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Making Rumours: The Inside Story of the Classic Fleetwood Mac Album [Copertina rigida]

Ken Caillat , Steve Stiefel
5.0 su 5 stelle  Visualizza tutte le recensioni (1 recensione cliente)
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Dettagli prodotto

  • Copertina rigida: 384 pagine
  • Editore: Turner Pub Co (10 aprile 2012)
  • Lingua: Inglese
  • ISBN-10: 1118218086
  • ISBN-13: 978-1118218082
  • Peso di spedizione: 658 g
  • Media recensioni: 5.0 su 5 stelle  Visualizza tutte le recensioni (1 recensione cliente)

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5.0 su 5 stelle
5.0 su 5 stelle
Le recensioni più utili
5.0 su 5 stelle Eccellente libro per un disco CAPOLAVORO ! 1 dicembre 2013
Di Jimbo
Formato:Copertina rigida|Acquisto verificato Amazon
Dettagliata ricostruzione della creazione di un disco che ha fatto la storia del Rock; chi l'ha scritto è uno di coloro che l'ha co-prodotto in fase di registrazione, lavorando poi alla realizzazione di altri album della band, e racconta tutte le fasi della nascita di questo masterpiece anni 70 (e non solo), facendo respirare l'atmosfera di quel periodo e riportando aneddoti (e screzi) dei cinque musicisti coinvolti, che vedevano la loro stella in verticale ascesa in quei momenti.
Altamente consigliato a tutti coloro che adorano questo disco e vogliono saperne un po' di più sulla sua genesi.
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Le recensioni clienti più utili su (beta) 4.2 su 5 stelle  85 recensioni
32 di 34 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
3.0 su 5 stelle Hit and Miss, but a really good read 7 maggio 2012
Di Brian Kehew - Pubblicato su
Formato:Copertina rigida
This is a mixed review. I'm a huge fan of FMac (all eras) especially Ken's work with them. I know a TON about this record, and still learned much I did not know. It's a great story of HOW things get done, a true behind-the-scenes of something quite important. It seems fair and doesn't slam or flatter anyone too much - some people are shown as moody AND talented, but without malice. You'll be surprised at things revealed here, and sometimes long for the way things used to be in those days! Sounds fun... and a very creative time. I'd say it's a "good read" for anyone who loves the record - I couldn't put it down! With this book in hand, you'll finally appreciate their very subtle arrangement ideas that add such powerful boost to the songs.

But as in almost all such books, it's was written by a professional writer, not the famous person whose name sells the cover. So they elaborate the truth, making up conversations and things no one could remember - tiny details to make you feel you are there, but are just fabricated. "Stevie sat down and picked up a half-smoked joint" - these momentary kinds of things no one would remember from 30 years before. It's sad, because you can usually spot these things if you're aware... I know they do it so it feels more like you're there, but it's still Creative Writing sitting next to actual History.

So - the book is full of revelations, and some great insights into the records creation. I love to see that things aren't always successful, and sometimes there are mistakes. Great songs, get left off for minor reasons, personal issues cloud how things got done. I'm an engineer/producer too, so I appreciate the technical details - tho it's hard to write for both a technical audience and a listener audience. The book gets caught a little in the middle - some of us wish for more detail, yet most probably don't want any. There are odd things no one caught to correct, like putting the guitar through a Hammond "B3 speaker" which is called a Leslie elsewhere in the book. B3 speaker is not correct terminology for any engineer to say, nor did Hammond make them. And a "fat box" is mentioned several times as a cool trick used, but without ANY mention of what it is or does... confusing.

