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Digital Camera Fujifilm FinePix X100

5.0 su 5 stelle 3 recensioni clienti

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  • Dimensioni e/o peso: 12,6 x 5,4 x 7,4 cm ; 445 g
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  • Numero modello articolo: X100
  • ASIN: B0043RS864
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L'ho acquistata un anno abbondante fa in un negozio di Genova, e mi ha sempre servito fedelmente senza mai deludermi, tanto che spesso la preferisco anche alla mia reflex (K-7). Il mirino ibrido di cui dispone, unico nel suo genere, è sensazionale.
Naturalmente viste le sue limitazioni (per esempio obiettivo fisso non intercambiabile e scrittura lenta su scheda SD) è una macchina da acquistare consapevolmente, non la consiglierei a principianti.
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Ottima macchina acquistata un anno esatto fa! Meravigliosa, ha il mirino ibrido e la lente fissa ti da la possibilità di fotografare come una volta, pensando prima di scattare. Se vi piace la foto di strada o i ritratti è meravigliosa.
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Di peste il 23 aprile 2014
Una macchina semplicemente fantastica!! Raggiunge qualità di immagine superlative a tutte le aperture, mentre chiudendo un pò il diaframma tocca vette insuperabili! L'affianco ad una Canon 5D MkII, che viene regolarmente battuta in qualità e definizione da questa piccola macchina, che con le dovute cautele mi azzardo a paragonare a macchine ben più blasonate e costose (i.e. Leica M8/9). Veloce, pratica, silenziosa e discreta è eccezionale nei ritratti e street photo, mentre nei paesaggi restituisce scatti con colori e definizione da paura! Unico consiglio (come già detto da qualcun'altro): NON adatta a principianti! Necessita di un pò di pratica per utilizzarla al 100%, ma non la cambierei per nessun motivo!!!
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5.0 su 5 stelle Get used to it. It's worth it. IQ will make you tremble. 21 gennaio 2012
Di M Greene - Pubblicato su
Acquisto verificato
First, a little about me and why I chose this camera.

I've been a street shooter for 34 years. Went to SVA and studied with Lisette Model at the New School.
Worked as a custom printer and assistant for many photographers in NYC and printed for Modernage and
Berkey K&L.... which is a long way to say, I know film.

I have owned several digital cameras and still shoot 120 film with a Yashica.

I read everything there was to read about the X100. Last year a week after it was announced I started selling my
Lumix GF1, EVF and lenses. The Lumix was just not intuitive for me as a street shooter. I also felt like
I was going to break it. Shooting with Nikon F2's and F3's one gets used to feeling like you could use it
as a weapon if needed. Not so with small plastic feeling cameras.

The X100 has the only things I want or need. Shutter, aperture and focus. Give me a decent meter and I'm set.
I like the fact that the X100 has done away with the nice but unnecessary Program modes. The controls are real metal
knobs. The build quality is like a good film camera. If you hit yourself in the head with it, it's going to hurt.

Image quality:
You have to see it to believe it. I always liked to shoot RAW but the JPEG quality will blow your doors off.
I see no reason to shoot RAW with this camera. The lens is sharp and fast (f2.0). It is matched to the sensor.
The image quality will make you weep.

The built in flash does the best fill flash I have ever done. Your mileage may vary but I doubt it. Read the
review of this camera at Ken Rockwell's website.

Regarding video:
If I wanted to shoot video I would bring a video camera. It's 720p, looks nice but it's not an $80k Ikegami. If I want
to shoot video, my phone does that just swell.

The quirks that I had read about:
The manual focus is fly by wire and very slow. What can you do? You spend 15 minutes learning how the camera
auto focuses and you use it.

Focus is slow, writes to the card are slow, start up time is slow. I didn't find any of these things to the extent that I had read about. If I hadn't read these things, I would not have even thought about them. If you know what you shoot and how you shoot and you actually go out and make lots of images, any camera becomes intuitive. The photographers brain is the most important part of the image flow process.... you learn to use the tool and then you don't have to think about it.

Menu structure:
It's not a Canon or Nikon or Lumix... it's an X100. Some say the menus are not intuitive and difficult to navigate.
You figure it out and use it. After a while you don't have to figure it out.

Non-Interchangeable lens:
It's a 35mm equivalent. The only 2 lenses that I ever use are 28 and 35mm so once again a non issue for me.

