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Eric Meyer on Css: Mastering the Language of Web Design (Inglese) Copertina flessibile – 28 giu 2002

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3,9 su 5 stelle 81 recensioni clienti su

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There are several other books on the market that serve as in-depth technical guides or reference books for CSS. None, however, take a more hands-on approach and use practical examples to teach readers how to solve the problems they face in designing with CSS - until now. Eric Meyer provides a variety of carefully crafted projects that teach how to use CSS and why particular methods were chosen. The web site includes all of the files needed to complete the tutorials in the book. In addition, bonus information is be posted.


About the AuthorAbout the Author Eric A. Meyer has been working with the Web since late 1993. He is currently employed as a Standards Evangelist with Netscape Communications and lives in Cleveland, Ohio, which is a much nicer city than you've been led to believe. A graduate of and former Webmaster for Case Western Reserve University, Eric is also an Invited Expert with the W3C CSS&FP Working Group and coordinated the authoring and creation of the W3C's CSS1 Test Suite. He often speaks at conferences on the subjects of CSS, Web design, Web standards, Web browsers, and how they all go together. He is the host of "Your Father's Oldsmobile," a weekly big band¿era radio show heard on WRUW 91.1FM in Cleveland. When not otherwise busy, Eric is usually bothering his wife, Kat, in some fashion. About the Technical Reviewers These reviewers contributed their considerable hands-on expertise to the entire development process for Eric Meyer on CSS: Mastering the Language of Web Design. As the book was being written, these dedicated professionals reviewed all the material for technical content, organization, and flow. Their feedback was critical to ensuring that this book fits our reader's need for the highest-quality technical information. Molly E. Holzschlag With over 20 Web development books to her credit, Molly is also a popular columnist and feature writer for such diverse publications as Macworld, PC Magazine, IBM developerWorks, and She is an engaging speaker and teacher, appearing regularly at such conferences as Comdex, Internet World, and Web Builder. As a steering committee member for the Web Standards Project (WaSP), Molly works with a group of other dedicated Web developers and designers to promote W3C recommendations. Currently, she is serving as the Associate Editor for Digital Web Magazine. Molly also acts as an advisory board committee member to numerous organizations, including the World Organization of Webmasters. Tobias Horvath has been involved with Web technologies since 1995, when he was just 12 years old. Growing up in the early stages of the Internet, he made his journey to become a Macintosh enthusiast. During the day, he is trying to be a student in Essen, Germany, where he lives. You can find his personal website at © Copyright Pearson Education. All rights reserved.

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Le recensioni clienti più utili su (beta) (Potrebbero essere presenti recensioni del programma "Early Reviewer Rewards") 3.9 su 5 stelle 81 recensioni
2 di 2 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
4.0 su 5 stelle Look over a Master's shoulder 28 luglio 2006
Di Riccardo Audano - Pubblicato su
Formato: Copertina flessibile Acquisto verificato
Awesome learn by example book IF you already have a little background in CSS, and even then if your knowledge is elementary you might be lost on some of the finer points. If it had a little more theory and explanations it would be a killer book, but I guess Eric Meyer didn't have patience enough for that. He is anyway a Master in CSS styling, no doubts about that, and the right author too look at for learning and inspiration. The book is structured around several projects that you see in the various developing stages from beginning to end in reasonably small steps. The explanations of what's going on are like what you would expect from a guru/designer/artist that is, far from complete and basic. Again is like you had the chance to peek over Eric's shoulder while he works, but he won't be bothered to lose too much of his time after you. But don't get me wrong, this book is a must have for anyone interested in CSS, even if I would not buy it now (it starts being a bit dated) but would wait for his next book that should come out this autumn.
5.0 su 5 stelle Looking over the shoulder of a master 13 ottobre 2002
Di Michael McKee - Pubblicato su
Formato: Copertina flessibile Acquisto verificato
No book can be perfect for everyone. This is not a beginner's book, nor is it an exhaustive reference. What it is, is a workshop in which the reader gets to see into the mind of a CSS expert while he goes through a number of redesigns. Mr. Myers takes us through redesigns, one step at a time with numerous screen shots so we can see exactly what each new style does. With an accessible, informal voice, he also explains the reasons for each decision so we can begin to think like a style sheet pro. As a tutorial for web designers with a bit of CSS knowledge who want to become experts this book may be just the ticket. A great niche book.
22 di 22 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
5.0 su 5 stelle Frustrating Fun, and You Learn A Lot, Too. 24 luglio 2004
Di Mrs Cat - Pubblicato su
Formato: Copertina flessibile Acquisto verificato
I have been working my way through On CSS, and when I picked it up I thought I was very wise in the way of cascading style sheets. Mr. Meyers disabused me of that notion. He is an expert and by working through the examples you can really learn to make this system of styling sit up and bark. A note on the back cover says the book is for intermediate to advanced people, the note is correct. Don't buy this book if you are just trying to learn CSS at first. I think some of the disappointed buyers were too new at style sheets to get the expected benefit out of this book. Newbies would do well to investigate Elizabeth Castro's HTML For The World Wide Web by Peachpit Press and all the tutorials out there before tackling a man like Meyers. But if you're ready for Eric, Eric is ready for you.

