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il 28 febbraio 2013
E' un telefono davvero utilie come riserva. Sottile e spartano. Non è certo uno smarthphone ma, per esempio se si va a correre, è il massimo.
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il 14 marzo 2012
The Hyundai MB-1200 is one of the best solutions if you already are using multiple/pluri mobile phones.
Especially when you have to travel abroad & you already have your personal phone of your own country, another of the country that you have to visit, still another one that you use for job..
Simply select one of them as a main mobile for all your "smartphone" purposes & put the other sim cards that you will use inside this model- Amazing! you can even put it with your daily belongings in your purse.

It receives the signal very well, quality of the conversation is perfect, so simple to use and very intuitive.
The battery lasts long enough for standby & conversation as well.
It takes around 1 hour to take its' drained battery to full.
The mini usb charger (included) is used only for charging the battery.
I prefer using my own mini usb cable to charge it from my computer.
No software - no access to the sim card contents - no earphones.

I wonder if it is the same for all, but the one that I bought has only one ugly green wallpaper which is different than the one that we see on the photos of the product (which is really cool). Also the green color of the dial pad that we see on the photos is only a reflection, the original color is chrome and the backlight color of the numbers is white.

The battery seems too small. In fact it is only 3.7volt 280mAh Li-Ion one that makes me feel uncertain about its' life-cycle. Up to now I could not find a spare one for later on internet.
If -by chance- you take the battery off and insert again, it resets the time & calendar settings but continue to maintain the call history & messages (because I think they are saved inside the sim card) and also the phone numbers that you saved inside its' own memory.

As memory you only have 100 places for phone numbers & 100 places for the short messages. Attention that as previous generation phones, it divides the long messages in to short pieces.

Although it seems shiny & metallic, only the back cover & the number panel are made from metal. The rest is made from regular gray colored plastic & painted in silver color. So as you can imagine if you put it in your pocket with your keys or coins under the very thin coat of silver you will begin to see the dents. The number panel has a surface that is incised by circular lines that are the offset of the central button like as if an old vinyl record. Have some doubts about conserving its' surface quality by time when it will interact the same conditions mentioned for the plastic parts.

Really very satisfied to have it during my business trips (and also as an attractive object for the daily Aperitivo's).
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il 3 dicembre 2015
Non ha il menù in italiano.
Arriva col menù in tedesco.
Difficile da capire per passare ad altra lingua. Francese o inglese.
Dovrebbero avvertire!
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il 31 gennaio 2016
Purtroppo forse sono stato sfortunato io ma per due volte non funzionava bene e l'ho restituito, alla seconda volta con un altro telefono. Poi il fatto che non ha la lingua italiana è comunque un handicap
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il 4 febbraio 2016
Divertente ma non è specificato che nel menu non c'è L'italiano , è una carta di credito che tel. +
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