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Sword Study: II Timothy (Level 4) [Copertina flessibile]

Tammy McMahan , Doug McGuire

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5.0 su 5 stelle A Wonderful Age-Appropriate Bible Study! 30 agosto 2013
Di Stacey - Pubblicato su
Formato:Copertina flessibile
First of all, I would like to extend a heartfelt "Thank you" to Tammy McMahan and her publisher for sending me a copy of "Timothy II Sword Study" to review for them. I am truly grateful for this generosity. I really appreciate the time, effort and expense it takes to make a reviewer copy available to me.

The Sword Study of II Timothy by Tammy McMahan is ten weeks of Bible study suitable for the whole family! The workbooks are available for purchase separately so you can customize your family's experience based on the ages of the children involved. But each week, each family member studies (and memorizes) the same Scripture at their own age-appropriate level.

Level One is designed for 4-7 year-olds. The lessons have three basic parts: "Pray", a hands-on component called "Color and Do" and an application portion entitled "Read and Learn". The level one workbook contains engaging illustrations, various age-appropriate exercises, challenges and fun puzzles.

The Level Two workbook is designed for children aged 7-10 years. This book also contains prayer and application components. Investigative study is introduced with this age group where the topics are examined from an "aerial view", a "street view" and an "under the rug" view. The activities are meatier. The questions are more thought-provoking and biographies of Christians are presented.

Level Three is geared toward 11-14 year-olds. The format is similar to Level Two, but there are fewer drawings, more advanced questions, tools like Strong's Concordance are introduced, and there are fun activities like ciphering, charting and word puzzles.

Level Four is intended for ages 14 and up. This workbook contains investigative study is the "aerial view", "street view" and "under the rug" format. There is a prayer component and an application component like the other workbooks as well. The questions at this level are basically the same as Level Three in content. They are just worded in a more mature fashion.

The Level Five workbook is the same study guide as Level Four, but it also contains additional helps like background information, in-depth devotional and investigative study, guided prayer using the A.C.T.S. model, memorization, family gatherings and answers to key activities.

This is a wonderfully flexible Bible study that can be customized to engage all age groups. What a wonderful way to spend time as a family.
5.0 su 5 stelle Awesome Bible Study for the Family 10 settembre 2013
Di ibjoy1953 - Pubblicato su
Formato:Copertina flessibile

Since it is just me at home to go through this study, I used the Level 5 workbook, and compared each of the other levels. This is an amazing study for a family. Or it would be a wonderful study for a church to use for small groups or Sunday School classes. The Bible study on II Timothy is for 10 weeks, and is very in depth, very well structured, giving parents or leaders everything you need to successfully lead this study. It is so much in these studies you could easily spread it out over more than 10 weeks, or I would suggest keeping it, and going through it again later on.

The special thing I like about this study is that there is a workbook for each age level. Everyone is learning the same things from the same scripture, but at their own level. Even a four year-old can do a simple worksheet starting off with praying, and then coloring a picture about the study for that day. I really like that each day encourages everyone to pray, actually write down scripture verses and read their Bibles. I love workbooks when I study because I learn so much more when I have to dig for answers to questions, and then write those answers down. Each day also gives a place to Apply the lesson, causing each person to think about what they have studied for that day. And it ends with A.C.T.S. Prayer Time, which is Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication.

This study is definitely worth check into. I have been through many Bible studies with workbooks like this, and I can truly say this is one of the best I have found. I will be keeping each of these books for further studies with different age levels.

I received this book from Glass Roads to read and review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 55.
5.0 su 5 stelle A very in depth study that really digs deep 10 settembre 2013
Di Michele A. Gerrells - Pubblicato su
Formato:Copertina flessibile
My first thought when I received the Sword Study of II Timothy was WOW. What a truly wonderful study! I first would like to thank Glass Road Media for the generosity in sending me all five levels! I did not expect that at all. Sword Study is set up to be a 10 week study that can be used by your entire family. There is a level for ages 4 and up with 5 levels in all.

Each level is geared towards a particular age group starting with the youngest at age 4.

We are a homeschool family and I have been looking for a study that we can all do together in the evenings. I wanted something that would have us all pretty much studying the same thing. Sword Study fits the bill. This is a very in depth Bible study.

For the level 1 crowd (ages 4-7) the activity book is wonderful. With coloring pages, games, prayers to say together and Bible memorization it is very engaging.

In level 2 and 3 level progresses there is more reading, thought provoking questions, Bible memorization and praying.

Level 4 takes it up a notch and presents more of a challenge in reading the Bible and prayer time as well as really digging in deep into the study.

Level 5 is for the leader or parent leading the study and is filled with guidance to help you study as a group or a family.

Since this is such a deep and intense study, if you feel that 10 weeks is just not enough time to complete everything in this study you could break it down into smaller bites and take as much time as you need. I could easily see doubling the time of the study from 10 to 20 weeks and taking our time to really get into the heart of this study!

If you are looking for a deep and meaningful way to study the Bible I would recommend Sword Study.

Be sure to visit The Sword Study website for more information on this study and the other Sword Study series that are available.

disclosure: I received Sword Study from Glass Road Media in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own.
5.0 su 5 stelle Amazing Family Study 10 settembre 2013
Di M. Schemanski - Pubblicato su
Formato:Copertina flessibile
Sword Study Series is an in-depth family study on a specific book of the Bible. Your whole family can work along side of you and study at their own learning level.

