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EVGA GTX980 Scheda Video 4GB, Nero

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  • 04G-P4-2981-KR

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Questo articolo EVGA GTX980 Scheda Video 4GB, Nero
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Prezzo Non disponibile EUR 44,57 EUR 590,84 EUR 325,90 EUR 422,99 EUR 445,55
Spedizione Spedizione GRATUITA Spedizione GRATUITA Spedizione GRATUITA Spedizione GRATUITA Spedizione GRATUITA
Venduto da
Velocità processore grafico 1.126 810 1.291 MHz 1.228 MHz 1.178 MHz 1.304 MHz
Interfaccia scheda grafica PCI-E; PCI-E PCI-E PCI-E PCI-E PCI-E PCI-E
Coprocessore grafico GeForce GTX 980 GeForce GT 610 GeForce GTX 980 GeForce GTX 980 GeForce GTX 970 GeForce GTX 960
Dimensione ram 1 GB 2.048
Tecnologia ram grafica DDR5 SDRAM DDR3 SDRAM GDDR5 GDDR5 GDDR5 GDDR5
Dimensioni articolo 3,81 x 26,67 x 10,92 Centimetri 2,54 x 14,48 x 11,13 Centimetri 24,99 x 40 x 5,99 Centimetri 25 x 40 x 6 Centimetri 25 x 40 x 6 Centimetri 11,4 x 29,5 x 4,3 Centimetri
Velocità memoria 7.010 MHz 1.000 MHz 7.010 MHz 7.000 MHz 7.010 MHz 7.010 MHz
Interfaccia di uscita video HDMI version:2.0; HDMI (1); DVI-I (1) HDMI version:1.4a; HDMI (1); DVI (1); HDMI: Y; DVI-I (1) HDMI version:1.4; HDMI (1); DVI-I (1); DVI-D (1) DVI-I (1); DVI-D (1); HDMI (1) HDMI, DVI-D, DVI-I HDMI (1); DVI-I (1); DVI-D (1)

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Specifiche prodotto
serieGeForce GTX 980 Gaming ACX 2.0 4GB
Peso articolo1,4 Kg
Dimensioni prodotto26,7 x 3,8 x 10,9 cm
Numero modello articolo04G-P4-2981-KR
Velocità processore1126 MHz
Coprocessore graficoGeForce GTX 980
Descrizione scheda graficaNvidia GeForce GTX 980
Tipo memoria scheda graficaDDR5 SDRAM
Interfaccia scheda graficaPCI-E
Numero di porte HDMI1
Wattaggio165 watt
Ulteriori informazioni
Posizione nella classifica Bestseller di Amazon n. 203.172 in Informatica (Visualizza i Top 100)
Peso di spedizione1,3 Kg
Restrizioni di spedizioneQuesto articolo è disponibile per l'esportazione in paesi selezionati al di fuori dell'Unione Europea.
Disponibile su a partire dal22 ottobre 2014
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EVGA GTX980 Scheda Video 4GB, Nero

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5.0 su 5 stelle My journey to the GTX980 18 febbraio 2015
Di JustAnotherGuy - Pubblicato su
Acquisto verificato
I'm a conservative gamer. I even prefer to play with a controller. Hey, I grew up a console kid, no judgments from the PC Master Race. That being said, I was slow to join the darkside, but I have a lot of tech knowledge, so to not build my own gaming rig didn't make sense.

So I finally decided instead of getting a PS4 (I actually did end up getting a PS4 for xmas, but I never use it), I would build a gaming rig. I started with an R9-280, but it couldn't quite keep up with me, so I tried the R9-290. It was a good card, but it liked to run hot, and I felt like the performance was not as strong as it should be. I considered the R9-290x, but it wasn't enough of a boost to justify the change. I also considered the R9-295x.

The problem with the R9-295x is it's basically a crossfired card. The problem with crossfire (I tried it with 2 r9-290s), is it gives terrible micro stuttering (and BSOD too!). I can't abide micro stuttering or tearing at all. It's like nails on a chalkboard to me.

After looking far and wide for the strongest single GPU card, all the benchmarks led me here, to the GTX980. The only problem is the price is a little high. Okay, it's a lot high, so I was expecting a lot of performance per buck. I did some initial benchmarking with the card against the R9290, and I was surprised at how well... the r9-290 kept up. I actually wanted the GTX980 to destroy the R9-290. After all, the R9-290 is at a price point of around $250 to $300 bucks. So the GTX980 being twice as much at $550, I expected twice as much power. Not so.

That is not to say the GTX980 is not an amazing card. It is. And it is certainly better than the R9-290, but it is not incredibly, unbelievably better. It's about... 20% better. But where this card really shines is in a few different places.

