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Aspects Of Love Registrazione originale rimasterizzata

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CD audio, Registrazione originale rimasterizzata, 15 feb 2006
"Ti preghiamo di riprovare"
EUR 11,11
EUR 11,11 EUR 15,10
Vinile, Import, 1 gen 1989
"Ti preghiamo di riprovare"
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Audio Cassetta, Import
"Ti preghiamo di riprovare"
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Dettagli prodotto


Disco: 1

  1. Railway Station At Pau - Michael Ball, Kathleen Rowe Mcallen
  2. A Small Theatre In Montpellier - Ann Crumb, Paul Bentley
  3. A Cafe In Montpellier - Ann Crumb, Michael Ball, Paul Bentley
  4. Railway Station At Pau - Ann Crumb, Michael Ball
  5. In A Train Compartment - Ann Crumb, Michael Ball
  6. The House At Pau - Ann Crumb, Michael Ball
  7. An Art Exhibition In Paris - Kevin Colson, Kathleen Rowe Mcallen
  8. A Memory Of A Happy Moment - Kevin Colson, Kathleen Rowe Mcallen
  9. In Many Rooms In The House At Pau - Ann Crumb, Michael Ball
  10. On The Terrace - Ann Crumb, Michael Ball, Kevin Colson
  11. Outside The Bedroom - Ann Crumb, Michael Ball
  12. Up In The Pyrenees - Ann Crumb, Michael Ball
  13. The House At Pau - Ann Crumb, Michael Ball
  14. A Fairground In Paris - Michael Ball, Original London Cast of Aspects of Love Cast
  15. George's Flat In Paris - Laurel Ford, Michael Ball, Ann Crumb
  16. First Orchestral Interlude - Laurel Ford, Michael Ball, Ann Crumb, Kevin Colson
  17. She'd Be Far Better Off With You - Michael Ball, Ann Crumb, Kevin Colson, Laurel Ford, Paul Bentley
  18. Second Orchestral Interlude - Original London Cast of Aspects of Love Cast
  19. Guilietta's Studios In Venice - Kevin Colson, Kathleen Rowe Mcallen, Paul Bentley, Carol Duffy, Tim Nilsson-Page, David Oakley, Sally Smith, Patrick Clancy, Ann Crumb
  20. A Registry Office - Kevin Colson, Ann Crumb, Kathleen Rowe Mcallen, Paul Bentley, Original London Cast of Aspects of Love Cast
  21. A Military Camp In Malaya - Michael Ball

Disco: 2

  1. Orchestral Intro (Act Two) - Original London Cast of Aspects of Love Cast
  2. A Theatre In Paris - Ann Crumb, Paul Bentley, David Greer
  3. Leading Lady - Paul Bentley, Ann Crumb, Michael Ball
  4. At The Stage Door - Ann Crumb, Michael Ball
  5. George's House At Pau - Diana Morrison, Kevin Colson
  6. Other Pleasures - Diana Morrison, Kevin Colson, Ann Crumb, Michael Ball
  7. A Cafe In Venice - Kathleen Rowe Mcallen
  8. There Is More To Love - Kathleen Rowe Mcallen
  9. The Garden At Pau - Kevin Colson, Diana Morrison, Ann Crumb, Michael Ball
  10. Mermaid Song - Diana Morrison, Michael Ball
  11. The Countryside Around The House - Andrew Lloyd Webber
  12. The Garden At Pau - Diana Morrison, Ann Crumb, Michael Ball
  13. On The Terrace - Michael Ball, Kevin Colson, Diana Morrison
  14. The First Man You Remember - Kevin Colson, Diana Morrison, Michael Ball, Ann Crumb
  15. In The Vineyard At Pau - Michael Ball, Ann Crumb, Diana Morrison, David Greer, Kevin Colson, Original London Cast of Aspects of Love Cast
  16. Up In The Pyrenees - Diana Morrison, Michael Ball
  17. George's Study At Pau - Kevin Colson, Ann Crumb
  18. A Circus In Paris - Sally Smith, Kevin Colson, Ann Crumb, Diana Morrison, Michael Ball
  19. Outside The Circus - Diana Morrison, Michael Ball, Kevin Colson, Ann Crumb
  20. Jenny's Bedroom In Paris - Michael Ball, Diana Morrison, Kevin Colson, Ann Crumb, David Greer
  21. The Vineyards At Pau - Kathleen Rowe Mcallen, Ann Crumb, Michael Ball, Paul Bentley, David Greer
  22. A Hay Loft - Kathleen Rowe Mcallen, Michael Ball
  23. On The Terrace - Diana Morrison, Michael Ball, Ann Crumb
  24. Anything But Lonely - Ann Crumb, Michael Ball, Kathleen Rowe Mcallen

