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Rough Canvas [Stampa grande] [Copertina flessibile]

Joey W. Hill

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5.0 su 5 stelle Joey W. Hill does it again 12 novembre 2009
Di Charly T. Anchor - Pubblicato su
Formato:Copertina flessibile|Acquisto verificato
Warning: This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS.

Rating: 9/10

- The romance in this book is beautiful and sensuous and just absolutely RIGHT. Hill establishes a strong sexual connection between Marcus and Thomas within 20 pages, and although I worried that Marcus wasn't as emotionally dependent upon Thomas as Thomas was on him, that fear didn't stick around for long. Each character very clearly NEEDS the other.
- The sex is marvelous. I've read other m/m books that I found slightly hotter, but the sex in this book is needy and emotional and lovely. If you're just a Joey W. Hill fan and aren't used to reading m/m, this is as good a book as any to introduce you to the genre. Above all, the sex here--even the scenes in which Marcus punishes Thomas--is an expression of love. It's moderate to fairly hard BDSM, though, so if you're not into that, I'm not sure you'd enjoy it: Thomas even thinks when they're in a BDSM club in one scene, "I can't tell if you hate or love me in this place."
- The two leads sort of take turns providing the emotional strength in the relationship. When one starts to lose sight of who he is or begins to wallow in misery or dwell too much on the past, the other steps up and provides exactly the kind of support his lover needs. It's a dynamic relationship that fairly screams "love" and "friendship" and "devotion."
- Marcus is urbane and sophisticated and on occasion, very sharp and funny. One of my favorite lines of dialogue from him is when Thomas's mother says that New York is not conducive to establishing roots or a home and Marcus replies, "That's right. There are no families in New York. We're all just a bunch of wandering nomads addicted to Starbuck's." (see con below also)
- There are some delightful moments with secondary characters who turn out to be quite different from how I first expected them to be.

- Marcus can be ever-so-slightly off-putting at times when he's upset. He says some rather awful things to certain people, for example, and toward the end of the book, he goes into a sort of melancholic rage at one point and comes close to endangering one of his dearest friends.

Overall comments: This author is REALLY good at creating three-dimensional characters with deep emotional scars that result from horrible, torturous pasts. Every one of her books that I've read so far portrays a bone-deep connection between the two leads because at least one of them is so damaged that the other character is NECESSARY for his/her survival. I think if you enjoy m/m, this is an excellent read.
20 di 22 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
5.0 su 5 stelle A Love Story at its best 21 marzo 2009
Di JG - Pubblicato su
Formato:Copertina flessibile
I never, ever thought I would read a book like this. However, curiosity got the better of me: why are all these books about two men being sold as women's erotica? I choose this book on impulse when it was published as an e-book because I like the author and the book description captured my interest for some odd reason.

This is one of the best stories of romantic love lost and regained despite what seems insurmountable difficulties I have ever read. The fact it is two men in the end made no difference to me; I wanted them to be together because it would make them both better people. And perhaps it is the longing for and celebration of such relationships, where love makes life better for ourselves and our beloved, that makes romance novels so satisfying to read. If you have never read erotica you will be surprised of what a wonderful story you will find in a book that must come with the a warning that it contains extremely explicit sexual scenes between two men.

This is the description of the novel from the publisher's sight which I hope isn't against some copyright rule:

"When his father dies, Thomas is forced to abandon a burgeoning art career in New York. As difficult as it was to give up his lifelong dream, it's nothing next to walking away from the man he loves. Marcus taught him to embrace who he is, a sexual submissive who responds to the touch of only one Master. But why would the sophisticated Marcus need some farm kid from the South?

Then Marcus shows up and offers him a way to continue his art career and help his family. There's only one hitch -- he asks Thomas to spend a week with him in the Berkshires. Thomas knows he should refuse. But he's never been able to say no to his Master."

Marcus is the gallery owner that displays Thomas' art and Thomas must return home because his brother who owns the family farm is injured and unable to work. Marcus' invitation is his plot to bring Thomas back and Thomas sees it as one last week to say goodbye.

It really is a lovely book.
9 di 10 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
4.0 su 5 stelle Lovin' Me Some M/M Erotica! 25 agosto 2009
Di VampFanGirl - Pubblicato su
Formato:Copertina flessibile|Acquisto verificato
Marcus is a sexual Dominant. He's also filthy rich, absurdly gorgeous and in possession of a rapier wit making him desired equally by both sexes. Unfortunately for the females of this world, Marcus is a homosexual and has been from a very early age. Despite being forty - give or take a few years - Marcus has only truly loved one man. But eighteen months ago, that love was lost - torn apart by family obligation and human prejudice. But Marcus has waited long enough to claim what's his and this time, he'll not let the man he loves go without a fight.

Thomas has done nothing but try to survive since he left not only the thriving art world of New York City but more importantly his lover Marcus. He's convinced himself that leaving Marcus was the right thing to do. His father had died and one month later his younger brother was paralyzed in a tractor accident. Now, as the head of the family, it's Thomas' job to make sure that their hardware store - his father's dream - stays alive while his own dream of being a painter is crushed.

