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Arson (Inglese)

5.0 su 5 stelle 1 recensione cliente

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Since he was in fifth grade, Estevan Vega dreamed of one day being an author. At fifteen, he published his first book Servant of the Realm. At eighteen, The Sacred Sin was released. ARSON, his third and most popular novel, is the beginning of a trilogy. Look for book two soon. Until then, he has released a collection of three short stories titled WHEN COLORS BLEED. He resides in Connecticut. Visit for more details. --Questo testo si riferisce a un'edizione fuori stampa o non disponibile di questo titolo.

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Dettagli prodotto

  • Audio CD
  • Editore: Tate Pub (maggio 2010)
  • Lingua: Inglese
  • ISBN-10: 161663720X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1616637200
  • Peso di spedizione: 204 g
  • Media recensioni: 5.0 su 5 stelle  Visualizza tutte le recensioni (1 recensione cliente)
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Gold Star Award Winner!

Arson Gable is a strange boy with an equally strange life. He lives alone with his grandmother, who has some mental issues that make life difficult. Arson can also create fire. He has a job in an ice cream parlor that's going nowhere and no friends.

Arson's life changes the day a new family moves in next door. It's a couple with a daughter who wears a mask because of an accident that occurred when she was a child. Secrets abound in this story, not only for Arson and the girl, but for their families, as well.

Many readers may see the start of the story as slow, but Estevan Vega took his time and lets you get to know the characters, as well as their motivations. ARSON was an intriguing mystery that will have you looking forward to the next installment. This story was crafted over four years, and it definitely shows.

This is not your ordinary mystery/horror/supernatural novel. You can't help but love the main characters. I hope we don't have long to wait for the rest of this wonderful story. Although parts of the tale were dark, adults and teens alike are sure to enjoy it. I would definitely recommend ARSON to my own teen.

Reviewed by: Breia "The Brain" Brickey
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Le recensioni clienti più utili su (beta) 4.2 su 5 stelle 145 recensioni
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2.0 su 5 stelle This Isn't What I Ordered 22 settembre 2012
Di Amazon Customer - Pubblicato su
Formato: Formato Kindle Acquisto verificato
The description led me to expect an exciting story about a pyrokinetic kid. I've seen this story before, so I was expecting kid on the run, lots of suspicious fires and your general paranormal genetic reject mayhem. Sure it's a formula, but it's one I enjoy.
What I got was a whiny brat who should have been taken away from his abusive grandmother years ago and a disfigured girl whose parents really need to just get a divorce and be done with it. I spent most of the book waiting to see where it was going. You do eventually get a bit at the very end where he goes Carrie on a bunch of kids, but the build up really isn't there for it.
There are numerous passages supposedly from the adult's perspectives--the grandmother's are incoherent (which, considering the character, shouldn't be a surprise), and the disfigured girl's mom's bits...well, it reads like what a teenager thinks being an adult is like.
To be honest, much of the book reads like something a teenager wrote. And if that's the case, well, kudos to Vega. It does take a lot to actually finish a novel and Vega has a solid grasp on the technical aspects of writing. The idea of the story really has a lot of potential, but it just doesn't make it there. I suppose we can also congratulate Vega on doing the unexpected--one generally doesn't expect a book about a firestarter to be about whiny teenage drama. If you're into whiny teen drama, you'll probably enjoy this book. If you're looking for a fiery romp with teens in peril, best to give this one a pass.
1 di 1 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
1.0 su 5 stelle Promising Start- Terrible Finish 7 gennaio 2013
Di S. Jones - Pubblicato su
Formato: Copertina flessibile Acquisto verificato
This was one of the most disappointing books I've ever read. I say that because it started off with a bang. The first third of the book is brilliantly executed. Vega gave rich detail, mystery, a refreshing and uncanny realistic tone that pulled me right into his characters' world. The reader is introduced to a young man called Arson who lives in isolation both figuratively and literally. The reader doesn't know why he feels so alienated, but is told he's "different". He lives alone with an abusive and mentally ill grandmother. As the book progresses, it's revealed why Arson is so different, and we start to learn who he really is and then some new characters show up in the form of neighbors.

This is where things start to go downhill. Several things ruined this book but the biggest problem I had while reading this story was the author's attempt to pull me into too many worlds. The constant switch in POV is so very annoying. I didn't realize how jarring POV switch could be until I read this novel. Not only does he switch POV in the same chapter, which I suppose can be done well by a good writer, but he also switches POVs in mid paragraph! There's no way a skilled editor should have missed that. So while I blame the author, I mostly blame whoever edited and published this book and told Vega that it was OK to write like this.

The next thing that ruined this book for me is the poor character development and TERRIBLE dialogue. Arson goes from a socially awkward isolated boy to a love-struck and confused teenager man-child in like a page. The girl that he falls for wears a mask due to some horrific accident, so there's all sorts of peek-a-boo-I-want-to-show-myself-to-you-but-I'm-too-scared-to-be-vulnerable melodrama going on. The conversations between Arson and the girl are really really contrived and unnatural. They just don't sound like real people! If that isn't enough, Vega piles on more drama by making her family dysfunctional and introducing a third girl who could distract Arson's attention.All of these people have their own POV (except for the distracting extra girl).

The final thing that really kills this book is that in the midst of all the formulaic and forced drama, there's something building inside of Arson. He has a special ability that can be destructive (take a guess what it is), and with every new emotional conflict and adventure, he has to struggle to control this thing for fear that it will destroy things and people around him. The constant hints and building towards the finale are so overdone and blatant, that I just wanted it to happen already, and when it did, it's so so disappointing! But I wasn't surprised by that point. The writing had become progressively worse. The lush detail had turned into purple prose. Vega throws around nonsensical metaphors and similes that made me scratch my head and roll my eyes. Eventually I just wanted to stop reading and that's a shame because apparently this is the start to a series. I won't be reading any more of it.