First, power usage and heat output. This card is probably 33% cooler than an AMD card, and that's a big plus. It means I don't have to worry about it overheating and can just get my game on.

Second, I have also found it handles memory better, especially with games with high textures, like modding some games to death with 4k textures. It doesn't complain about it like a little girl. (i.e. crashing or black textures)

Third, and most importantly, it runs much smoother than the R9290. This is a measurement that you don't see on benchmarks, but this card just gives consistent performance. And what I'm referring to here is dropping frames. You can run through a crowded street, and maybe your FPS will drop, but it does so consistently. 60...55...50...45...50...55...60. With the R9290, it's like 60...10...40...50...30...10...60. It jumps all over the map! It's annoying. But the GTX980 is just smooth.

All and all, this is a 5 Star card, and I would buy it again. But to be fair, check your expectations at the door, and if you want something with similar performance but for a whole lot less, wander over the AMD camp. They have cookies. Nvidia has the cake :P

PS Thumbs up for EVGA quality too!
159 di 169 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
5.0 su 5 stelle An appropriate upgrade over the previous generation 10 ottobre 2014
Di LRic - Pubblicato su
Pre-face: I received my card from, 2 weeks ago, I used a $20 coupon So I did get the card for $560 plus no taxes and the card has given me no problems whatsoever. I purchased this card to give my release day EVGA STOCK GTX 780 a rest in my wife's PC, who's more of a casual gamer. The GTX 970/980 cards use less energy than the 7th GEN ones and the lower power consumption should save me a couple of bucks over the next couple of years. A noticeable improvement this gen is that these cards come with HDMI 2.0 and 3 Display-Ports all capable of 4K resolution. Meaning for me that I can finally have all 3 of my 1440P monitors connected on one card. This was possible before but only through adapters or very select cards. I'm currently using 2 Dell U2713HM, 1440P Monitors at 75 Hz and 1 QNIX DVI-D monitor at 120 Hertz. The QNIX is my main monitor for twitch shooters and FPS games as well as my preferred Sim Racing monitor, while the other two monitors I obtained via work and are amazing for color reproduction and Surround screen gaming.

Noise/ACX 2: These cards are quiet running at 43-55 db at 40-100% fan use at 12" inches away from the monitoring sensor (or your face). Mine has no noticeable Coil-Whine that plagued past gen cards. I looked at the fans and thought about the fact that they where backwards which made wonder if I'd have to readjust my Push-Pull configuration, but then I research ACX 2 and I'm an idiot, the fans are fine they actually rotate the opposite way to create negative pressure around the cooler, basically what this means is that it does the same as if they where traditional ACX, it just cools a different way. I don't have and ACX card to compared to but forums seem to be saying the ACX 2 are slightly quieter, again take that with some salt but give it some thought.

Temperatures: My card stays cooler than my old EVGA Stock GTX 780 at above 80% and it stays even more cooler at lower consumption. The card has yet to reach 70 C on my Push-Pull configuration with 2 fans directly shooting air at it from above. The actual noise levels of the card at max usage are actually below that of the 2 Corsair 120mm fans at 80% (62 db) hitting the card, so no complaints there. Temperatures when bench-marking usually hit 63-65C, while idle they would hover 29-33 C. My ambient room temperature is 22 C (72F).

Performance: Using my preferred bench-marking tool, Unigine Valley this card achieves an average of 70 FPS and a score of 2930 on the Extreme HD preset at 1080P, this is roughly an increase of 18% from my Stock EVGA 780. Not a large gap up but definitely worth an upgrade if gaming is your thing.

Over-clocking: I always run my cards OC with no side effects but be aware over clocking can vary depending on the card you receive and can even damage your card if done irresponsibly. My own card can be OC an additional 134 MHz to the core and 550 MHz to the memory without increasing the voltage or worrying about any serious OC side effects. This puts my card at a healthy 1665 MHz core clock. Now with that said and with the OC my card has improved my FPS on 1440P by an average of 10 FPS from my Stock GTX 780 on Skyrim 240+ MODS so I'm now at a stable 60 FPS which is nice. In BF4 it has improved my FPS by an average of 12 FPS and in Metro: Last Light it bumped me up by 18 FPS. What I did notice most about the card is that the higher the resolution you play on the better it performs relatively. What I mean is a 1080P game doesn't see a big step up from a GTX 780 but a 1440P game and a 4k game really does! We're speaking approximately 30FPS at 4K with just ultra and 4xMSAA. My results for my OC on Unigine valley benchmark at the same settings is 73.7 FPS and a score of 3223. Which is an appropriate increase for the slight OC on the card, over the factory default OC.

