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Daredevil 1 (Inglese) Copertina rigida – 28 feb 2007

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4,7 su 5 stelle 41 recensioni dagli USA

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Copertina rigida, 28 feb 2007
EUR 288,21 EUR 426,30
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Le recensioni clienti più utili su (beta) (Potrebbero essere presenti recensioni del programma "Early Reviewer Rewards") 4.7 su 5 stelle 41 recensioni
5 di 5 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
5.0 su 5 stelle A Fading Hero, A Fresh Voice in Comics, and a Run that Influenced a Generation 24 aprile 2015
Di PatriotSnake88 - Pubblicato su
Formato: Copertina rigida Acquisto verificato
Comics have a long and storied history ranging from celebrated to condemned, lauded to dismantled, loved to hated. Marvel in particular has characters that reach as far back in history as World War II, with Captain America fighting side-by-side with the Greatest Generation to combat Nazi tyranny and oppression. With the dawn of the 1960's, Marvel issued in its most well known and beloved characters, including Spider-Man, The Mighty Thor, The Incredible Hulk, The Fantastic Four, and a slew of other timeless characters. Amidst this parade of costume characters who were unlike anything that had come before, Stan Lee and Bill Everett introduced us to Matt Murdock, blind attorney, Catholic, born and raised in the mean streets of NYC's Hell's Kitchen, and his crime-fighting alter-ego, Daredevil.

A long bit of history as an introduction, I know, but here's what you need to understand, and why it relates to this book: when Daredevil first came about, it was during an explosion of creativity at Marvel that saw all these heroes explode on the scene. But while many thrived in the decade to come, by the late 1970's, Daredevil was on the verge of cancellation. The books weren't selling, and no one really cared about the character. It seemed "Ole Horn Head" was nearing his demise. Enter Frank Miller. Miller began as a penciller on DD, and within 10 issues, began writing the character, with the amazing Klaus Janson inking. What they did next revived the character, and left an imprint on comics that would last for decades to come.

What Miller and Janson did that I feel was most important was that they transitioned DD away from being a superhero book, into more of a neo-noir crime drama. Whereas before DD had battled costumed villians like Stilt-Man and The Owl, Miller brought Wilson Fisk, the notorious Kingpin of Crime, into the spotlight, as well as reinvigorating staple villain Bullseye, and formed one of the greatest hero-villain struggles in all of comics. Miller located Matt and his supporting cast almost exclusively in Hell's Kitchen, eliminating the need for Matt to battle all over NYC. The Avengers, Spider-Man, and others already had that covered. Matt was going to take care of Hell's Kitchen, the placed that made him who he is. This is important, as it changed DD's dynamic from a traditional superhero, into a devoted, sometimes violent guardian of several blocks in a sprawling city, a "backyard hero." This made Matt a character that was far more relatable and empathetic to readers. Very few of us go to save the world, but everybody understands the impulse to defend their home turf.

Miller's writing is great here. His senior efforts that made him a household name were still a ways off, and this is the voice of a growing artist, not a seasoned professional. Despite this, the dialogue is sharp, the scenarios well written and engaging, and the human drama is center stage. Miller had a vision when he assumed duties on DD, and he communicates it beautifully. I don't want to spoil things, but the continuous struggle that Matt endures, not only while combating the likes of Kingpin and Bullseye, is equaled in every way by his personal struggles amidst his love for Miller-created Elektra, Matt's lover turned master assassin, his vigilantism versus his oath to uphold the law, and his deep seeded guilt for his actions spurred by his Catholic beliefs versus his determination to right the wrongs in his city. Simply put, this is a story to rival any told not only in the comics medium, but any piece of fiction.

The artwork is good, though definitely a product of the 1970's. As comics have developed, the art has (mostly) gotten better, with advances in technology and, more importantly, the willingness of people to acknowledge comics as a valid medium, which in turn attracted better, more developed artists to the field. That said, Miller's pencils are tight, concentrated efforts that tell an excellent story through their visual punch. Action scenes, moments of quiet drama, and emotional explosions are all prevalent and portrayed as only Miller can. Klaus Janson, providing inks throughout and taking over pencils when Miller relinquished them to write full time, is awe inspiring, with crisp, powerful brush and pen work that adds the shadowy depth that would come to signify and define DD's world. To summarize: Miller made it plausible, Janson made it real.

