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Doc martin, saison 1 [Edizione: Francia]

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Intégrale saison 1 (6 x 52 minutes) :
1-1. Bienvenue à Port Garrec
1-2. Trop, c'est trop !
1-3. Mon ami Jean-Pierre
1-4. Amour de jeunesse
1-5. Le grand mal
1-6. En vous souhaitant !


Martin Le Foll chirurgien brillant et reconnu, découvre brusquement qu'il a la phobie du sang. Un an plus tard il s'installe comme simple médecin dans un petit port breton, Port-Garrec. Son comportement rigide et parfois surprenant ne facilite pas les rapports avec la population très spéciale du bourg. Ici chacun dit ce qu'il pense, chacun à des convictions et y tient. Doc Martin aussi. La cohabitation ne va pas être de tout repos...

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5.0 su 5 stelle Brilliant! A must-watch! 21 giugno 2008
Di phantomfan - Pubblicato su
Formato: DVD Acquisto verificato
I absolutely LOVED this series. I had heard Martin compared with House, and I think that's a bit unfair, albeit understandable. However, I prefer to think of him as a strange cross between House and James Harriot. Although James was just nice, nice, nice (ad nauseum), the situations in which they find themselves are really very similar - close-knit countryside full of bizarre natives with bizarre rituals. In personality he is much more like House, with one huge difference: House is a rude, insensitive jerk simply because he enjoys it, while Martin, not a jerk at all, frequently acts like one because he doesn't seem to know any better. Like House, Martin's dry, deadpan comebacks are hilarious.

Each episode of Season 1 is better than the one before, culminating in an ending so funny I think I had tears in my eyes. He just never learns, does he?

I still can't quite put my finger on what makes Martin so charming, since I'm not sure I would enjoy knowing him in person. Probably (and due in large part to the brilliant Martin Clunes) it is because he is so very real, and you can't help but identify with his out-of-place, misunderstood persona. Haven't we all been there?

Simply a brilliant show - extremely funny, while taking itself seriously.

Can't wait for Season 2!
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5.0 su 5 stelle "That's Dr. Ellingham, if you please, and what's all this moaning about a little diarrhea?" 30 agosto 2009
Di C. O. DeRiemer - Pubblicato su
Formato: DVD Acquisto verificato
Curmudgeons, if blessed with good writers, can be satisfying house guests. They're irascible, oblivious, often insulting (sometimes unintentionally), but usually with a hint of endearing rehabilitation. Dr. Martin Ellingham, formerly a top-rank London surgeon who now practices general medicine in the Cornish town of Portwenn, not only has first-rate writers, he's blessed by having as his impersonator the actor Martin Clunes.

Dr. Ellingham ("Martin or Dr. Ellingham, please. Not `Doc Martin!'"), during one simple operation, found himself overwhelmed and unable to continue. The sight of blood suddenly sickened him, not a good thing for a surgeon. It stopped his career cold. He retrained and accepted the job of Portwenn's GP, far away from London and from the people who'd learned of his phobia.

But Doc Mar...Dr. Ellingham...seems to have a gene missing in his make-up. He is all too frank, oblivious to human courtesies, awkward, means well but has one of the worst bed-side manners in miles. If you're a young boy who has sprained an arm, an elderly gentleman whose wife is using too much hormone cream, a well-intentioned busy-body who stops by for tea or a cancer patient, don't expect much from the doctor by way of chit chat or hand holding. Even with an actor as good as Clunes, this could be a tiresome one-joke premise, except that Portwenn has a classic collection of idiosyncratic residents, all played by some skilled British actors. There's Doc Martin's aunt, Joan Norton, played by the fine Stephanie Cole, so good in Waiting for God. Joan is an elderly, brisk, no-nonsense woman (wise, too, of course) who wrings a chicken's neck to prepare it for dinner. She lives by herself competently on her farm. There's Bert Large, played by the equally fine Ian McNeice. Bert is Portwenn's handyman and plumber. He's a short man so fat he prefers to give the orders while he sits and trains his son to do all the work. There's the town's policeman who is big, competent, young, shy and concerned about...ah...size. The town's schoolteacher, who cannot understand how Doc Martin can be so obtuse, is about Doc Martin's age, not married and... we'll have to see. Maybe something will happen in season two. It certainly didn't look like romance when, at the end of season one, Doc Martin helpfully mentions to her the possible causes of bad breath right after she unexpectedly kisses him, something he was too ill at ease to initiate himself. There's an assortment of small town biddies, blokes and giggling teenager girls who all love a bit of gossip. Periodically showing up for one-time parts are such established actors as Richard Johnson, Celia Imrie and John Alderton.

