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South Pacific Import

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HASH(0xa3049684) su 5 stelle For mono mavens only. 11 giugno 2011
Di Geezosaur - Pubblicato su
Formato: Audio CD Acquisto verificato
First, the good news: yes, this is the South Pacific "soundtrack" music. Now, the not-so-good news: if you expected "all original recordings digitally remastered" (as the cover art proclaims) and "stereo sound", you would be correct and incorrect. The sound quality is crisp, clear, with no discernable extraneous noises -- but, stereo it is not. None of the tracks (including the "bonus" ones, which by the way are related to the core material only in that they are songs from the South Pacific score by other artists/orchestras) are stereo; all of the tracks are mono. The mono sound seems to have a slight "spread" -- but no separation -- which does reinforce the "digitally remastered" claim. The overall balance resembles that of the original RCA Victor "New Orthophonic" LP release (1958): similar presence in the vocals, similarly crisp sound quality. However, the mono RCA LP had a fuller, "warmer" tonal balance. Keep in mind that RCA also released the 1958 soundtrack in "Living Stereo", and that all RCA (domestic and import) CD reissues have been full-stereo. While personal preference ultimately will decide if the original Broadway recording or this, motion picture soundstage recording is "best", it is worth noting that the South Pacific motion picture recording was designed to be cutting-edge in terms of audio quality, stereo spread, dynamics, and so on (the movie won an academy award for "Best Sound").

Short version: skip this, purchase one of the RCA CDs of this soundtrack.
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HASH(0xa43ca768) su 5 stelle South Pacific Music 21 febbraio 2014
Di Luke the Physicist - Pubblicato su
Acquisto verificato
Had hoped for more professional singers; expecting Gaynor, et al. Being concise is most appropriate in communications! It shouldn't be necessary to belabor a point!
HASH(0xa43682a0) su 5 stelle A Classic Rodgers and Hammerstein Flick! 23 febbraio 2014
Di FDJ - Pubblicato su
Formato: Audio CD Acquisto verificato
Folks, Mitzi Gaynor and Rossano Brazzi really make this film, plus the Music Score is simply outstanding! I think it was released in the late fifties, but this is a great film to watch, it's simply timeless!
HASH(0xa43c0ca8) su 5 stelle Mono sound? 10 dicembre 2015
Di Medieval lady - Pubblicato su
Acquisto verificato
Music is of not bad quality given the time when the sound was recorded, but it doesn't have that lush feel of stereo recording or remaster.
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HASH(0xa413bf24) su 5 stelle The truth behind the man who made "SOME ENCHANTED EVENING" FAMOUS. and why is this false disc here? 21 marzo 2012
Di Shewolff77 - Pubblicato su
Acquisto verificato
Well, it is nice to see that Amazon is publishing reviews again, though I do not like that they are using a fake facebook account to bury this review. That is truth so publish it. You always published the facebook account of Joseph Toner, but I had to take it down because of AMAZON hacking and I can proove that so if you do not want the actual photos of the events published then you will just accept it and publish it. No problems, well yes some, but it got really bad because of THIS REVIEW. Now it is all proven true, and since I HAVE DISCOVERED THAT AMAZON USES YOUTUBE it is only fair to say, that all that is claimed here is on YOU TUBE and is proven true. Look for JOHN CHARLES THOMAS+ JUDY GARLAND 1944 PULITZER PRIZE OKLAHOMA!!

There is no longer an account of JOSEPH TONER, which is only fair to say as it was AMAZON that used a facebook account to lead to here. IF IT KEEPS IT's ACCOUNT STABLE which is a BIG IF, the account was changed to "JohnCharlesThomasBlueEagle", yet it changes all the time. The best thing to do is to go to YouTube and follow one of the shared links to the account. Or better yet on Google +.

It is well known in recording technology that only ONE South Pacific went directly to 33 1/3 causing the entire country to change over. The Williamson Corp. (Rod and Hammer.) want to change history and make us believe it was Ezio Pinza. It was not. The whole story with the recordings described below is on: [...] and if it does not come up, it is because Amazon and it's partner's have deliberately blocked it. Believe me I will be adding that to damages as when I put this on word it was a valid link. How could it change? They used THIS CODE, and it came from AMAZON: [...]