It was Thomas' incredible gift of painting that captured Marcus' initial attention. As a very reputable art gallery owner, Marcus had always had a knack for detecting raw talent and Thomas' work shined bright as the next artist to revolutionize erotic art. But beyond that, it was Thomas and his shy farm boy nature that perked Marcus' sexual interest. It was within the bonds of trust that Marcus stripped Thomas down, revealing his previously unknown inner submissive. Even Marcus wouldn't have predicted the desperate need that grew within his heart to possess Thomas forever. Not until he was gone did he even realize that he loved Thomas. In an attempt to win Thomas forever, Marcus offers him one week. One week to start some projects for an interested buyer with the ultimate underlying goal of possessing Thomas' soul.

Since Thomas abandoned his life with Marcus, his muse has dried up leaving his imagination a barren wasteland that has only served to kindle the fires of his hellish prison of responsibility. Although he's in financial despair, Thomas is reluctant to entertain Marcus' offer but ultimately seizes the opportunity to provide for his family and hopefully purge Marcus from his system after one week of bliss. Well aware that seven days with Marcus might leave the already fragile pieces of his soul shattered, he rationalizes that it's better to have one week then no week at all.

Marcus wastes no time in re-establishing his claim of Thomas' body but in addition to unleashing his pent up lust, Marcus is delving as deeply as he can into Thomas' heart and soul. With his yearning knowing no bounds, Marcus reveals that he loves Thomas - has loved him and is determined to make a life with him.

These confessions from Marcus leave Thomas very disconcerted. For one, Marcus could never possibly love a farm boy like him. Just his sheer magnetism and undeniable wealth makes Thomas feel he has little to offer the perfection that is Marcus. Beyond that, Thomas can't make his homosexual preferences his way of life. His family are strict Catholics and his mother would never approve. He can't bear to hurt his family in that way. He's also promised his hand to a girl in his town therefore there is no way that he can even entertain the thought of Marcus' love for him. Resolved in his reasons, Thomas doesn't acknowledge Marcus' love.

Marcus notices Thomas' lack of response to his proclamations but truly what can he do? He knows and understands Thomas' reasons even when he doesn't voice them but he also can't help but feel anger. If all he has is a week, then that's what he'll take. But with this week Marcus is also determined to take their D/s relationship into a more intense realm. Previously, their sexual relationship, while practicing in BDSM, was still only conducted within the privacy of home. Marcus now feels that it's time to assert his dominance in a more public venue.

Up until this point, nothing of Marcus' past has been revealed. Thomas knows that the perfection of his exterior hides a difficult childhood but Marcus has easily deflected any of Thomas' inquires. While Marcus doesn't want to taint the purity and refreshing innocence that is Thomas, Thomas sees it as an act of distrust which allows him to further question Marcus' proclamations of love. How can Marcus love him but not trust him enough to divulge all of who he is?

When Marcus is severely injured in a brawl, the facts of his past are finally revealed and what Thomas learns doesn't surprise him but rather fills in the holes of his suspensions. It's in the unveiling of Marcus' past that opens Thomas' eyes to the truth. Marcus does love him and Thomas returns that love. But when Marcus once again reaches out to claim Thomas forever, Thomas says no. He knows that in order to complete the bonds of trust, Thomas must prove his love for Marcus. But when the darkness of Marcus' soul bleeds onto others after Thomas' refusal, Thomas knows he must work fast or loose the man that has come to mean everything.

'Rough Canvas' was an enlightening experience. Of course I've heard of the struggles that people go through to have their sexual preferences accepted by their families but to read about it in such detail brought a new found respect for anyone that needs immeasurable courage to stand up to those they love. Joey W. Hill doesn't approach the subject lightly but rather shines the power of the sun on the issue. She's also not afraid to venture into the darkest of souls to show the power of human refusal. To be abandoned by your family simply because of your love for the same sex is terrible and Hill paints a gruesome picture of it's aftereffects.

While I enjoyed Hill's spotlight on human nature, I still had a little trouble connecting with the male/male romance. I loved how Marcus looked upon Thomas with heated passion and possession but I wanted it directed at a female so that I could relate better to the feel of his gaze. All and all, I enjoyed 'Rough Canvas' but my first love will always be male/female romances.
11 di 13 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
5.0 su 5 stelle Perfect... 31 marzo 2009
Di Sunny Days - Pubblicato su
Formato:Copertina flessibile
Beautiful, emotional, lovely, rough, engaging, addicting, oh and HOT. I swear Joey Hill is my absolute favorite author. I have only disliked one of her books, and its one you can't even buy on Amazon. God, she is just amazing. When you have a gift, you just have it, and no one can touch her style- how it weaves itself all around you and becomes all-encompassing.
3 di 3 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
5.0 su 5 stelle Excellent!!! 6 aprile 2011
Di freyham - Pubblicato su
Formato:Copertina flessibile|Acquisto verificato
I'm a big fan of m/m romance/erotica and this is one of the best I've read. I didn't know it was an S&M type book when I bought it, and honestly those scenes were the least favorite in the book for me (not that they weren't still interesting to read).I could not put the book down and stayed up until 4am to finish it! Good thing I didn't have to work the next day!
The chemistry between Marcus and Thomas is palpable, their love felt genuine, and the obstacles realistic. I was rooting for these guys to work things out and loved both of them individually within the first two chapters. I loved how she went through a scene in what felt like real time, paying attention to every detail. I could picture charaters and places vividly. That made for some pretty hot sex scenes!
Highly recommend if you enjoy m/m lovin' with a good, well written story to back it up.

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