how the plan works. Prior to page 133 it was filled with repetitive comments on how Dr. Wiley funded his own research and has no more money. It also contained detailed drawbacks to other programs such as Fit for Life, Pritikin, and many more. His message was harsh and not well written.
I am well-read and have been told by those with a master's degree in nutrition that I understand the chemical process of nutrition better than they do. I say this to help the reader of this review understand that I was expecting a detailed book on 'The Acid/Alkaline solution to the Food-Mood-Health Puzzle" not a book on how bad other programs are and that more research isn't possible because the Dr. ran out of money.
This is the first negative review I've ever written as well.
I will continue looking to find a book that addresses the acid/alkaline issue.
32 di 34 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
HASH(0x9ff6c4ec) su 5 stelle Don't get it, you'll drop dead of a heart attack. 14 settembre 2001
Di Un cliente - Pubblicato su
Formato: Copertina flessibile
I don't give a flying ---- about the theory behind biobalance or anything else. He presents basically two ways of eating. Acid and alkaline. I experimented with eating acidic and within a day I had deteriorated to the point where I nearly passed out on the freeway. I switched to eating alkaline and 80% of my symptoms disappeared within one day and haven't returned in over a year. It fixed problems I didn't know I had.
I thought all guys were supposed to blow their wives out of bed with gas. I thought BM's were supposed to come in 1000 pieces. I thought you were supposed to have heartburn every night. I thought you were supposed to feel like doo-doo in the AM. I am now a meat eatin' fat chewin' carnivore and proud of it.
Don't eat according to a theory. Don't eat according to your cravings. Pay attention to what happens to your body after you eat certain foods. I know exactly how to bring all my symptoms back, I've done it a few times just to see what would happen. Just today I ate some oatmel cookies and nearly fell off the couch. Oh well, It'll be steak again tonight and all will be well.
His idea of which foods are acid and which are alkaline differs from every alternative book I've read. I really don't care though. I've tried the others, even all raw, no bueno, for ME.
On another level, the success I had with this gives me hope that there are true answers out there in life. There are things that actually work. I have desperately spent a lot of money on things that don't work. I don't know how the sellers of some of these products/ systems live woth themselves. You start thinking all kinds of wacky ideas when you're desperate. You start thinking there are no answers to anything. You start to think life is all chance and these are the cards I've been dealt so I 've just got to play my hand. My success with this made me feel relieved that there are answers. At least one anyway.
Next on my list to fix, allergies.
To the author, are you out there? I've got a million questions for you. I am a health professional. Please leave a review here with info on how to contact you if you are available. Thanks
28 di 30 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
HASH(0xa316bc54) su 5 stelle My health improved dramatically after reading this book! 5 gennaio 1997
Di Un cliente - Pubblicato su
Formato: Copertina flessibile
Until I read this book, I hurt from head to toe. I had fibromyalgia, hypoglycemia, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthralgias and mild depression. Since following the acidic biochemical type diet, I can control my hypoglycemia, depression and have no arthralgias and fibromyalgia symptoms. I have been following this diet for five months. When I deviate from this diet many undesirable symptoms return. Finding the correct diet for me involved trial and error. Three diets are explained in the book: an acidic, an alkaline and a mixed biochemical type. This book could be the key to your health. All that we hear today is, "Don't eat red meat!" Well, I need it and I eat it! Perhaps one of these diets could help you to feel better! Sonia Bouli

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