Organized into different levels according to age, each study provides in-depth material from the same book of the Bible. Each study book is synchronized to cover the same truths at the same time but with graphics and learning tools appropriate for the age group.

Level 1, for ages 4-7, is an activity book with coloring, drawing, matching and other fun learning tools.
Level 2, for ages 7-10, contains light reading, fill-in-the-blank, and application sections.
Level 3, for ages 11-14, involves more investigation and questions for the student to answer.
Level 4, for teens and adults, steps up the reading and the depth of study including the definition of several Greek or Hebrew terms.
Level 5 is for the parent or study leader with guidance and background to lead a group of all ages.

The Sword Study series, originally created for competitors in The Shelby Kennedy Foundation's National Bible Bee, is now available to everyone for the first time. Families no longer have to compete in the Bible Bee to establish family discipleship in the home with this one-of-a-kind study.

It is always a blessed, amazing time when we as a family can sit together and study the word, and no one gets left out. We can share on our own level and at our own pace, each gleaning from the Word what the Spirit has in store for them. To include my youngest age 5 up through my adult son has been a blessing in this study of II Timothy.

There are 10 weeks of study and during each week we are encourage to memorize the same scripture. Who would have thought you could get 10 weeks of study out of II Timothy right? In depth! Love studying the Word this way. This is not a 15 minute Bible Study, more like a small group or sunday school class style of study, which I personally found very fulfilling. If your family isn't used to working on something longer like this you can break it down into more days until they get a little more used to it.

I love how you can buy the individual books based on your family's ages and size. Sold so you get just what you are going to be using. I highly recommend this study for families!!

I received a copy of this study in exchange for an honest review
4.0 su 5 stelle this review is for all levels 10 settembre 2013
Di Jonathan Esterman - Pubblicato su
Formato:Copertina flessibile
The Sword Study is designed to be synchronized to speak to many age ranges either at home or for the church. The Shelby Kennedy Foundation has created this study material to help, as they say it, “ages 4 to 104.” The Sword Study is organized into age levels, and each one focuses on the same material at a different ability to read and understand. There are five levels for each study, being ages 4-7, 7-10, 22-24, teens and adults, and parents/study leaders. I received a copy of their II Timothy set to review. Here’s what I found…

Level 1: Ages 4-7

This level is designed to be an activity book with coloring, drawing, matching, and other learning tools. The activity book opens with a fun child-themed font and simple message that, in my case, the parent can share with their child. There’s a place to write in their name, starting date, and ending date. Afterward, there is a letter to the parents on how to use the activity book. While rated ages four through seven, it could be easy to be more hands-on with younger ages or allow older ages to work more independently.

The workbook is broken into days for completion, starting with a Pray section, Color and Do, and Read and Learn. In the course of one day, children learn how to work on their habit of talking to G-d, get hands-on experience with reflecting the main lesson, and correlate biblical passages to practical application and memorization. These lessons are designed to be short in nature, but allow a deeper conversation to follow.

In the case of my two-yar-old, he quite enjoyed coloring along while his mother read the material to him. My five year old would pick it up much quicker, but still need to be read to. Each page reflects a separate day, and I could see this being used as scrapbooking materials down the road. Overall, this level of the workbook seems to be quite appropriate and excellent material to use.

Level 2: Ages 7-10

From the beginning, this workbook is definitely thicker and more academically-styled in an intro to elementary school fashion. This is more independent as well. Each week has an introductory story that will be investigated. Over the course of two weeks, one chapter will have been completed. Then, each day of the week involves studies to fully understand the material for the week. Each day begins with prayer, writing out verses, and reading through the book. At the end of the study, there is a review to apply the material learned for the day. At the end of the chapter, there is a chapter review and summary. This workbook will be completed in ten weeks. It looks a bit intense, but would work great in a Sunday School setting or homeschooling environment.

Level 3: Ages 11-14

This level is designed as an intermediary level between levels two and four. I did not have a copy of this level to review, so I can’t provide my personal experience reviewing the material. The one-sheet from the media company, however, indicates it is a more difficult version of Level 2.

Level 4: Teens & Adults

Reviewing this level, it brings me back to my youth group days. This workbook is a create selection for small groups of high school and college age students. This level involves dissecting the material a bit more, as well as learning some of the Greek and Hebrew in the text. This would be great in a Sunday School setting for Campus Missions or the like, but not necessarily for home study with adults.

Level 5: Parent or Study Leader

Reading through this level, I feel the content is more aptly-rated for Study Leaders, but the verbiage is directed toward parents. There are leadership instructions on how to cover the material and lead weekly services that culminate the material learned throughout the week in the first part. The second part is much like an adult study book, helping make this a learning experience for the coordinator as well. I was afraid it would be very programmed, but instead it is quite interactive.

The Sword Study, in my opinion, delivers on its promise: making a study series for the whole family. The way the material is written does not market it toward churches – there is far too much reference to reviewing it as a family. That said, I believe the best environment to use this material is one where a church leader would train a group of parents on how to use the study guides with their families. It’s not a cheap study, either, running anywhere ten to thirty bucks per level, depending on the level and market you’re shopping in.

Do I recommend it? Actually, I do. I think this study can help families, provided that the parents are extremely organized and focused with the lessons. It’s not an easy task, but definitely one worth pursuing.

Disclosure: I was contracted to write an honest review in exchange for a reviewer copy of the product. The opinions stated in this review are solely my own.

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