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The Obstacles [Copertina flessibile]

Chris Reardon

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Descrizione del libro

22 agosto 2013
A child will die. You’re afraid to live. Would you go to all lengths to save him? Darkness knows no bounds, as Alcott, an African American doctor sees all too well. The man is petrified by death. His fragile existence rests at the mercy of the universe. This fact is far too much for him to handle. From unyielding nightmares to elevator terrors, he’s lost in paranoia. Assigned to look after an ill child, Alcott’s horrors only heighten. Gari is a nine-year-old boy with a fatal disease. He will surely pass on within the year. Alcott bonds with him more and more each day. Part of him knows this grim fate just isn’t right. Alcott befriends a hospital patient. This lunatic forces him to lug home an ancient text on bringing back the dead. Despite the man’s obvious dementia, Alcott attempts the scheme. Charging up a cliff, he recites the chant over ocean gusts. A god woman glides in from the horizon. She instructs Alcott on the trials to save Gari’s life. These fearsome Obstacles require true strength. From battling sharks to wielding a flail, he must prove fortitude against genuine danger. Alcott decides his fate at this moment. Death’s claws shall not grasp Gari’s soul.

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4.0 su 5 stelle Good idea 8 febbraio 2014
Di Julie Elizabeth Powell - Pubblicato su Amazon.com
Formato:Formato Kindle
I have given this book four stars because the plot is intriguing. Although the writing style is good, it does need some attention and I'm not sure if all rings true with the main character. There are extremes of emotion, to such an extent that I wonder if the stress of which wouldn't put anyone into an early grave.

However, it was a good, interesting read, the idea thought-provoking and clever, delving into the science - or myth - of how to cheat death.
2 di 2 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
3.0 su 5 stelle It's acceptable 13 novembre 2013
Di Ailyn Koay - Pubblicato su Amazon.com
Formato:Copertina flessibile
This book has been given to me in exchange for an honest review:

I like it because:
the story is good and exciting. It is as a fantasy novel should be: challenge to the imagination. The characters work together for a main goal, yet have different personal goals.

The author's grammar needs rechecking, choice of words are poor and do not portray intentions of the characters properly.
Dragging out a story is not for me, but the pace is ok. Although author said this is just 1 book (indeed it ended), but the last chapter hints at a possible continuation.
1 di 1 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
3.0 su 5 stelle Creative 28 maggio 2014
Di Stacy L Sabala - Pubblicato su Amazon.com
Formato:Formato Kindle
Book Review- Obstacles by Christopher Michael Reardon

Dr. Alcott is now a live-in doctor caring for a young boy named Gari. Dr. Alcott is prone to night terrors and fears death. One night when he goes to visit the hospital he has worked at in the past, he stops to talk to a well known patient named Mashilto. Mashilto is worried about young Gari and encourages Dr. Alcott to use the book Mashilto’s mother gave him. In it, he explains, is a way to raise the dead. The doctor is skeptical and agrees to take it and look at it. Once he has the book in his possession, he hears voices or he believes he is going insane. When his car is searched, the book is gone. Mashilto has no recollection of having a book like that. Dr. Alcott is shocked.
Gari’s latest visit is grave and he only has days left. After that terrible news is shared the book magically appears on Dr. Alcott’s bed. He panics in horror and fear. In the end he takes the book and completes the ritual. A Jauntla appears challenging him to give his own life for Gari’s life.
Once he agrees Dr. Alcott is a competitor in the obstacles. If he wins enough he earns the right to change fate. There are six total. Time is frozen until he wins at least three or loses four. He enters this adventure with four other people: Gretchen, Vitaly, Travis and Marya. Gretchen is trying to save her sister. Vitaly wants to save her father’s life. Travis is also trying to save his father’s life. No one knows why Marya is there. All they know is her story involves a drunk driver.
The obstacles are harrowing and dangerous. Alcott is thrust into his worst nightmares. If he fails Gari dies. If he succeeds he trades places with Gari and dies in his stead. It literally becomes the fight of his life.
The storyline for this book was very creative. I have never read anything remotely close. The idea of beating trials in order to save a loved one from death is interesting. As I read through the story I would ask myself what would I do in that situation.
However the main character Alcott seemed incredibly moody, or overly excited. His reactions to situations annoyed me. He came across as a very weak individual in the beginning. His confidence was extremely low which surprises me since he is a doctor. It takes a lot of drive and confidence to get to that point. So in my opinion there were a lot of conflicting details in the story that made for confusion in some places.
In others it felt like the author was trying too hard with his choice of words. The story didn’t flow as well as it should have. I can tell that the author is young. I give the story a 3 out of 5 for its creativity.
4 di 5 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
5.0 su 5 stelle Wonderful! You want to read this! 4 settembre 2013
Di Kathy Schmaltz - Pubblicato su Amazon.com
Formato:Copertina flessibile|Acquisto verificato
What a great book! The first chapter really grabs you and makes you want to keep reading to find out what happens next. It's a captivating book .....fantastic mystery and adventure. I highly recommend this book!!!!!!
5.0 su 5 stelle What a marvelous book to immerse yourself into! 25 settembre 2014
Di Amazon Customer - Pubblicato su Amazon.com
Formato:Formato Kindle
What a marvelous book to immerse yourself into! I literally finished this book in a matter of hours, because I couldn’t put it down! Chris Reardon you’ve just won yourself a new fan. Those, whom have followed me since the beginning, know that I can never turn down a YA Fantasy. I have read TONS, but by far this is the most refreshing. The plot, the characters, the overall purpose was enthralling. And, is that cover not gorgeous? I was immediately attracted.

Gari is a nine-year-old boy, whose life is ending very shortly. Alcott is his personal doctor. Not only to the characters in this book, but as the reader of it, I also find it a bit unfair for such a young life to be cut short of its chance to nourish, and experience the rest of the world. I am confident that many would do what Alcott did – asked the beyond for Gari to have another chance … even if it seemed impossible.

Alcott was a character I enjoy from the start of the book ‘til the very last page. Why? Because, he is normal, he has fears of death just as anyone would. He being a doctor does not change that fact. And I liked that. That Chris Reardon gave readers the notion that even those whose job is to try and save lives, they are not superhuman. I say I love Alcott, but I actually enjoyed ALL the characters in this book. They were so vibrant, lively, and unique. Each character was a tribute to how wonderful this book was!

Another unique aspect of this read, is that although a young adult fantasy, Alcott is very well into his 30's and there is no romance. I would say it is one of those books that parallels an action-packed family film. Something you can enjoy with the family. It's refreshing.

The obstacles.
I had to talk about this separately. What an idea! Chris Reardon is creative in that department .... creating a world that no other would have thought of! In order to save young Gari, Alcott has to complete certain obstacles that is challenged by the many unthinkable. Wow. I-there-is nothing I can say to describe how amazing this part of the premise was. YOU HAVE TO GET IT and find out for yourself!

Truly a great way to start the new year.

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