'Arson' may have sounded like an intriguing idea on paper, but the execution ruined it.
5.0 su 5 stelle Delightfully Different 16 gennaio 2013
Di Amazon Customer - Pubblicato su
Formato: Formato Kindle Acquisto verificato
ARSON is a breath of fresh air in the young adult genre. Vega takes his readers on a thrill ride that is meant to jostle them in every direction, much like the main protagonist that the book is named after.

I personally love the shifts in third person point of view that Vega writes the novel in; I'm writing my novel in changing viewpoints as well. It's good to see other young authors use different writing techniques in light of the first-person POV splurge in paranormal YA fiction that seems to have become popular after Twilight.

The novel is bold, in-your-face, and irresistibly melancholy. The reader is led through peaks and valleys as Arson and the characters surrounding him experience them, and the intrigue alone in figuring out the backstories and personal histories to why all these characters are the way that they are keeps you turning the page. Everyone is fabulously flawed, and it's quite refreshing once compared to the way most YA books are nowadays with their perfect, stereotypical love plots and character personalities and descriptions.

There are elements of the supernatural that are weaved into Arson's character and the overall book that are written so well that you could imagine that strangely flawed kid in the back of your class could also containing a power of some sort, too. Just like in real life, everyone in this book has differences...everyone has problems...everyone has a story.

The plot grabs you just enough to keep you tuned in page after page until you get to the shock-inducing cliffhanger ending. I can't wait to read the sequel, and I hope Vega keeps his charm with the in-your-face writing and realistic plot.
5.0 su 5 stelle Burned expectations 10 luglio 2012
Di Jason Brown - Pubblicato su
Formato: Copertina flessibile Acquisto verificato
I'll admit, when I was looking for darker, more thought-provoking Christian fiction, I had no idea I would end up reading something this dark. At all.
The story revolves around a young man who, dichomotously, loves and despises his grandmother. And if you were raised by her (and she seems like a textbook case for bi-polar issues), you would definitely hate being raised by her only to hear her say "I'm the only one that could ever love you."
Arson's life is pretty much the definition of bleakness trying to blend in with normalcy and trying to be forgotten in the midst, especially working at an ice cream parlor where his boss has a serious loathing for him... due to his weakness with popular girl Mandy. Things change when he gets a new neighbor- failed minister Joel, borderline angsty wife Aimee (who defies the typical Christian fiction wife all the way), and captivating mysterious Emery Phoenix. And it's Emery that changes Arson's life entirely.
What I would loved about this story was its total honesty. Most Christian fiction I've read skim details about a person's life to make their life seem at least a bit cheery. Estevan keeps to his darkly honest roots by showing how cruel popular kids can be toward outcasts (the last scene with Mandy was a total jaw-dropper that was reminescent of Carrie!), extremely cruel bosses with a total lack of humanity, the scathing sarcasm that teens have today, and much more. And right at the end, just when I thought things would turn up well, something happens that adds an entirely different level of suspense to the whole story and adds many more questions about who Arson really is. Bad enough he had to deal with controlling his rage throughout, but just when he needs it all, it becomes a mystery as to what's really going on.
5.0 su 5 stelle An Exciting Read 12 dicembre 2011
Di Strong2002 - Pubblicato su
Formato: Formato Kindle Acquisto verificato
Arson by Estevan Vega (published May, 2011, by StoneGate Ink) is the story of Arson Gable, the typical, normal teenage boy with a few notable exceptions: he can control fire with his mind and he has been told all of his life that he killed his own mother. Arson is "cared for" by a senile grandmother, who never misses an opportunity to cut him down, verbally and sometimes physically. Arson's only escape is the lake near his house, the cool water the only thing that seems to cool his fire-creating rage.

The story begins to take off when new neighbors--with problems of their own--move in to the house next door. The 17-year-old daughter, Emery, continually wears a blank mask to hide a hideously-scarred face, the result of a childhood accident. When Emery, trying to get away from bickering parents, walks to the lake only to see Arson lying face-down in the water in an attempt to escape his own demons, she jumps in in an effort to save his life. A fast friendship blossoms between the two self-proclaimed "freaks."

Despite Arson's numerous and vehement assertions to the contrary, Vega does an excellent job of painting our protagonist as the typical teenager struggling with normal teenage issues: the lack of love from a parental-figure, lust, physical desire, and the overwhelming desire to be normal. He struggles over loving someone who does not love--someone who may, in fact, hate--him back, and the deaths of those close to him.

Emery struggles with another aspect of teen life--parents who have emotionally abandoned, bur remain physically present. Her father, before the book's beginning, had, because of his alcoholism, lost his pastorate. Emery's mother, bitter over the alcoholism and the loss of "their" church finds solace in work. Both claim to be concerned about Emery and her emotional well being, both her mother and father desperately hate the mask she chooses to wear, but both also have a habit of abandoning Emery to her own devices while they fight themselves and each other. Vega does an excellent job of capturing the darker side of being a pastor's kid (or a pastor's wife)--the crushing, rarely-expressed, feeling that everyone and everything in the pastor's life is more important than his or her family.

Arson is a well-written, engaging story. The characters are extremely believable, and I even found myself wanting to encourage Arson to do the right (or noble or selfless) thing. It is a quick-enough read, and even without the cliff hanger-type ending leaves you wanting for a sequel. (The sequel, Ashes, was released in September, 2011.) Vega spins a good yarn and does it well. I highly recommend the book and cannot wait to read more from this engaging, youthful new author.

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