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Le recensioni clienti più utili su (beta) 4.3 su 5 stelle 64 recensioni
5.0 su 5 stelle Nostalgic revisit with the changes love imposes. 17 giugno 2016
Di Amazon Customer - Pubblicato su
Formato: Audio CD Acquisto verificato
Just as lovely as I remember it .
4 di 9 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
5.0 su 5 stelle In A word AMAZING!!!! (my new webber favorite)! 4 settembre 2002
Di Swldx8 - Pubblicato su
Formato: Audio CD Acquisto verificato
This is probobly the most beauteful recording I have ever heard (and I have heard a LOT) Lloyd Webber and Charles Hart have done it agian with this beauteful melodic and light hearted soap opera (I AM NOT IMPLYING THAT THE MUSICAL IS SUNG THROUGH IT IS NOT! ).
The first recording of webber I ever heard was Phantom and I fell in love with his writing style I have speant a lot of money On all his cast albums that I own (and i do own ALL of them ).
My favorite prior to owning aspects was Jesus Christ Superstar , (and I sitll rank it a close second), but here we see webbers ability to write non- rock style music , and just have a piece of art that the little theater on main street could do , but is still worthy of the big time west end or broadway theater that seats 1000 ...
The show begins with "love changes everyting" sung by Alex (the main charecter) played wonderfully be micheal ball in this recording, this song sets the mood for the show , and is is one Helluva song!
I also like " the mermaid song" and "seeing is believing" those are wondeful pieces.
Let me clear up something..... ALEX IS NOT AN ANTAGONIST IN THIS SHOW it is clearly GEORGE , alex is just in a unfortunate position!
All in all 5 stars and I URGE you to get this recording ... but first check out "the complete aspects of love " from your local library and read the libretto , then get this you will not regret it !
Othor favorites By Webber that i think you will Like :
2 di 7 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
4.0 su 5 stelle Brilliant score is the silver lining for a terrible show 1 luglio 2001
Di Steve in CA - Pubblicato su
Formato: Audio CD Acquisto verificato
I saw the original London cast of Aspects many years ago. I predicted (rightly) that it would fail miserably on Broadway. The show had an improbable, ridiculous, morally bankrupt and otherwise disturbing plot that I never thought American audiences would tolerate.
The catch: the score is magical.
Andrew Lloyd Webber really created something special here. The musical themes create a musical fabric that ties the whole piece together. It is powerful and dramatic. Besides that, the music is just flat-out tuneful and enjoyable.
Be glad you never saw this turkey on the stage. Get this CD, and you'll get everything that was wonderful about Aspects.
26 di 27 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
Di Marijan Bosnar - Pubblicato su
Formato: Audio CD
When "Aspects of love" premiered in April 1989 in London, wide audiences knew Andrew Lloyd Webber mostly by his big blockbuster musicals such as "Cats", "The Phantom of the opera" or "Evita. After the "Phantom", the composer decided to try something new, much in the same way he has done with "Cats" in the early 80-is after he decided to part ways with his lyricist Tim Rice. As the basis for his next musical he chose David Garnett's short novel of the same title.