Funky filter issue, lens cap and lens shade:
Yeah the filter ring thing is kind of stupid but once you do what you need, it's not. I purchased an aftermarket
lens shade which was 110.00 less than the Fuji. Makes the camera look more like a Leica but I end up taking it off
most of the time. The lens cap is metal, very high quality and you will lose it. I've read some negativeness about this inexpensive lens hood being loose (JJC from A&R). So far no problem... and think about it, if it is so tight that when it takes an impact it translates the force right to the lens barrel that's not good either. It should be like a break away mirror on a motorcycle (BMW only I know or owned) meant to hold until the force begins to exceed the point of doing damage to the more expensive parts and then pops off. Anyway..
the hood and filter mount are fine unless you are going to be using it as a hammer.

Battery life:
300-400 exposures. I purchased two after market batteries for 9.00 each. They last as long, are 45.00 cheaper than the Fuji
batteries and they haven't set the camera on fire. Hey, when you had to reload after 36 exposures, that was something to bitch about. Only then you didn't know to bitch about it.

Battery charger:
There is a little plastic piece which holds the battery in place in the charger. Many have complained that it is easy to lose. Two words - Crazy Glue.

In conclusion, some people like to talk about their camera. Some like to wear them out. This camera is for the latter.
If Eugene Smith were alive, this is the digital camera he would use. If you don't know who Eugene Smith is, shame on you.
I have a Nikon D100 that my brother gave me when I had no digital camera at all (He also gave me the Yashica Mat)and the D100 does it's thing very well too. The X100 is just a different tool. These are tools, not jewels. If you want to sit around and talk about your camera and find yourself doing that more than using it, well that's a different kind of tool.

One other thing... I purchased the 8 gig Eye-Fi card. It transfers images to the 8 gig sd on my Android phone. It works. Very cool to have a backup made while you are shooting. It will use your battery though.
5.0 su 5 stelle Zoom with Your Feet 20 gennaio 2016
Di fair review - Pubblicato su
Acquisto verificato
There's something about his old school view-finder digicam that is habit forming.

It's smaller than DSLRs, and even many, if not most, mirrorless cameras. If you're focused on taking pictures and not so much the equipment, this camera soon becomes part of you. The old school dials and buttons are great relief from fiddling with layer upon layer of menus.

Fuji has continuously updated this camera's firmware, even though it has been out of production for many years. I understand the firmware was pretty much a non-starter when first launched, but is now able to take advantage of the camera's features in basically unanticipated ways. One of the only foibles left is the slow speed in recording images to the SD card. If you're used to how fast DSLRs can record images, this will take getting used to. The other glaring weakness is videos. But if you are a careful, deliberate still image shooter, none of this really matters, does it?

People love and admire this camera. I am asked about it frequently. For those unaware of Fujifilm's expertise in designing and manufacturing broadcast and other professional lenses, the 32mm (equivalent) F2.0 lens can produce unexpectedly great images for the right owner, even at high sensibilities. I pretty much always set the auto ISO to 3200 maximum, and frankly don't worry about noise at reasonable print sizes. I understand high sensitive images can be a vulnerability for other rangefinder cameras, even elite ones.

I understand some of the early production models have had problems with some of the hardware, so please do your research before shopping for one of these. I bought a used one from a supposedly trouble-free batch at Amazon, at a small fraction of the original $1,000+ cost, and didn't expect to be so draw to using it basically exclusively.

One more thing -- the fill flash is remarkable in getting the exposure right, in lots of different situations. I know some owners who basically leave the flash on. Fuji really got the fill flash right, but it is weak thought, so if you need something with a little more reach or need bounced flash, a hot shoe flash is probably required.

If you have one of these, it can become addictive. Zoom? No zoom I'm afraid. You may have to use your feet.
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3.0 su 5 stelle Great Picture Quality, Awesome Construction But Poor Button Design and Slow as Hell. 18 maggio 2015
Di Frank McKenna - Pubblicato su
Acquisto verificato
I spent a lot of time researching small portable cameras to use a carry around camera for street photography and something low key to carry around at events. I use nice cameras that are really fast so I was pretty disappointed when I started using this camera.

Firstly- the navigation using the buttons is horrible. It's almost impossible to avoid hitting the wrong button they way that they have set it up.