They may make it invalid, but I have the live version, and it is going to the autorities.

It WAS JOHN CHARLES THOMAS, and his amazing performance in "OH WHAT A BEAUTIFUL MORNING", and if you have not heard the flip side of KANSAS CITY, you have missed something! These were written not by Rodgers and Hammerstein at all, but by the HISTORICAL John Charles Thomas! Well, Hammerstein had been looking for a way to get rid of him for years. And after the absolute hysteria and hacking, over the first version of this review, then Amazon took over the control of my Facebook accounts, blocked my reviews, which has not changed.

No matter, it helped. To get to this review, one had to search with the terms "Earl Wrightson" + "Showboat" and that was most informative. Such reactions give me more information, and I did not say everything originally, so now that I have been able to prove certain facts incontrovertibly, have published music openly, and this is going to be next.

This was not part of Romberg's series, as first stated, but I had to keep certain things to myself as Joseph Toner was not the only victim of R&H. Romberg's music was published and sung by JCT and is now just gone, well some is, and some is on Earl Wrightson albums.

Kostelanetz is not what people think. He did not do "mood music". He recorded people, and especially liked John Charles Thomas, Kern, most of all his wife Lily Ponz, and he was a great patriot. He was recording with JOHN CHARLES THOMAS as early as 1934, recorded his work for Romberg's orchestra, (which was dessimated by Columbia, an act that I cannot believe was legal as Kostelanetz used to pay to make the albums). Anyway, it is now incontrovertible as well that JCT, the real one, WROTE the original OH WHAT A BEAUTIFUL MORNIN' AND KANSAS CITY, in 1937! R&H an nobody else denies it.

That's right. As his direct Heir, there is really good reason for me to get treated as I have been! Not only that, but I have all the original documents of what Rodgers and Hammerstein wrote for Oklahoma, the signature of the "other" John Charles Thomas in Portland Or. in 1940, May 13, carrying with him a whole bunch of recordings, he arranged to copyright in AU in 1941.

That record is Cam 29, and has Oh What a Beautiful Mornin', Ol' Man River, Annie Laurie, The Green Eyed Dragon, Steal Away, and The Lord's Prayer, with I Hear America Singing on the opposite side.

I just Bought ANOTHER copy of I HEAR AMERICA SINGING from AMAZON, a week ago. It was re-released more times than anything else to the point of the BICENTENNIAL. It is provably a different vocalist! And with ease too. Anybody that owns Cam 29 can do it without anything more than a stopwatch and a ruler.

Well that proves that John Charles Thomas wrote two hits from Oklahoma, before Rodgers and Hammerstein were supposed to have had the idea. They kept selling JCT's record, C/W in Germany.

And BTW, also in 1937 two others involved in helping veterans and singing on military stations, Thomas L Thomas and his partner, a wonderful Soprano Nan Merriman, wrote: 1)June is Bustin' Out all Over,
2)What's the Use of Wonderin',
3)If I Loved You, and
4)You'll Never Walk Alone!

They gave them to Joseph Toner, AKA JCT, thinking he could protect them, but he could not even protect himself. Rodgers washed them through Canada with the music to Romberg's "Softly as in a Morning Sunrise", saying before Canada that the Composer was Hammerstein-Romberg(wrong, it was only the music, so it is only Romberg), and came back as RODGERS. WHAT DID RODGERS HAVE TO DO WITH THE NEW MOON? THAT SONG was from the 1942 version, sung by JOSEPH TONER, on the military stations too, and is now on "The Great Composer's Series Rodger's and Hammerstein".

