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The Fundamental Laws of Electrolytic Conduction: Memoirs By Faraday, Hittorf and F. Kohlrausch (Classic Reprint) [Copertina flessibile]

Michael Faraday Johann Wilhelm Hittorf

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Descrizione del libro

4 luglio 2012
In the present volume are collected those papers on electrochemistry which contain the original statement of the fundamental laws and experiments on. which the modern theory of electrolytic conduction is based. Of these, Faraday slaw of definite electrochemical action and electrochemical equivalents, first stated in 1834, naturally takes precedence. This law is universally recognized as one of the few rigidly exact laws of nature, and lies at the basis of all electrochemical theory and practice. Of the extended series of experiments in electrochemistry, contained in the fifth and seventh series of Faraday s Experimental Jiesearcke., all of which touch more or less on the law in question, only those sections which have a direct bearing on the establishment of the law are here presented. Faraday sbrief paper on the Relation by Measure of Common and Voltaic Electricity has been added as an introduction, as it was in this article that he was first led to a statement of the probable existence of the law to which he afterwards devoted so much attention. Second only to Faraday slaw, the classical researches of Uittorf on the concentration changes produced at the electrodes during electrolysis, have proved of fundamental significance in the explanation of electrolytic phenomena. Tbo explanation given by Hittorf in 1S53 of this phenomenon is still that generally accepted by physicists at the present time. Of I littorf slive papers bearing on this subject, all of which are easily accessible in German in Ostwald sK7ei.i. ;ifcer der Exakten Winsenxchaflm, the first only has been here translated. This, however, is complete in itself, and contains not only a statement of Hittorfs theory, but also a comprehensive and remarkably careful experimental investigation of the phenomi of transference.
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