One thing you have to remember, play with the examples after you do them. Try to break them, and don't just follow along without understanding what you are doing. If you try to follow Meyers like a cookbook you will really let yourself down. This is a great learning tool, worth the time and money investments.

Another great feature of On CSS is something which you might think was a miserable drawback at first, but it turns out to be where you can get the most out of the book. The designs you end up with at the end of each chapter are C (Average) grade. Each one screams for a good designer to make them better. So when you finish each exercise, take the style sheet and turn a lackluster presentation into a Grade 1 design. Meyers invites you to play with the finished product at the end of each chapter, please do that---you earned it.

So, I would also say that if you are going to get Meyers' books, open up your wallet a little wider and get Robin Williams' book The Non-Designer's Design Book. I think of her as Meyer's big sister and the two go together like XHTML and CSS (or peaches and cream for you more lyrical folk). Robin Williams is an expert on teaching good design for layout and text (and images as well). Her book is ostensibly for text, but you will have all of the best design lessons you need to style up a remarkably svelte webpage if you do what Williams says with Meyers.

On CSS is a great addition to your understanding (as I am sure the second one is)--As Long As You Put In The Work And Go The Extra Mile.

P.S. Both the Williams and Castro books I recommended are under $20 each and will turn into reference books to keep and go back to often.
2 di 2 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
3.0 su 5 stelle Good but not great 7 ottobre 2009
Di alj - Pubblicato su
Formato: Copertina flessibile Acquisto verificato
I initially checked this book out at the library and then later bought it. It's interesting but not that great. There are more than a few pieces missing from Mr. Meyer's explanations and, as he openingly admits, for someone not appreciably already well versed in CSS, the content can be quite confusing.

He's has a lot of useful snippets and ideas but, as far as working through the exercises step by step--well, there's a lot of proofing work that still needs to be done. Too, he makes a lot of grandiose assumptions--I'm sure this stuff is obvious to him but the underlying logic behind much of his styling is poorly explained. Too, sections such as project 3 on formatting a calendar I found to be only marginally understandable. Case in point, he jumps right into defining a hodgepodge of multiple classes, which are, at best, over kill, assuming the reader is already thoroughly well versed in object-based theory.

Overall, it's still a good book but, as other reviewers have pointed out, `it ain't no reference text.' If your looking for some interesting concepts and approaches, there's lots it has to offer. If you need straightforward explanations of syntax, structure, nuts-and-bolts types of stuff, I'm sure there are better text out there.
2 di 2 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
5.0 su 5 stelle You may have mastered HTML, but HERE's CSS empowerment ! 15 giugno 2003
Di - Pubblicato su
Formato: Copertina flessibile Acquisto verificato
This is a gorgeous, full-color, masterfully laid-out piece of work by an author with cutting-edge understanding of Cascading Style Sheets and willingness to share his fine creative judgement. Yet it may take you a while to convince yourself (as it did me myself) that you need one more Eric Meyer CSS title. The glowing reviews finally broke through my resistance, and my facility with CSS has had several breakthroughs as a result.
Like many of you, I already have Eric's two premier titles for guiding web transitions from the difficult world of patched-together HTML solutions to the powerful, systematic, maintenance-friendly potentials of CSS. Here's my experience so you can see if it matches yours.
Through insightful and persuasive volumes such as Owen Briggs 'C S S: Separating Content from Presentation' (see reviews at ISBN 1904151043) I finally got that *aha* experience about CSS: These new standards are more than just style sheets, design aids, and download-enhancers; more even than the sum of these: once HTML 4 standards are better followed by browsers, CSS will open up all web-design work in remarkable ways. *HOWEVER*: design life in the meanwhile is extremely frustrating while browsers take their sweet time repairing past imbedded sins. As much as I wanted to break free from old HTML ways, the inconsistencies and vagaries of how browsers render CSS so discouraged me from solving design issues with CSS, that I considered taking a two year sabbatical from design until technology caught up. I thought I was just 'losing it' until I found Eric's own statement right on my desk in 'C S S: The Definitive Guide': "You may notice that, unlike other chapters, almost none of the figures in (the chapter on Positioning objects) was generated with a web browser. This is... a statement about the reliability and consistency of positioning implementations..."
What's the average designer to do when even Jeffrey Zeldman admits (in his preface here) that his fallback position in the current world of CSS is *emailing Eric Meyer*? In this volume we see. Eric walks you through common types of design and redesign issues are solvable through CSS (and provides frequent color screen shots displaying exactly what happens after small changes in code). It is refreshing that so much care is taken with both the design and writing of this book. Even the *hints* in margins surprise me - after I thought I had read practically every CSS hint published to date. Eric puts them together in an engaging manner.
No matter how skilled you are with design or with HTML, unless your mastery of CSS specifically is on a par with Eric's (all 3 or 4 of you such people), I think that after reading twenty pages of "Eric on CSS" you are likely to feel you wasted valuable time each week since this book's release! Thanks, Eric. Thanks, New Riders for the time and expense to make such a quality volume. Fine work on the companion web site and downloadable code as well!