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  • Materiale: giacca in pile Softshell, 94% poliestere, 6% spandex, idrorepellente e antivento. È un'eccellente giacca termica per moto e caccia.
  • Controllo intelligente della temperatura: 3 moduli di temperatura con controller LED. Rosso: 50 ℃ per 4 ore, bianco: 45 ℃ per 6 ore, blu: 40 ℃ per 8 ore
  • Design di riscaldamento: elemento riscaldante in fibra di carbonio con 3 zone di riscaldamento sul petto sinistro, sul petto destro e sul retro; Batteria mobile 7.4V 5200mAh Batteria ricaricabile Li / polimero certificata UL / CE nella tasca interna sinistra.
  • CALDO E ANTIVENTO: colletto rialzato e cappuccio staccabile con coulisse elastica proteggono la testa e il collo dal freddo, il velcro sui polsini e il cordoncino sull'orlo impediscono l'ingresso di aria fredda nei vestiti.
  • Istruzioni di lavaggio: questa giacca riscaldata può essere lavata a mano, lavabile in lavatrice.
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Dettagli prodotto

  • Pile ‏ : ‎ 1 Polimero di litio pile necessarie. (incluse)
  • Dimensioni del collo ‏ : ‎ 40.64 x 28.19 x 7.87 cm; 160 grammi
  • Disponibile su Amazon.it a partire dal ‏ : ‎ 24 settembre 2019
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B07XNN4N6G
  • Numero modello articolo ‏ : ‎ JY1902002S
  • Recensioni dei clienti:
    4,1 su 5 stelle 21 voti

Descrizione prodotto

Questa è una giacca softshell cordless per uomo realizzata in poliestere + piastra riscaldante in fibra di carbonio. Puoi indossarlo per gli sport all'aria aperta, il campeggio, i viaggi, l'arrampicata, l'escursionismo perché è antivento, idrorepellente e caldo. Ha molte tasche per riporre gli oggetti: 2 tasche laterali con cerniera, 1 tasca sul petto e 1 tasca interna per la batteria. Il cappuccio può essere rimosso.
Istruzioni di lavaggio:
Rimuovere la batteria ed estrarre la cerniera dalla borsa. La giacca riscaldata può essere lavata a mano o in lavatrice in acqua fredda, appendere a secco. Ma non candeggiare mai, nessun lavaggio a secco.
Manuale di istruzioni:
Fase 1: inserire il cavo nella batteria nella tasca interna sinistra. Passaggio 2: premere il pulsante per 3 secondi, quindi lampeggia in rosso. Ciò significa che i tuoi vestiti sono in fase preparatoria. Passaggio 3: premere brevemente il pulsante in rosso per portare la temperatura a un livello elevato. Il tempo di ricarica è di circa 3,5 a 4,5 ore. Passaggio 4: premere brevemente il pulsante su bianco. La temperatura raggiunge un livello medio e impiega circa 4,5 a 6 ore quando è completamente carica. Passaggio 5: premere brevemente il pulsante per diventare blu. La temperatura raggiunge un livello basso e dura circa 7-8 ore quando la batteria è completamente carica. Passaggio 6: tenere premuto per spegnere il riscaldatore.

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Recensito in Germania 🇩🇪 il 11 dicembre 2019
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Recensito in Canada 🇨🇦 il 31 dicembre 2020
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Ronald Epstein
5,0 su 5 stelle My First Heated Jacket!
Recensito negli Stati Uniti 🇺🇸 il 28 settembre 2019
Immagine cliente
5,0 su 5 stelle My First Heated Jacket!
Recensito negli Stati Uniti 🇺🇸 il 28 settembre 2019
It's that time of year when the warm weather ends, the outdoor air begins to cool, and I start looking at what I am going to be wearing this winter. Every year I add a new addition to my winter wardrobe and I referred back to an old friend, HARD LAND, whom I have bought many jackets from before. I discovered this company a few years ago and have immensely enjoyed the quality and feel of their outdoor line of jackets and coats.