The plot involves various love triangles and is as close to a soap opera as you can get in a musical. We follow a 17 year-old Englishman Alex, who is in love with an older French actress Rose Videle. They end up in the Spanish villa that belongs to Alex's uncle George, an elderly painter and writer. George in turn has an ongoing affair with a younger Italian sculptress Giulietta. George finds Rose and Alex in the villa and after Alex is called to the army, George and Rose begin living together, which at first Alex finds impossible to accept. Giulietta and Rose become quite friends, there is even a hint of a lesbian relationship between them. Even so, George and Rose get married. Some time has passed and Alex is out of the army and is reunited with George, Rose and their 14 year-old daughter Jenny in their villa in France. Jenny falls in love with Alex, something that a very old George, now depended solely on Jenny's love cannot agree to. Alex is torn between Rose and Jenny and soon George dies. At his funeral Alex meets Giulietta and they are instantly drawn to one another. Alex leaves with her, although Rose pleaded him not to leave her alone.

As you can see, the plot isn't quite as simple as it might appear. For this project Lloyd Webber decided to use a much smaller, almost chamber orchestra, however, that isn't a drawback. This is his most romantic score and the orchestra fits it perfectly. The music itself is full of beautiful and intimate love melodies, especially when the orchestra takes the lead in its interludes; you can almost see the nature and the scenery of the plot. The most popular songs from this show are "Love changes everything" sung by Alex and "Anything but lonely" sung by Rose. Of course, there are other catchy tunes, my favorite being "Seeing is believing", a romantic duet between Alex and Rose; "The first man you remember", sung sweetly by George to his young daughter Jenny; "Mermaid song", a shy duet between Alex and Jenny and a big ensemble number with a notable drums sequence called "Hand me the wine and the dice". It's important to note, however, that many parts of this musical is dialogue that is sung instead of being spoken, and this is the main difference between Aspects and the big Webber shows. This means that Aspects isn't meant to be played as background music while one does the dishes or cleans the house. The best way to listen it, for the first time anyway, is with headphones and paying attention to the libretto. It probably won't grab you after the first listen; it needs a bit of an effort, but after a couple of times you'll grow to like it for sure. Don Black's lyrics remain pleasing as ever.

The casting was done very well. Michael Ball, who made his name as Marius in Les Miserables, plays Alex. As always, his voice is a gem by itself. He was a perfect choice. Ann Crumb as Rose and Kathleen Rowe McAllen as Giulietta have similar voices. Kevin Colson makes you think he IS George; his voice and pronunciation sounds exactly as an elderly English gentleman should.

One of the merits of this new release is the fact that the two main problems of the previous one have been rectified: the sound quality, which was awful on the 1989 release, is superb here; due to the fact the CDs are digitally remastered. Likewise, the new libretto comes with the normal-sized font, unlike the previous one, which should also have included a magnifying glass if it was meant to be read. The CDs are also neatly packed in a slip case.

Aspects of love may not be Lloyd Webber's best known work, but a true fan of his will certainly enjoy and appreciate it.
5.0 su 5 stelle Lloyd Webber's Most Sensitive to date 1 dicembre 1998
Di Un cliente - Pubblicato su
Formato: Audio CD
"Aspects" is Lloyd Webber's both, most humane and most human musical. It not only reveals the shortcomings and pitfalls of human emotions but also explores the possibilities of their occurences, making the listener understand and eventually forgive. The treatment of such delicate topics, i.e. incest (between Alex and Jenny), homosexual attraction (between Rose and Gullieta), was done in such a way that no other reason is valid but love, in its purest, simplest, barest, most natural form, no trappings of society morals and norms which we normally attach to it. This feat in itself is remarkable. The music reinforces the theme of the plot. It is almost hypnotic. The repeated bars played over and over again lend the musical the feeling of untrapment which the characters feel all through out the musical. As usual, Lloyd Webber never fails to deliver enduring melodies which stay with our subconscious long after the song is over. "Other Pleasures", "Anything But Lonely", "The Perfect Leading Lady", "She'd be far better off with you", "Love Changes Everything" --- all memorable. What I particularly like are the short interludes in between songs. This, for me, is one of the musical's strongest points. When Rose sings to Alex, "please understand I'm not in love with him..." or when Alex bursts in anger, singing, "I should have known where you were hiding...", these sung lines heighten the emotions being expressed by the characters because of the seemingly perfect match of words and melody. Perhaps "Aspects of Love" will always remain as one of Lloyd Webber's lesser known musicals but this definitely not suggests an inferiority to the others.

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