So R&H have stolen their "hit" and try to write Oklahoma. They know what they are going to call it, but for appearances use the name "Away We Go". I have all the materials just Pre-Broadway. And the Reviews. This is what they wrote/stole:

No overture:

Stolen: Oh What a Beautiful Mornin'

The Surrey With The Fring On The Top (Sung by Curly, Laurey and Aunt Eller)

Stolen: Kansas City

I Can't Say No (Original Lyrics unbelievably misogynistic, basically call Ado Annie the town slut who is going to Hell)Ado Annie AND THE BOYS. Do not know what the BOYS ARE SAYING.

REPRISE OF I CAN'T SAY NO with ADO ANNIE AND WILL- This is the one I know and it is pretty awful.

Many a New Day- Laurey and Girls

It's a Scandal! It's An Outrage!

PEOPLE WILL SAY NOT PEOPLE WILL SAY WE'RE in LOVE. This was originally about the bad gossip of how the world would see a cowboy with a farm girl, not a love duet. When they stole "People Will Say We're In Love" they used it in England but not as a duet.

Pore Jud is Daid

Out of my Dreams Laurey Makes Up her Mind. --The major Dance routine with about 20 dancers in the middle of the piece, and as I recall was used in the movie as well, but not with such a big crowd.

The Farmer and The Cowman-- Sung by Everybody. Two dancers.

All 'er Nothin', another terrible and insulting commentary on women vs. men.

Boys and Girls like you and Me--- a duet. Totally denied having been written at all by Rodgers and Hammerstein. Not particularly liked by critics, the original is unknown.

Oklahoma--Called a LUSTY CHORUS-Curly Aunt Eller, Ike, Fred, Laurie, and Ensemble. A lot of female voices in that.


STOLEN: Oh What a Beautiful Mornin' Laurey, Curley and Ensemble.

As part of the Federally mandated call by the president of the US, at first for volunteers and later, formally announced as those in the Army's Theater Wing Service, the real JCT had the right and obligation to create his own version of "streamlined" plays for the troops, and of course broadcast them, or parts of them, on radio. THEY WERE TO BE CONSIDERED ORIGINAL PRODUCTIONS. These were government owned, and could not be copy written by anybody, taken by anybody, except for example, by inheritance, an exception, since 1988.

SO, JCT and Kostelanetz, create their own version of OKLAHOMA! in 1944, and it WINS the PULITZER PRIZE for a MUSICAL, which it absolutely deserved.

A different version of "boys and girls like you and me" was created for JUDY GARLAND. Who owns it? As in the only person in this country claiming it? THE JOSEPH TONER BROADWAY HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. basically, this writer who inherited it from Joseph Toner, blowing away all claims made by Rodgers and Hammerstein as to who wrote what when, and proving their fraud of the so called original cast albums.
They took military materials, in violation of law, sent them to GERMANY, during WWII, meaning someone had dual citizenship, and though there was an amnesty for German copyrights, it is NOT for illegally stolen materials. I have the ORIGINAL, and it was called POP, without either Rodgers or Hammerstein's names on them. The back says it is the original "Premeir" Recording.

I was told why Judy Garland was excluded. R&H had done such a good job of confusing the public as to whose vocals were whose, and prevented photos from getting out, they felt safe releasing this album, but not with Garland's voice, which is now ONLY in Germany, where it was sent for processing.

1)Creating the Love duet "People will say We're in Love".
2)Cleaning up "I can't say no", to a cute piece, that is not insulting to women. 3)Simplifying Out of my Dreams and making it a pure love song.
4)Making Oklahoma the start piece with a powerhouse voice and very little choral work. 5)Creating musical Intros and endings with Kostelanetz and Joseph Toner at the helm.
6)Of course a wonderful piece by Judy Garland, not a Duet.
7) Restoring Kansas City to its original style, making it a hit. Getting rid of all conflict, and making it a fun piece and love story. The singing and music was so great it was the first time a play ever won for being a MUSICAL, not a drama.

John Charles Thomas created his version of Carousel, that was not released, probably out of fear. It exists. I have the rights to it, and know where it is. I may have it! I still have not gone through everything yet, and there are surprises galore to come!