Conclusion: Overall I would recommend the GTX 980 only for higher resolutions or if it's a major upgrade from your old card. I'm happy as can be and am glad I got one before it was price jacked by re-sellers. I did fix this review up quite a bit since the original formatting was messy and even updated some values for you guys and I hope it helps those looking to make a decision on these cards. Good luck to you and feel free to ask me any questions I'll try to answer as best as I can.

CON: The only cons I would list are the fact that these cards currently have 3 Display-Ports. 1 HDMI 2.0 and 1 DVI-D port. If I had my ways I would have one or two of those Display-ports made into additional DVI-D's or HDMI 2.0's. Which would be much more useful for multi-display set ups, especially in the coming 4K days. The other con is the price since for about $200 less you can buy a GTX 970 which is 75% the beast this card is with almost identical features, however this is a non-problem if money isn't an issue or if you intend to reward yourself with this card. No Back plate are included with these cards so water cooling isn't an option. All in all though I'd rate this version of the GTX 980 SC a 93/100, since it's a great product with an awesomely backed warranty and company behind it.

Edit 3-Month mark:
I want to point out that after all this time the card has been a champ. It runs Dragon Age Inquisition at ~60 FPS with everything on max at 1440P, as well as a lot of other recent AAA games. I can't max out a few games though at 1440P (Mostly Racing Sims), but they still run just fine without MSAA at 4x. The performance could have seen a bigger boost this generation but it may simply be lazy optimization by game developers as of late due to console ports, coupled on.

As for its first dusting session I would like to say that my usual temperatures where 72-75C on benchmarks before dusting. This seems a little high for only 3 months of dust (10 C increase). After thoroughly dusting it the temperatures went back to ~68C now which is still a little high compared to the original ~64 C it was getting, I wonder if there was a hidden NVIDIA update that affected the default fan speeds. Regardless it's still nowhere near 80-90 C so I'm not going to worry about it to be honest.

Everything considered I stand by my original rating. Also for those worried that I might be a paid review, check my Review history first (Not much there even though I joined in 2007, hunh?) and then direct me to where I may collect these magical checks please.
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5.0 su 5 stelle Very high performance 2 dicembre 2014
Di Harryliang - Pubblicato su
Acquisto verificato
Very high performance, gtx980 perfect run Assassin's Creed UNITY, and Farcry4, The highest point of temperature monitoring is 140 F, and i did not make 3d mark test, but i do have the public version of the gtx980 and sc gtx980 GPU comparison chart.
4 di 4 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
5.0 su 5 stelle Crazy Fast W/C Card 22 agosto 2015
Di Vlad the Bad - Pubblicato su
Acquisto verificato
WOW... These Hydro Copper's are crazy fast. I had a card die(AMD) and got 2 of these as replacements because they are pre-waterblocked. Previously I waterblocked my AMD 7950's and ran them @ 1100mhz. These were easy to plug into my loop and absolutely destroyed my OC'd 7950's. Did I mention these cards were crazy fast? When in surround mode with 3 screens, these don't break a sweat @ 1530mhz... Seriously....1.5GHZ!!!! They plow through anything I have across three 32" screens running 5760x1080, never once seeing temps hit over 50c. I think I watched benchmarks run for the first 3 days just because I couldn't believe the numbers I was seeing from these cards. Absolutely Awesome!! The EVGA warranty is also second to none(you can get up to 10 years for $60). Did I mention these were crazy fast? :)
My only gripe on switching to Nvidia from AMD is the multi-monitor support. AMD's eyefinity was infinitely easier to use than surround. That has ZERO to do with how awesome these cards are, just saying.

If you have a custom WC loop and need a new card, I would recommend these highly. If you don't have a custom water loop, head over to youtube and watch some vids on how to put one together. Then buy this card and enjoy your new water-cooled system.
5 di 5 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
5.0 su 5 stelle Excellent for 1440p in SLI 20 maggio 2015
Di Colin - Pubblicato su
Acquisto verificato
Purchased Two of these for SLI. Excellent cards and slapped CSQ full waterblocks on them from EK. I can tell you this. I just built a new rig for these cards and in SLI with (Current Nvidia Drivers for The Witcher 3) I am playing at 1440p (2k) The Witcher 3, Ultra settings and getting 55 - 70 FPS constantly. You would need to turn down settings to high or very high with a couple options checked off to have 55FPS at 2160p (4k) Or add another 980 for Tri SLI to get max settings at (4k) with 980s.

Super Pleased with them. I am coming from an EVGA 780 FTW

Enclosed is the Rig with Pics of the Cards under water.

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