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PSP Cavo Component

Piattaforma : Sony PSP

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Informazioni sul gioco

  • Piattaforma:   Sony PSP
  • Tipologia: Accessorio

Dettagli prodotto

Descrizione prodotto

  • Reworked LoadWB


    • Updated asl.library (more responsive, faster, enhanced user interface,more robust)
    • Updated DataTypes
      • 8svx.datatype (now supports stereo sound playback; faster and morerobust)
      • amigaguide.datatype / amigaguide.library (faster, new APIfunctionality)
      • anim.datatype (now supports all major IFF-ANIM formats; more robust)
      • animation.datatype (now supports stereo sound playback; more robust;new API functionality; RTG compatible)
      • ascii.datatype (faster and more robust)
      • cdxl.datatype (now supports stereo sound playback; more robust)
      • ilbm.datatype (now supports true color pictures; more robust)
      • picture.datatype (now supports true color pictures, dithering andcolor quantization; more robust, new API functionality; RTG compatible)
      • sound.datatype (now supports stereo sound playback; more robust, newAPI functionality)
      • text.datatype (faster and more robust)
    • New DataTypes for GIF, JPEG, PNG and AIFF file format
    • Updated 68040.library (performance improvements)
    • Updated bullet.library (performance improvements)
    • New SCSI Mount tool


    • Further releases or Add-On packages
    • New reworked and extended Kickstart
    • Extended PowerPC support
    • New 68K Emulator for PPC-only systems
    • Many new System Libraries as PPC-native

    Amiga OS 3.5 System Requirements

    In order to upgrade your Amiga system to OS 3.5, it must be equipped withthe following hardware:

    • CD-ROM drive
    • Hard drive
    • 68020 or higher processor
    • Amiga 3.1 ROMs
    • 4 MB Fast RAM

    For better performance, Amiga Inc. recommends:

    • 68030 or higher processor
    • 8 MB Fast RAM
    • Graphics accelerator and/or scandoubler
    • Modem

    To take full advantage of OS 3.5 we also recommend you add the following:

    • 68060 processor with PowerPC accelerator card
    • 16-bit sound card
    • 32 MB Fast RAM
    • I/O Accelerator

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