In `47 JCT and Kostelanetz, Thomas L Thomas and others not only raised the funds themselves but were in a group to entertain veterans in hospitals just as they had been doing, but also to teach those that had potential the theatre business. What happened? THEY CREATED SOUTH PACIFIC, with real vets, nurses, etc! It won the 1947-48 Drama Critics award, AND again they sent it to GERMANY. I lied when I said it was sent to England. NO. In `50 or so it was published, and it is the PULITZER PRIZE ALBUM. By Torigi- JOHN CHARLES THOMAS/JOSEPH TONER, and the vocalist is exactly like the one on that Kostelanetz album, so much so that they came up simultaneously when searching "JOSEPH TONER" +"OKLAHOMA".

When I did the simple search for "Oklahoma" + "Joseph Toner" for no reason at all, pops up a site about "Andre Kostelanetz Joy To the World" and the website is of Andre Kostelanetz history of recordings, and the rest of the web address" It is Sony, which I wasn't asking about. Sony also admitted, that "JOSEPH TONER" had done the FRIML album (Wrightson). Sony USED the name "Joseph Toner" in that and in the Kostelanetz Christmas Album "Joy To the World" and then, as if the computer realized it was inadvertently accessed, went "..............stop." I wasn't asking about Kostelanetz. But do I have the dates of the Kostelanetz + JCT recordings on that album? YOU BETCHA! Do I own a bunch of them? YOU BETCHA AGAIN!

A separate cast album, Goodman" 45's here? THEY ARE BLUE BIRD ALBUMS! I am publishing them as PUBLIC DOMAIN, and going to bring up R&H to the Feds on Racketeering charges, stealing federal property, and hopefully a RICO investigation.

I am warning AMAZON NOW that they are violating FEDERAL LAW for trying to mix them up, in engaging in a conspiracy. And the REAL TORIGI ALBUM WAS absolutely NOT copywritten in England. The original I own, the earliest, from c1950, YEAH, THE PULITZER PRIZE ALBUM, was made in GERMANY, and those blue bird albums prove that the original production was part of the GOVERNMENT's ongoing efforts just as claimed. Enzio Pinza was NEVER on stage, NOT EVER, and he was singing for RCA, not Columbia at that time.

Columbia, through a very complex process took over the metropolitan opera. Even today, either they do not own their own records, including paper records, or they are just being compliant. That is another whole story, and I do not wish to berate them without all the facts, but the facts I do know are pretty bad. But because of mistakes they made with the MET, they proved that The so called PINZA album was made long after South Pacific closed.

Mary Martin toured in England with both Tozzi and Wilbur Evans. I do not believe it is Pinza on the recording, because he had a much greater range that that bass. He did. He could sing into the baritone range and sang differently. He always had an automatic short trill, very short of his r's. Then the album comes out so very late?

Regardless, R&H did not write a word. Oh and the MOVIE? Guess who were the BACKUP SINGERS? THE KINGS MEN.

All the albums that say they have the Kings Men in them with John Charles Thomas? Original discs say "baritone quartet" and there is no Ken Darby.

The last "known" piece that John Charles Thomas Created was The King and I, though still part of a Veterans Program. It happened to be the best selling version in England, and extremely few are still audible. John Charles Thomas was on TV in 1950, and was on the radio with the president in 1947, doing Christmas shows and other things until 1950.

Joseph Toner was called back to the theatre, in 1956. They were trying to write The Sound of Music. The early albums, on RCA, were by Florence Henderson, and sent to AU. All they had as "hits" were "The Sound of Music" and "Do Re Me". Along comes Joseph Toner, and somehow he creates as part of his audition, "Climb Every Mountain" very much his feelings at the time. They used it to sell transmissions, and he must have sung the whole score, as Earl Wrightson sang it at Jones Beach Theatre, which He considered a Triumph, and Joseph Toner considered "Summer Stock".

What happened to the "alternate" John Charles Thomas? Well, there are really lots of alternates, all very different if you examine them. The original alternate got STUCK in AU because of Pearl Harbor. No ships were allowed in the Pacific, and certainly nowhere near Australia. Let's call this other guy Max. So Max sets up with a radio station, having all of these metal discs, and conduct shows! Oh I don't know exactly how many, but they made a bunch of them. All from RCA. And a few Brunswicks that he did not know how to use. That is why someone from a RADIO STATION could make "The Bluebird of Happiness"

I have heard his "shows" which are NOT anything from the 40's, LOL. It was blatantly illegal to publish anything owned by the government, and/or improperly transferred property.

