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MAD MAX [Colonna sonora, Import]

Brian May Audio CD

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Futuristic tale set in Australia, which has become a wasteland where vicious, fast-driving criminals cause death, destruction, and mayhem on the highways. The police do their best to maintain control, but their attempts prove futile. As a result, one cop named Max quits his job and goes on a vacation with his family. However they are terrorized by a gang of malicious speed-demons, who kill Max' wife and baby. Angry, Max rejoins the force, revs up his motorcycle -- and seeks bloody revenge against the fiends who murdered his family. Stars Mel Gibson and Joanne Samuel. 1979 1. Main Title 2. Max The Hunter 3. Max Decides On Vengeance 4. The Final Chase 5. The Terrible Death Of Jim Goose 6. We'll Give 'Em Back Their Heroes 7. Pain And Triumph 8. Dazed Goose 9. Foreboding In The Vast Landscape 10. Declaration Of War 11. Flight From Home 12. Pursuit And Tragedy 13. Jesse Alone, Uneasy And Exhausted 14. The Beach House 15. The Nightriders Rave 16. Jesse Searches For Her Child 17. Rampage Of The Toecutter 18. The Crazing Of Johnny The Boy 19. Outtakes Suite*(in 5 parts; indexed) *Previously unreleases; exclusive to CD.

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