As for the book itself, this is one of Marvel's finest compendiums. The book is your standard hardcover fair: reinforced, high quality paper, and very durable. It's packed with pencil and ink sketches, unused covers, an extensive interview with Miller and Janson, as well as introductions by both. Simply put, you're getting an absolute deal with this book.

Miller and Janson's work not only redefined and established DD as a powerhouse in comics, but laid the groundwork for Miller's future masterpieces, The Dark Knight Returns, Batman: Year One, Sin City, Ronin, and of course, his return to the character that made his fame with the acclaimed DD storyline, "Born Again," as well as his excellent collaboration with John Romita Jr. on the character, "Daredevil: The Man Without Fear." While Miller's work has definitely deteriorated in recent years (All Star Batman anyone?...), this is Miller, not quite at the peak of his powers, but confident and aggressive in bringing a unique voice to a unique character. After finishing this, I would also recommend the aforementioned DD titles, "Born Again," and "The Man Without Fear." If you still can't get enough DD, check out Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleevs' run on the title (collected in three TPBs as The Ultimate Collection series) as well as Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark's run (also in the Ultimate Collection series). This is an amazing book, with an amazing story, with a hero who doesn't always win, but never gives up. I encourage you to dive right into Hell's Kitchen and follow Murdock and Co. through some of the best stories that comics, and fiction at large, have ever produced. Be sure you bring plenty of gauze and a steel baton. You'll need them.
5 di 5 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
5.0 su 5 stelle Must 27 aprile 2016
Di Magnus Magnusson - Pubblicato su
Formato: Copertina rigida Acquisto verificato
Just a must to have in your collection!
1 di 1 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
5.0 su 5 stelle Still Outstanding after all these years! 4 agosto 2014
Di MONTE M. - Pubblicato su
Formato: Copertina rigida Acquisto verificato
Amazing! These stories just get better and better with time. The 1st few issues in this arc are ok, but right around 163 it really begins to take off. The artwork is still amazing even after all these years. Miller & Janson were firing on all cycliners at this time. As a big Miller fan, I can still honestly say that his work with Janson on DD is his best accomplishment, IMHO. The works featured in this Omnibus showcase Miller (& Janson for that matter) at the height of his power! These 2 poured everything they had into these characters & stories &it clearly shows. This is mandatory reading for anyone who wants to see a creative team thats truly "En Fuego", all on the same page & fully invested in their work!! As far as the Omnibus itself, it is top notch! Beautiful cover, strong sewn binding & excellent paper stock. No surprises here for anyone who owns a Marvel Omnibus produced in the last 4 years or so. They do not mess around with these collections. It is a high quality product that will provide a lifetime of enjoyment.
2 di 2 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
4.0 su 5 stelle Great omnibus, starts off slow but it delivers an awesome story line! 17 gennaio 2015
Di LCWainwright - Pubblicato su
Formato: Copertina rigida Acquisto verificato
Great Omnibus! I had never read anything about daredevil and honestly was not a fan before but had heard many great things about Miller's run so i decided to take the plunge. Initially I was somewhat disappointed as the story line starts fairly slow and seemingly is nothing more than an issue by issue comic run, however about a third of the way through, Miller's run begins to pick up steam and really never turns back. Some of the art I'm not wild about, but overall a well drawn and colored run. The cover and extras are exceptional. Definitely pleased with the purchase and would recommend it to anyone, diehard fan or newbie.
4 di 5 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
5.0 su 5 stelle A Nearly Complete Collection 14 dicembre 2014
Di Henry Kaye - Pubblicato su
Formato: Copertina rigida Acquisto verificato
Any comics fan will love this collection. These are classic stories that popularized a new way of text interacting with visuals to create an engrossing, unique, experience. The entire book tells a tight, character-driven story that completely re-defined the character of Daredevil and created an archetype that writers for other superhero comics have tried to copy ever since. The quality of the collection itself is superb. The binding is sewn, the print quality is great, and the colors pop in a way that these comics haven't seen before. The only downside is that it doesn't include the rest of Miller's work on the character when it could have easily been included. Man Without Fear and Born Again are unfortunately absent, so Miller's BEST work needs to be bought separately. If this is your first time reading Daredevil, I encourage you to read Man Without Fear before you read this story. There is a retelling of his origin in this collection, but it's nowhere near as well-constructed and character-defining as MWF. After reading MWF and this collection, be sure to read Born Again, since it's one of the greatest comics ever written.

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