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Ecopad Nespresso Coffeeduck (Set di 3 capsule)

3.0 su 5 stelle 3 recensioni clienti

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  • Peso del prodotto: 0,04 KG
  • 3 capsule Nespresso coffeeduck ricaricabile ecologica nere per macchinari dopo ottobre 2010
  • Manutenzione: adatto a lavastoviglie

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Dimensioni del collo14,2 x 7,9 x 4,6 cm
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Descrizione prodotto

La capsula a espresso Coffeeduck è una capsula ricaricabile che permette di utilizzare del caffè macinato espresso in vostra macchina Nespresso. Puoi e gustarvi il vostro aroma preferito in modo economico e che non notte all' ambiente. Attenzione: Solo per le macchine uscite dopo ottobre 2010.

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3.0 su 5 stelle
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Funzionano bene, e non produco una montagna di rifiuti per farmi il caffé. Ho dovuto trafficare un po' per trovare la quantità giusta che stesse tra il l'ottenere il caffé bruciato oppure trasparente.
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La prima volta che l'ho utilizzata, sinceramente, mi ha lasciato un po' deluso e mi sono dimenticato di averla.
Quando mi sono deciso a riprovare con calma, ho iniziato ad apprezzarla perché ti da la possibilità di utilizzare ogni tipo di caffè, thee, ginseng ecc
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Non hanno mai funzionato con nessuna delle macchine nespresso che ho
Per quello che le ho pagate non sono stato nemmeno a fare il reso
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5.0 su 5 stelle Does the job--with some experimentation 14 aprile 2012
Di KSB-2 - Pubblicato su
Acquisto verificato
[UPDATE: Purchased Starbucks dark espresso roast and ground it fine. Packed first pod too hard--water had trouble getting through. Suggest filling pod but not packing too hard with finger due to fine grind. Second pod--perfect! It made a superb latté that tasted similar to the Nespresso Indriya or Ristretto pods (strong). I recommend short cup rather than lungo for this method.]

First of all, people who want perfect espresso should stick with the Nespresso pods. They are, simply, the best. You get what you pay for.

However, if you're like me, and need to feed your coffee habit with more than one pod/day, these refillable pods will save you a ton of money. Until Nespresso loses their exclusive patent in a few years, we'll continue to suffer with their gouging of the customer. Indeed, other coffee pod brands are available in Europe that claim to circumvent the patent but here in America, we won't know until those make their way here. (Amazon is rumored to begin marketing a cheaper Nespresso-compatible pod later in 2012.)

OK, so I ordered the Coffee Duck pods with the intention of making my own pods. After much experimentation, here are some tips:
1) The choice of coffee is paramount, so choose wisely. I've been using some leftover Costco espresso blend (intended for drip coffee makers) but it's not great. I'll be buying a bag of espresso-roast beans.
2) A burr grinder is the only way to go (mine is a Cuisinart). I tried a blade grinder but the grounds don't get fine enough. Set the grinder to 'fine'.
3) It doesn't take much grinding to get enough coffee to fill the 3 pods. I grind fresh every day.
4) With a small spoon or measuring spoon, fill the pod about half full then tamp down with your finger. Fill and tamp again. If you press too hard, the machine will have difficulty forcing water through the pod. Too light and you get weak coffee. Experiment to find what's right for you.
5) When you close the pod lid, make sure it is sealed tightly (flush) all the way around or it will leak coffee and grounds into your used pod receptacle.
6) Try to position the pod with the pod lid tab facing up and centered.
7) Experiment with short or tall (lungo) as to personal preference.
8) My used pods always fall out cleanly, I've never had a problem, probably due to #6 above.
9) I usually make lattés which for me, improves the taste.
10) Used pods pop open and clean easily under the sink faucet but can also be placed in the dishwasher.

Again, as you can read from other reviewers, this process isn't for everyone but I find it kind of fun and I'm saving money. Coffee Duck claims the pods will last a long time. They seem sturdy. I've used each pod about ten times now and I can't tell any difference from when they were brand new.

Coffee Duck pods are a good substitute when you run out of Nespresso pods or you simply want to enjoy more than one pod per day and save money.

The ordering process seems somewhat confusing due to Nespresso revising their machines in 2010. The Coffee Duck vendor automatically assumes you have a 'newer' Nespresso machine and will send the black pods that fit it. If you have an older (pre October 2010 machine), specify the BROWN Coffee Duck pods when ordering.

Highly recommended.
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5.0 su 5 stelle Notes from a Starbucks Coffee Master 6 febbraio 2013
Di Jeremy Warner - Pubblicato su
Acquisto verificato
So a review is only as solid as the writer's credentials. I'm a coffee guy through and through, coffee every day but not in excess. I don't drink it to "get through the morning" - I drink it because I love the smell, taste, etc... I'm a Starbucks Coffee Master and a person who's lived in and visited Europe 6+ times. All that to say, I know my coffee whether it be American or Italian.

So to the review, I'll keep it simple. I recently got a Nespresso Citiz. I purchased the pods from their website (the cheapest method btw) and was happy with this simple method of having a morning espresso in addition to my other coffee consumption during the day. The only problem was in the $$$ amount for the pods, ouch. They were still cheaper than running down to my local coffee house but roughly $0.60 was still a little steep. So I found these capsules online and, on a hunch, purchased them. The reviews were mixed so I thought I'd try it for myself.