Shockingly Cam 5, even earlier than JCT, were most of the great works of Ezio Pinza, sent to AU, and came back with a new face, just like JCT! The next time the alternate copywrote anything from AU was CAM 99, but by then, the versions of The Sound of Music and Flower Drum song by Florence Henderson had been sent over. Yet this guy's image, whoever he was, was still in AU, from 1941 to 1959! Oh R&H got others to take his place for recordings, one duplicate I also just got on AMAZON last week, something supposedly from 48' in STEREO, but no faces until after the alternate's supposed death, IN STEREO FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE, with of course, Rodger's and Hammerstein's King's men. Those recordings set up two phony charities.

I cannot say who owns spirituals from pre-1925, and they can be used to add vocals with stereo equipment. What is not legal? To create false information of a man who was forced out of the theatre because R&H stole something so valuable from him? Then to use his oldest recordings to (1) defraud the public regarding the identity of a veteran, or anyone for that matter, a felony, (2) to claim that they are for the use of a charity set up by said false personality, or any fake charity, both sold on Amazon, is yet an amazing defrauding of the public, when the money is going into the pockets of R&H, (3) put out said recording just as they were preparing to re-introduce Earl Wrightson, with the recordings selectively chosen, from the many hundreds of hours of federal recordings available (4) Totally destroy the life's work of Andre Kostelanetz. I believe this is Racketeering, and EVERYBODY inside the industry knew what was going on, many still alive.

We have extremely powerful documentation that "EARL WRIGHTSON"2nd is "John Charles Thomas" of the 40's. And we have published openly the original recordings from 1926 of "Show Boat" which was stripped from "Ziegfeld's Show Boat", the only complaint was that "Cotton Blossom" was wrong, and we are editing that. Two pieces had been attributed to EARL Wrightson, and ONE is on the current so called 1946 revival album by "Charles Fredericks". LOL. It was a Brunswick, sent to AU, and we of course have that AU, from 1940! That was documented by Hammerstein himself to have been done by "Guy Robertson". Funny how Joseph Toner should have all of these albums, don't you think?

The old albums of "EARL WRIGHTSON" have been scientifically dated and also found through various and laborious means that nobody wants to hear, to be from the late 20's and very early 30's. Some DIRECTLY BY NAME to Joseph Toner. So, if JOSEPH TONER is the EARLY EARL WRIGHTSON, and the 40's EARL WRIGHTSON IS THE 40's JOHN CHARLES THOMAS, then JOSEPH TONER IS JOHN CHARLES THOMAS. Oh and now we have proven GUY ROBERTSON is JOHN CHARLES THOMAS too. I guess he did not travel around in Europe. But he did not do everything they say GUY did. E.G. we have the recording of WILDFLOWER. No Vocals.

There is nobody out there telling the truth about John Charles Thomas.! This is real documentary research, and follow up with scientific examination of albums. It also takes the ability to read code, (dowloaded from the National Theatre, which does have imbedded information of pseudonyms.) The use of ASCAP specialists added to the work as well. Every claim has been checked and cross checked. Some early errors have been made, and those are being corrected at this time.

Torigi was marketed all over the world and a huge success. Too successful. They worked to get off the shelves for almost TWO DECADES. Many readers will remember it. It says Richard Torigi. Yet "Torigi" is unquestionably from the Oklahoma recording of JCT, who so obviously made "Oklahoma" noted below on Amazon. Not currently on Amazon is a fantastic "Show Boat" singing "Old man river" as if JCT had just started singing in high fidelity! It was THE Show Boat album of the 40's and most of the 50's.

Just when Joseph Toner left the theatre, they had to get a NEW Torigi to sing My Fair Lady. Joseph Toner sang up to the King and I. He also sang Carousel, contained in the R&H collections at the NY Public Library. That violates the ADAAA.

