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Fieldiana, Vol. 8 (Classic Reprint) [Copertina flessibile]

Chicago Natural History Museum

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Descrizione del libro

24 agosto 2012
Pl. 1. ORIGIN MYTH A very long time ago there was nothing but water. In the east Huruing Wuhti, the deity of all hard substances, lived in the ocean. Her house was a kiva like the kivas of the Hopi of to-day. To the ladder leading into the kiva were usually tied a skin of a gray fox and one of a yellow fox. A nother Huruing Wuhti lived in the ocean in the west in a similar kiva, but to her ladder was attached a turtleshell rattle. The Sun also existed at that time. Shortly before rising in the east the Sun would dress up in the skin of the gray fox, whereupon it would begin to dawn the so-called white dawn of the Hopi. After a little while the Sun would lay off the gray skin and put on the yellow fox skin, whereupon the bright dawn of the morning the so-called yellow dawn of the Hopi would appear. The Sun would then rise, that is, emerge from an opening in the north end of the kiva in which Huruing Wuhti lived. When arriving in the west again, the sun would first announce his arrival by fastening the rattle on the point of the ladder beam, whereupon he would enter the kiva, pass through an opening in the north end of the kiva, and continue his course eastward under the water and so on. By and by these two deities caused some dry land to appear in the midst of the water, the waters receding eastward and westward. The Sun passing over this dry land constantly took notice of the fact, that no living being of any kind could be seen anywhere, and mentioned this fact to the two deities. So one time the Huruing Wuhti of the west sent word through the Sun to the Huruing Wuhti in the east to come over to her as she wanted to talk over this matter. The Huruing Wuhti of the east complied with this request and proceeded to the west over a rainbow. After consulting each other on this point the two concluded that they would create a little bird; so the Told by Qoyawaima (
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