Second -The focus is incredibly slow and unless you going into full manual mode it hardly seems to work for street photography. If you're ready to wait a few seconds for the camera to dial in the auto-focus than it will not be a problem but if you're trying to take pictures of anything moving, good luck.

This camera is beautiful and the picture quality cannot be argued however it's highly, highly overrated.
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5.0 su 5 stelle Idea of a smaller camera with a fixed lens and great image quality was sounding great 13 marzo 2015
Di Sang Hoon An - Pubblicato su
Acquisto verificato
Just to give a little back ground info, I am not a professional photographer or even an experienced enthusiast. I bought my first semi-serious camera when my daughter was born about 6 years ago and that was a Canon XSi. Other than using a couple of difference lenses, I was basically using it as a point and shoot. As I was getting more interested in photography, I learned about this camera. Read an interesting review from and his comparison of X100 and Leica X1. I was getting to the point where I stop carrying my Canon around because it was just heavy and cumbersome. Idea of a smaller camera with a fixed lens and great image quality was sounding great. I was using my 50mm fixed focal length lens on my canon anyways so idea of fixed lens didn't bother me much. I got this camera through Amazaon and I was stunned. This is a beautifully built camera and image quality was stunning. View finder is fantastic. Optical view had issue not focusing on the center but once I figured out that it focuses on the lower left corner of the the box, it was not an issue anymore. I found it much easier to shoot manual mode with this camera compared to my old Canon since all but ISO can be changed by using the dials. And I found myself shooting in manual mode most of the time to reduce lag and I became very comfortable quickly figuring out the necessary manual setting for each light conditions. Its hard to elaborate but I feel I learned more about photography in one year of using this camera vs my old DSLR. Auto focusing definitely cannot compare to a DSLR but its livable. After the firmware update it did improve but still miles behind DSLRs. Start up speed and write speed can be dramaticaliy improved with faster memory cards. This is not a camera you would buy for its usability and versatility. But for the beautiful image quality.
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5.0 su 5 stelle Extra dynamic range, sharp, great in low light, F2.0. Mood changer 21 novembre 2011
Di Patrick French - Pubblicato su
Acquisto verificato
In short this is a "restore everything you loved about film" camera, and then some. In many ways it matches the human visual system's characteristic in high contrast and low light scenes.

Those who love working a 35 or 50mm prime lens will have a blast with this. Those without will learn to work more creatively.

After having this for a couple of weeks, I am very impressed with the photos this camera takes. It has a nice F2.0 lens (fixed, 35mm equivalent) and is obviously very retro in style. I like they way the viewfinder senses you putting your eye up to the camera and puts the EVF up (and can also go all-optical in the rangefinder viewer)

What I like:
* has a 400% dynamic range setting which does a very good job of preventing blowouts in the highlights and shadows. This has to be seen to be believed, but it reminds me very much of the dynamic range of color film, which I have greatly missed.
* Good pics even at ISO 12,000! The x100 at 6400 has less noise than my Nikon at 800. You can shoot handheld in moonlight.
* I almost never use flash, but this little camera does it right, faces look warm and never blow out.
* The manual controls and auto-ISO. Get things set the way you like and start shooting.
* really low latency (instant?) on rear-screen and electronic viewfinder. Also a rangefinder style all-optical path.
* much lighter than my SLR, but same or better picture quality at 35mm

What I use it for:
* Indoor/Outdoor candid photos in low light
* High contrast shots, dynamic range abilities must be seen to be believed. This camera reliably captures at least 12 stops.
* a dedicated exposure compensation dial
* walkabout. lens is tack sharp. Use your feet to zoom
* "sweeping panorama" shots are good enough in a pinch to replace a 17mm wide angle shot
* Intentional shooting, where you know what you want in the image and how to compose the shot, this camera will capture a sharp image with great dynamic range, like color or B&W film have been doing for a hundred years.

What I don't like:
* macro mode should be automatic, the threshold between requiring macro (which does 10cm) and normal close focus is about arms-length. When you're close its annoying to have to switch as you see it focus-hunt.
* menu system is a little unwieldy, but 3 sets of custom settings help.

This is a fantastic "second camera" for the semi-pro. I find myself grabbing it on the way out the door, much more often than I was willing to lug around my SLR. It's much quieter and its very athletic in controlling both low-light and high dynamic range situations.