Simply put: They work and they work well IF you have the right grind of high quality espresso. Simple. I've been using theme now for 1 month. If the grind it too big (i.e. for french press) then it will taste weak and watery. If you have the proper grind (which can be done at most coffee houses or even at your local super market yourself) then it takes 85% as good as the Nespresso pods. You also have to figure out (easily after 3 or 4 tried) how much espresso to put in and how hard to "tamp" it i.e. pack it. Don't worry about it 'messing up' your nice new Nespresso machine, it won't, it'll be fine!

Buy good espresso, grind weekly (daily is just silly!) and call it day. I'm now spending about $0.16 per shot, MUCH better than $0.60! The clean up, which is of course non existent with the Nespresso pods, is easy and quick.
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4.0 su 5 stelle They work really good, you just have to perfect loading them 31 maggio 2012
Di Spa Girl - Pubblicato su
Acquisto verificato
My husband is always looking for ways to be more efficient, so when we got our new Nespresso machine, the first thing he did was spot these refillable pods to save on having to buy from Nespresso. The pods work really great if you have a good grinder and if you have the right kind of coffee. We ended up purchasing a Cuisinart I think is the brand, coffee grinder which allows us to select the grind from very fine to very coarse (for percolators).

When we ordered our Nespresso Machine, I signed up with Nespresso as a customer and they have a first time customer order that is an excellent deal and I highly recommend it! You get a beautiful box that holds your coffees (it looks like a cigar box) and you get samples of all of their different brews.

Back to the pods... I opened up one of the Nespresso capsules to see how it was packed and I matched the grind to the lowest grinding level on my new coffee grinder mentioned above. Next comes figuring out how to fill it and pack it perfectly. If its too loose, the water goes right through and if its too tight, not enough water will get through. So packing it becomes the art form to master.

They are a little bit messy, and they are hot - so if you want to brew straight away again, you have to carefully open them up. I am actually going to be purchasing a second set so that we can re-brew one right after the other. Also, with Nespresso, its convenient to have little capsules to grab & pop in, so if you pre-package your refillable capsules and have them all set to go, you will probably enjoy them more than if you have to fill them up every time you want coffee. Also - the Nespresso coffee tastes better, that's not to say the refillables don't make a good espresso drink, but you have to make sure you're buying really good coffee!

That said, I will tell you that we still purchase the Nespresso brand pods, which honestly are no more expensive than where you can buy them anywhere else and being on Nespresso's mailing list, we get notified of new blends which always come as a special.

With the Nespresso pods, I can re-brew two times for a slightly stronger (and slightly larger) espresso drink... if I want to. But you can't re-brew the refillable pods, you just get one shot, which is no big deal, but thought I'd put that in my review.

I do recommend the pods, to save money. I am going to buy another set. But we use both the refillable pods and the Nespresso pods in our house.
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4.0 su 5 stelle Works, but not for intense espresso 17 ottobre 2012
Di Amazon Customer - Pubblicato su
Acquisto verificato
I got these because I specifically wanted to use Illy and Lavazza espresso with them.

Getting a satisfactory shot from these capsules does take a bit of practice. When I first got these, I ran a regular Nespresso capsule through into a shot glass and used it as my control sample to see what an optimal espresso shot from my machine should look like. What surprised me was how little pressure is necessary to clog up the capsule--so press lightly! The best shot I could manage from a CoffeeDuck was not exactly the same--the espresso was an opaque dark brown instead of an opaque black like the Nespresso capsule, and while there was an equivalent amount of crema, the crema from the CofeeDuck thinned out after a few minutes, while the Nespresso crema remained pretty much the same even after ten minutes sitting on the counter.

I mainly use my Nespresso for lattes and other milk-based drinks, and for that purpose, the espresso produced by the CoffeeDuck is great. I actually prefer the Illy made by the Coffeeduck to Nespresso's Cosi and Capriccio capsules, but I think those who like drinking straight espresso, or who are die hard fan of stronger roasts like the Arpeggio, will not be satisfied by the espresso made by the CoffeeDuck.

As far as convenience, I don't think this creates too much of a mess. Once you get the hang of it, it takes no more than five seconds to load a capsule. I pre-load two and put them into a plastic baggie overnight so I can prepare a double shot latte in the morning. Cheaper and tastier than anything I've ever gotten at Starbucks--which is why I purchased the Nespresso machine in the first place.

Those with more discerning palettes may be less than satisfied.
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5.0 su 5 stelle I'm happy with them 23 novembre 2014
Di Steph - Pubblicato su
Acquisto verificato
I got these for my Nespresso after being kind of depressed by the horrible quality of their "coffee" as well as how wasteful it is to burn through 2-3 metal and plastic pods every day. As long as you're using freshly-ground, good quality coffee and tamping it down correctly into this thing, it should work perfectly. Stick it in the pod opening on your Nespresso and you're good to go! Only problem for me is that they are not suuuuper easy to clean after use. I recommend soaking them after removing as much of the coffee grounds as you can. The screens tend to collect little bits of coffee grounds but I haven't noticed any problems with the taste of subsequent cups I've brewed.