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Being Erica - Alles auf Anfang (Die komplette Staffel 2) [3 DVDs] [Edizione: Germania]

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Vor 6 Monaten war Ericas Leben ein Trümmerhaufen. Kein Job, keinen Freund und nicht ein Silberstreifen am Horizont. Bis sie den Therapeuten Dr. Tom kennenlernte. Dr. Tom forderte Erica heraus: Wenn sie ihr Leben zum Guten verändern wolle, könne er ihr helfen. Allerdings nur, wenn sie sich ihm gegenüber verpflichten würde. Ein Zurück gäbe es dann nicht mehr. Als junges Mädchen, aber in Vollbesitz ihres erwachsenen Verstandes fand sie sich plötzlich in ihrer eigenen Vergangenheit wieder und bekam die Chance ihres Lebens - falsche Entscheidungen von früher rückgängig zu machen. Erica ist intelligent, hübsch und verliebt ihr Leben scheint sich endlich zum Positiven zu wenden. Doch jetzt, da mit dem perfekten Freund und dem Beginn einer glänzenden Karriere auch die Familie wieder enger zusammenwächst, muss Erica wirklich noch weiter zur Therapie? Wird sie verstehen, wer ihr Schutzengel Dr. Tom wirklich ist und warum er ihr hilft? Dr. Tom kehrt zurück, um Erica mit weiteren Verfehlungen aus ihrer Vergangenheit zu konfrontieren... und mit ein paar seiner eigenen. Schon bald entdeckt sie, dass eine Reise nie zu Ende ist, wie weit man auch immer fährt.

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HASH(0x9d129ee8) su 5 stelle Communication 19 luglio 2011
Di Motoman - Pubblicato su
Erica gets into a fight with Ethan because he's not doing what she wants. Erica is afraid of becoming a spinster and she wants to speed up the dating game so they can get married. Ethan, on the other hand, thinks they're going too fast. Both are not willing to talk about their true feelings so they argue about something else instead. Dr Tom intervenes. He takes Erica back to her teenage years to a job she worked in summercamp with a guy named Malcolm. She got mad at Malcolm just like Ethan and she almost repeats the same mistake again. But she didn't. She learned that she was hiding her true feelings away from Ethan so she tells him what was really on her mind.

This is a cool episode. I really enjoy the great reveal that Malcolm is gay and he hid this from Erica when they were teenagers. I love the scene where both Erica and Ethan finally told each other what was on their minds rather than just hide it through anger and resentment.
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HASH(0x9d12a318) su 5 stelle Being Erica - great series! 14 novembre 2010
Di J. Ray - Pubblicato su
Acquisto verificato
Being Erica is a unique,out of the box, literate TV series. Many entries about it find it odd that an American TV network has not picked it up. I think Dr. Tom's quotes throughout the episodes would scare them off. It is on "Soap Net" (of all places!) in the US, but the episodes for this "fall" season do not start on Soap Net until April 2011. And this is Soap Net's last year of operation.Being Erica is not a soap opera, although it is serialized. It is not sci-fi, but features "time travel" on every episode. I almost gave this a 4 star rating due to the PAL version not including any extra features. If you do not need the PAL version I would go with the NTSC which has the extra features.
HASH(0x9d12a744) su 5 stelle Consequence Free Day 21 luglio 2011
Di Motoman - Pubblicato su
Erica is tired of following the rules of society. She doesn't understand why there are rules about being polite, being friendly, and not getting involved in someone's business. Dr Tom decides to help Erica understand these rules first hand. He lets her relive her day again consequence-free. Dr Tom lets her relive her day and do anything she wants without any consequences to her actions. Erica is thrilled and decides to paint the town red. She steels a car with her fellow patient Kai and do the things she always wanted to do like dancing at inappropriate places, telling people off, and speak what's on her mind knowing that it will hurt them. Although she can do anything she wants on this day, she learns that there are terrible consequences to her actions if it came true. She's enlightened.

There are many scenes that I realy like. I like the scene where she dances on a fountain and doesn't care how people will react. I like the scene were she tells her boss off. And I also like the scene where she decides to steel an expensive car with Kai and paint the town red. As always, Erin Karpluk's acting is great. I also like Sebastian Pigott's acting; he plays the character Kai.
HASH(0x9d12a09c) su 5 stelle Taking Risks For Your Own Sake 20 luglio 2011
Di Motoman - Pubblicato su
Erica's dream is to be an author of her own fiction book. Her boss wants her to quit her job and be an author of a sex book, an opportunity of a lifetime. Writing sex books isn't what Erica wanted but she feels pressured by co-workers and her friend, Jenny, to take the risk. Erica says yes then Dr Tom intervenes. Dr Tom takes her back to her graduate school days when she had a chance to teach in Taiwan with her friend, Jenny. She didn't go overseas the first time because she thought it was too risky, now she's taking the risk to find out what will happen to her. She learns that taking risks are healthy but only if the risks are right for you.

This entire episode is about peer pressure and not giving into them. I love how Erica contantly is manipulated by her friend, Jenny. I love the scenes where Jenny keeps telling Erica that she's a loser if she does't take outragous risks like herself. I also love the scene where Erica tells Jenny that she's not taking real risks because her outragous behaviors are self-destructive. Paula Brancati's performance as Jenny is superb; she made her character come alive.
HASH(0x9d12a714) su 5 stelle Keeping Secrets 22 luglio 2011
Di Motoman - Pubblicato su
Erica likes to help everyone in need but she doesn't know what to do when it comes to keeping secrets. Erica finds out that her boss's boyfriend is having an affair with a co-worker. She is torn between staying silent or telling the truth. Dr Tom intervenes. He takes her to her high school days when her goood friend Jenny was having an affair with a teacher. Jenny was acting strange and she didn't want anyone to know about the affair but Erica took the initiative. Erica reported the affair to the authorities. She learns that when it comes to secrets, you need to know what secrets are worth keeping and what needs to be told.

I like this episode because it allows more in-depth view of Erica's boss, Julianne. Until now, Julianne was characterized as a mean, self-centered, woman that only looks out for herself. This episode shows her more of a human being. I'm happy to see that the screenwriters, producers, and directors allow this character to evolve over time. Reagan Pasternak, who plays Julianne, is a good actor. Her good skills in acting show through.

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