I should also mention that many different TORIGI's came about after Joseph Toner left the theatre. There was the "lounge lizard" type Torigi,-my terminology, but did you ever hear such a person try to sing OKLAHOMA? LOL it is hilarious-- and then a pretty good singer, I think it was Tozzi myself, who sang My Fair Lady as the NEW TORIGI.

HOWEVER, WHEN JOSEPH TONER RETURNED FOR FIORELLO, well, Hammerstein was ill. He had Joseph Toner come to see him, causing Toner to take a break from Fiorello.The news reported Joseph Toner was ill. Not so. It was never fully explained.

Hammerstein was dying and settling things. Paul Robeson was still being held against his will in America. Hammerstein wanted something about "his legacy" to let Robeson go. Somehow it got Joseph Toner to sing Show Boat YET again, this time in Stereo. From what Toner would say, which now makes sense, it was part of the deal to let Robeson go home. THE REALITY IS THAT WHEN THOSE TWO ALBUMS WERE DONE, ROBESON WENT HOME. I know where they were recorded.

Why do I say TWO? He, Robeson sang on the other stereo album. I believe the idea was that eventually these would be combined.

Toner sang Camelot, which got called Torigi, also in Stereo, but that was purely part of Abbot's thing about what he wanted Joseph Toner to do after Fiorello. Columbia was having this big thing about the 400th birthday of Shakespeare. That is why the Shakespeare album, but that was also part of what JCT's group was doing in the 40's.

Back to the South Pacific album. Well, it was sold all over the world. (so were the other early and "Joseph Toner" Torigi albums). They kept trying to get rid of it. LOL but people wanted it. They made it with more echo, they made the cover look like the movie cover, so that when the movie album came out it would overshadow the "Torigi" album, and that did not work. The one on sale here is just another incarnation, as it went through the process of one fake corp. after another, it was insane. They washed them and did not send them to England until much later. The law regarding time limits is not valid for stolen property of the government, and there are multiple albums I OWN claiming this to be the Pulizer Prize winner, and this writer owns it.

Eastham's album was a total failure. It was released in Canada as an album at least. But it is hard to find and always just perfect. The discovery of the Blue Eagle, and the number on it, really tells loads of when the show was made. The coverup of the fact that it was a Blue Eagle album is going to raise H***.My opinion is that that was Pinza's voice, if he ever had his voice projected into the theatre, with someone else dubbing him. But AGAIN the show is not owned by R&H, they and the Shuberts just took it.

The "Torigi's" have been played to death. Finally, they put a "Sutton" label on the same cover, and changed it to have only music without vocals. That did it. That South Pacific changed America forever, and made us all buy 33 I/3 players, forget about 78's, go to the vinyl era, and fall in love with Rodgers and Hammerstein. Anyone alive in the 60's and old enough to go to a record store knows this album. It lasted from about 1949 to well into the mid-late 60's.

Mary Martin's album? Now there is hard documentation it was created after South Pacific was over, and I will not reveal why, or there will be all kinds of fakes coming out of the woodwork.

Amazon, I hold you just as responsible for stalking me, the wiping out of Joseph Toner's works on YouTube by Strikeforce...., and your suppression and constant hacking of my internet sites. Since YOU, Amazon, took over the site on Facebook "Joseph Toner, Broadway Legend", I think it is only FAIR to PERMANENTLY LEAVE [...] alone. Lets see if that even comes up. If it ever changes AGAIN, I will know who to blame.

Re: Richard Rodgers? He also stole at least PART of Victory At Sea from Robert Russell Bennett.

Rare version of OKLAHOMA! Musical Score: Al Goodman OrchestraShowboat (Stereo LP)[LP Record] Lerner & Loews's "My Fair Lady" Oklahoma / Rodgers & Hammerstein(The last two are the "Louge Lizard" Torigi's) My Fair Lady and The King and I (My Fair Lady is the new good guy, and The King and I is Joseph Toner "Torigi")

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