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Man and the Glacial Period (Classic Reprint) [Copertina flessibile]

George Frederick Wright

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Copertina flessibile EUR 18,05  
Copertina flessibile, 22 giugno 2012 --  

Descrizione del libro

22 giugno 2012
The International ScU ntfle Series (C ontinued.) 17. MONEY AND THE MECHANISM OF EXCHANGE. By W. Stanley JSYONB, M. A., F. R. S. $1.76. 18. THE NATUBE OF LIGHT, with aG eneral Account of Phyelcal Optics. By Dr. BuGSMS LoMKEL. With 188 Hloetrations and aT able of Spectra inC hromo-lithography. $2.00. la ANIMAL PARASITES AND MESSMATES. By Monsieur Van Benxden. With 88 lU aetrations. $1JK). sa FERMENTATION. By Professor SchC tzehbbbgeb. With 28 Hlustrations. $1.60. 81. THE FIVE SENSES OF MAN. By Professor Bebnstein. With 91 lU ostrations. $1.75. 23. THE THEORY OF SOUND IN ITS RELATION TO MUSIC. By Professor PiBTRO Blasbbna. With numerous I llastrations. $1.60. 28. STUDIES IN SPECTRUM ANALYSIS. By J. Norman Lockteb, F.RS. With 6P hotographic Illustrations of Spectra, and nnmeroos Engravings on Wood. $2.50. 24. A HISTORY OF THE GROWTH OF THE STEAM-ENGINE. By Professor R. H. Thurston. With 163 I llnsirations. $2.50. 26. EDUCATION AS A SCIENCE. By Alexander Bain, LL.D. $1.75. 26. STUDENTS TEXT-BOOK OF COLOR; Or, Modem Chromatics. With Applications to Art and I ndustry. By Professor Ooen N. Rood, Cohimbia College. New edition. With 130 lU ustrations. $2.0a 27. THE HUMAN SPECIES. By Professor A. db Quatrbfages, Membre de rinstitnt. $2.00. 28. THE CRAYFISH: An Introduction to theS tudy of ZoO logy. By T. H. HuxLET, F.R.S. With 82 I llustrations. $1.75. 29. THE ATOMIC THEORY. By Professor A. Wubtz. Translated by E. Cleminshaw, F. C. S. $1.50. 80. ANIMAL LIFE AS AFFECTED BY THE NATURAL CONDITIONS OF EXISTENCE. By Earl Semper. With 2M aps and 106 Woodcuts. $2.00. 81. SIGHT: An Exposition of the Principles of Monocular and Binocular Vision. By Joseph Le Conte, LL. D. With 132 I llustrations. $1.50. 82. GENERAL PHYSIOLOGY OF MUSCLES AND NERVES. By Professor J. Rosenthal. With 75 I llustrations. $1.50. 83. ILLUSIONS :A Psychological Study. By James Sullt. $1.50. 84. THE SUN.
(Typographical errors above are due to OCR software and don't occur in the book.)

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