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Dialogue Between a Popish Priest and an English Protestant: Wherein the Principal Points and Arguements of Both Religions Are Truly Proposed, and Fully Examined (Classic Reprint) [Copertina flessibile]

Matthew Poole

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Copertina flessibile EUR 20,95  
Copertina flessibile, 21 agosto 2012 --  

Descrizione del libro

21 agosto 2012
The variety and differences of religion between Protestant and Papist distract the minds, and trouble the hearts, of all that have any sense of religious concernments. In this distraction, every serious man that has any care of his soul, cannot choose but heartily desire to seek for resolution. To obtain this, there can be no better way than to understand and examine the pretensions and grounds of both religions. In order to this, 1have endeavoured faithfully to represent, and duly to weigh them in tiie following discourse. Though 1have not discussed all the points in controversy between ns and them, yet I have selected the most material, and have discoursed of most, if not all, their weighty and plausible arguments against the Protestant religion. And this Jmay Bay, and no knowing Papist, I think, will deny it, all the other points will Vol low the fate of those which are here examined, and live or die with them. I know it will be pretended, that I have managed the work with partiality and deceit, and that I make the Papist speak what I please, not what they think. To silence all clamours, and satisfy all jealousies, will be impossible; 1shall never attempt it. But for satisfaction of such as are rational and ingenuous, I shall give thus following account. 1. God is my witness that I did diligently endeavour to pick out the strongest arguments I could find in their best authors in each point; nor have 1willingly declined any thing of moment in the questions here debated: if any Papist think otherwise, let him produce their greater strength, and I hope he shall find it fairly examined. 2. The several discourses, arguments, and answers which I have put into the Papist smouth, are such as were first taken out of their mouth ;and so it is but a piece of justice and restitution to return them thither. They are generally such as are either known to be their opini
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