This year I was surprised to find they were offering something quite different: A HEATED jacket. Being a gadget freak, this was the kind of thing that really appealed to me. However, I wasn't quite sure WHY I needed such a jacket, but figured with Amazon's return policy, if I found out it wasn't right for me, I would return it.

The jacket arrived in the most unique fashion, housed inside its own zippered packing cube. This is the kind of cube you would pack items in to place inside your suitcase. I suspect this is exactly what HARD LAND had intended its owners to do and I must say, it's a welcomed accessory item.

As soon as I put this jacket on, I immediately realized WHY someone would want a HEATED jacket over a normal one...

Think about it: To get a jacket this warm you would need something heavy and bulky. Seriously. You would need layers upon layers of insulation consisting of wool, down or fleece to accomplish what this jacket can.

I mean, as soon as I put this jacket on I understood its benefits: a lightweight piece of clothing that compensates for what something far bulkier/heavier would accomplish. This jacket is fairly light. You would probably mistake it for a heavy raincoat or a fall windbreaker -- and indeed it's both -- and much more!

The outside of the jacket is made of water-resistant material. That means it will serve you well as a raincoat. For windy days, the jacket offers multitudes of drawstring cord locks across the detachable hoodie and the waistline so you can tighten up vulnerable areas where you don't want the wind to creep in. At the end of the arms, there are adjustable velcro straps that also let you tighten the fabric around your wrists. As you can see, you can really immerse yourself inside this jacket if you wanted to as it has the ability to effectively seal the heat in and keep the cold out!

On its own, the jacket is fairly warm with a thin inner layer of fleece lining. Without the added heating element, this jacket would you keep you warm on a fall day or evening.

There are quite a few pockets here to store personal items. There is a single small zippered chest pocket as well as two larger zippered waist pockets. There is also an inner pocket, though you may be sharing items stored there with the battery. I judge pocket-size by the largest personal item I always carry around with me. So, for testing purposes, I put my iPhone 11 Pro Max w/case inside every single pocket this jacket offered. It fit in all the outer pockets, but not the inner. Then again, the inner pocket is really designed for storing the battery.

Battery you say?! Well, yes, how else does this jacket obtain its power? This is a HEATED jacket. The product description shows you a diagram of the carbon fiber heating elements. It's all rocket science to me, but I do know that all I need to do is to attach the included battery to the cord on the inside pocket and I am ready to power the jacket on. The battery is a 7.4V 5200mAh Li-Polymer Rechargeable. It's fairly lightweight and will last for a varying amount of hours based on its use.

To power the jacket on, you simply long-press the button that rests prominently on the outer chest area of the jacket. A red light will start flashing, and from that point, you can select from three different temperatures ranging from High, Medium and Low. At highest power, the battery is rated to last 3.5-4.5 hours. At medium, 4.5-6 hours. At low, 7-8 hours. Note: These are rated on a fully charged battery.

Now, as I write this review it is still the end of Summer. It is now 78-degrees outside. This is not the kind of weather I can really test this jacket in. I did fully charge the battery and wore the coat inside for testing purposes. A few short moments after pressing the power button and selecting HIGH, I could feel the jacket warming up. In under five minutes, I wasn't only feeling toasty warm -- I was beginning to feel downright hot.

There's no doubt that this jacket can keep you warm in winter weather. I mean, it seems perfect for going outside and shoveling snow. Why do you need a big, bulky, husky coat to keep you warm in that kind of weather when a lightweight jacket like this will do just the same?!

I wasn't certain I was going to keep this jacket. I admit, it was meant to be an experiment and the gadget factor of a battery-powered piece of clothing really piqued my interest. As I noted above, I immediately saw the benefits of owning something like this. Who the heck wants something bulky to keep you toasty warm when you can get all that in a lightweight jacket like this?

Sizing: I always go one size higher for jackets. I usually take a medium, but this large was a perfect fit. For that reason, I would recommend going a size up.

What else is there to say? This seems to be another quality jacket in line with Hard Land's other outdoor clothing. I look forward to testing this when the weather really gets brutally cold. I have a feeling I'm going to be a lot warmer than the guy next to me in the husky coat.
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