Doc Martin finds that in Portwenn he has to deal with human nature as often as he has to deal with diarrhea. But with human nature he hasn't a clue. Still, when he suspects something is wrong with a patient, he's not only usually right but he'll do whatever it takes whoever he offends to get good care for the person. Because the quality of the wring is so high, the installments are amusing and satisfying. Good actors make Portwenn's residents more like odd but possibly real people than the usual cut-out yokels. Portwenn itself is a star, too. The town is right on the Cornish coast, picturesque as all get out, with a friendly pub, sea air and easy jaunts down country roads to some beautiful scenery.

Most of all is Martin Clunes as Dr. Ellingham. Clunes is a big man with a large head, large ears and a wide mouth. He's not handsome. Clunes, however, is a fine actor who can dominate a scene. He also can effortlessly project cluelessness, umbrage and impatience...and do so while he also makes us realize Doc Martin is almost an innocent when it comes to human interactions.

Doc Martin is superior entertainment. Season one consists of six episodes totaling 280 minutes on two DVD discs. The video/audio transfer is excellent.
43 di 44 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
5.0 su 5 stelle The Best Television Series Ever! 21 luglio 2011
Di Maui Bob - Pubblicato su
I have watched the 31 episodes of the "Doc Martin" television series five times. It has the best casting, the best acting, and the best story line of any television series I have ever seen. The series is filmed, in the summertime, in the real village of Port Isaac, in Cornwall, England. They have renamed the town Port Wenn, and this locale is a top contributor to the lovability of this series.

This series is about two people in search of love and happiness: Doctor Martin Ellingham, an arrogant chief surgeon from London, and a local elementary school teacher Louisa Glasson, who will soon be a middle aged old maid school teacher. They both have never found success in "love." Martin, forced to leave his powerful position as chief of vascular surgery in London because of a sudden onset of panic attacks at the sight of blood, applies for the position as GP in Port Wenn, a village near his fraternal aunt's farm, where he spent summers as a child. He meets Louisa on his flight to Cornwall, to be interviewed by the committee that will hire him. Lousia is the "lay" representative from Port Wenn. Their meeting gets off to a bad start for both, but they both come away from that initial meeting puzzled and not understanding their feelings for each other. As the series progresses, their interaction stirs emotions and sexual tension. Martin Clunes stars as Doc Martin, and Carolyn Catz stars as Louisa Glasson.

Running side by side with the "love story" is Doc Martin's trials and tribulations with the locals and their quirky problems and ways. More than any series I've ever watched, the top quality filming of these episodes leaves you with a feeling that you are an invisible observer wandering about the village observing its life, and chiefly the day's activities of Martin Ellingham. I sincerely hope they continue this series, as has been rumored. P.S. And you can understand every word spoken by the cast, in contrast to much of television in the UK. (Try understanding the long running series "All Creatures Great and Small"; the books were great, the TV show was obviously for local Brits, only.)
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5.0 su 5 stelle Just simple, enjoyable and lovable 5 marzo 2011
Di CM - Pubblicato su
This show is a must see. Doc Martin is little bit House, little bit ER, little bit Little House on the Prairie, and just overall just an enjoyable show that is about a simple life with some complicated situations. I just love the scenery and jealous of that small, harbor town life where its all about everyone getting along. No malls, No WalMarts, No Chili's, no commercialism what so ever. No gang bangers, CSI murders or over the top court cases. If there is an issue, you deal with it as adults. Love some of the characters... and oh by the way... no drop dead gorgeous actors either with Gucci purses and designer pumps while investigating a crime scene. I can relate to alot of these people day to day.
48 di 53 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
5.0 su 5 stelle a sparkling escape 20 settembre 2007
Di Anna S. - Pubblicato su
Formato: DVD
Quirky characters, idealized village life sophisticates escaping the rat race. A welcome series in the tradition of Monarch of the Glen and Northern Exposure...more oddball comedy than soap like the latter.

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