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Graphical Methods in Applied Mathematics a Course of Work in Mensuration and Statics for Engineering and Other Students (Classic Reprint) [Copertina flessibile]

G. C. Turner

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Copertina flessibile EUR 24,60  
Copertina flessibile, 2 settembre 2012 --  

Descrizione del libro

2 settembre 2012
I fo Rthe construction of the figures required in this book a set square with a 3-ineli side is useless. The side of the 45 set square should be at least 6or 7inches. The standard scale used should be flat on one side and bevelled on the other and the scale divisions should reach to the edge. One edge should be divided into fiftieths of an inch and the other into millimetres or half-millimetres. Scales of this description can be obtained from Messrs. Aston Mander, Old Compton Street, London, W., and other makers, at I s. 6d. each. An angle is best set off or measured by means of its tangent or by a scale of chords. If a protractor is used it should be a large semicircular one of transparent material. Hard chisel-pointed pencils should be used for all the constructions. A FIKST COURSE OF STUDY. Ch. L, pp. 1-17, 28-30, 33-35, 37-40. Oh. II, pp. 4348, 50, 53-59. Ch. III., pp. 69-78, 84-92, 95-111. Ch. IV., pp. 119-134, 137-162. Ch. V, pp. 172-200. Ch. VI., pp. 210-222, 236-245, Ch. VII., pp. 256-264. Ch. VIII., pp. 284-303. Ch. XI., pp. 354-367.
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