Get the book, it's cool - and hopefully it will inspire you to find the outtakes (some release on other solo albums, some on Rhino, and a few more still slated for release sometime in a new package from WB...) as there are more great things to be heard from this era of FMac!
28 di 36 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
5.0 su 5 stelle This is a biased review! 8 aprile 2012
Di Rich Feldman - Pubblicato su
Formato:Copertina rigida|Acquisto verificato Amazon
Ken Caillat is a friend, mentor, and former boss. Having had the distinct pleasure of working with Fleetwood Mac in my youth, I believe I am qualified to say that in his book Making Rumours: The Inside Story of the Classic Fleetwood Mac Album, Ken has perfectly conveyed the joy, anxiety, fear, exhaustion, paranoia, delight and agony of what it was like to work with one of the worlds greatest rock & roll bands. I felt as if I were in the studio either cheering them on, or cowering behind the multi-track waiting for the tension to subside. If you want to know what not only went on behind the scenes, but how they got that amazing acoustic guitar sound on NEVER GOING BACK AGAIN... or if you are a fan of Fleetwood Mac, 70's analog recording, sex, drugs, rock & roll, and dysfunction in general, this book is sure to please. Bravo, Ken.
9 di 11 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
3.0 su 5 stelle Too much personal info 17 settembre 2012
Di Allen Chapman - Pubblicato su
Formato:Copertina rigida|Acquisto verificato Amazon
I just finished Ken Caillat's book "Making Rumours". The book is good, it isn't great. The biggest problem is the details of his personal sex life which I don't really see how that contributes to the making of the album, same with the details of his dogs sex life (not kidding, we get details of "Scooter" and his escapades). The problem I think is that I think the co-writer (the actual writer of the book) took too many liberties. The technical aspect of the book sounds like Ken, the personal details sound like the publisher said they needed something more to fill the book out so the personal details were added. The problem is the personal details sound like a 16 year old kid bragging to his friends how he's going to score. Also it is FAR too detailed for coversations that took place over 35 years ago.
I don't get the feeling Ken likes Stevie Nicks much, although the book says he does respect her as a songwriter. A few myths get ripped apart as well, Stevie has long claimed that it was she who sequenced the running order of the album, Ken claims assistant to the band Judy Wong did so. According to the book, Lindsey was upset with the album's cover because he felt he should have been on it. Also the cover of "Tusk" is mentioned as well (which features Scooter attacking Ken's leg). Ken claims that Stevie hated the "Tusk" cover and was happy when Scooter died a few years later. Stevie did interviews at the time "Tusk" was released and said then that she and Christine didn't like the "Tusk" album title or it's cover. But I doubt she was happy when Scooter died.
Overall the technical aspect (which at times gets a little too technical) is good, the rest, which I firmly believe was created by the co-writer (do we really need to know what was eaten at EVERY restaurant they went to? Or how often Ken skinny dipped??), bogs the story down and cheapens the story. About the album you don't learn much than most already know, the making of this album has been told thousands of times. The "Classic Albums: Rumours" DVD is far more essential than this book is. Perhaps Ken will write about the making of the other Mac albums he worked on, "Tusk", "Live" and "Mirage", those are tales that have yet to be told. However, I hope he gets a different ghost writer.
4 di 4 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
2.0 su 5 stelle Two Star Book on a Five Star Album 4 agosto 2013
Di Mark - Pubblicato su
Formato:Copertina rigida|Acquisto verificato Amazon
The pros and cons:

- If you are a music techie (have recorded before, or genuinely interested in the process), there are a lot of interesting parts on how certain sounds were produced, the types of mic's, amps, instruments used, etc...
- The book is very well organized. Chapters are divided by song, so if you are interested in certain songs and not others, it's easy to jump right in. The reference/source guide at the back of the book is extremely detailed, and it's easy to find where any name/part/song/instrument/etc is used in the book.

- Caillat either has the most amazing "Rain Man" like memory in history, or took the most extremely detailed notes on every moment of the day (which would be hard to believe, since his hands were full at the mixing board with five demanding musicians...and admitted he took his share of drugs to boot, which would draw the accuracy of those notes to question). Not humanly possible to recall every last word of every conversation like he recites in the book, and it's quickly obvious that parts were embellished. Even the arguments concerning the crumbling relationships of the band members - which was one of the major issues behind the making the album - don't read as genuine, and seem trite or cooked up. This calls into question the rest of the book, but I'll give Caillat the benefit of the doubt on the recording process and technicalities. He also goes into detail about everything his dog does, which is "cute" (I guess) at first, but quickly gets old. "He licked me on the face as if to say 'everything is going to be fine'". You get the picture.
- Caillat feels the need to pat himself on the back and toot his horn (apparent in the opening intro before the real book even begins), and also inserts all his personal trials and tribulations over the women he was interested in. He makes sure we're aware he slept with the girl at the front desk (deciding not to end a chapter just saying he went over to her place that night, but adding that he fully closed the deal, just in case we're unsure), and also makes us fully aware he slept with another hot girl during the recording. He inserts photos of the girls as proof, including one of him in bed with one of them, and another photo of him leaving another's house "the morning after." Awesome Ken! You are a rock and roll stud, we get it. But most people didn't buy the Making of Rumors to learn about this, or about your major internal conflict over whether you like the brunette or the blonde - whose hair "sparkled in the morning sun" (yep, that's in there) - better.

Because of the cons mentioned above, I found myself skimming many chapters, and focussing on just on certain parts. This book could easily have been 100 pages.
13 di 17 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
5.0 su 5 stelle Mr. Toad's Wild Ride - BRAVO! 11 aprile 2012
Di Desert Angel - Pubblicato su
Formato:Copertina rigida|Acquisto verificato Amazon
The Making of Rumours takes you on a year-long journey in the life of Ken Caillat, co-producer of the multi-platinum award winning album by Fleetwood Mac. Mr. Caillat does a fabulous job of making you feel like you were there, reliving it all and saddened to reach the end of his journey as he drives off into the California sunset with his dog in his convertible Mercedes, which he bought with his first paycheck from The Record Plant in Sausalito. From the intimate accounts of pranks and drama in and around the various recording studios, from Sausalito to Miami and back to Hollywood, to the detailed intracacies and techniques used to achieve the monumental sounds of the songs on the album (and the songs that didn't make it), this book was definitely a page turner. You'll read stories about everything from the local restaurants and citizens to Nyquil, crabs, the first answering machine and the hex Stevie put on Ken's dog Scooter (who appeared on the cover of Tusk,) in addition to wild outbursts, women, cocaine, pot and booze. There's quite a few really cool, rarely-if-ever-seen, photos, too. Time to give the album another spin and listen for that naughayde chair and the clav with the Jet Phaser. (Open letter to Mr. Caillat if you ever read this; Please seriously consider a follow up book, "The Making of Tusk," if at all possible. Thank you for this wonderful read, I hope it does really well!)

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