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LEGO Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Ultimate Collector Series 7191

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Peso articolo9 g
Dimensioni prodotto58 x 43 x 10 cm
Numero modello articolo5702012006555
Numero modello5702012006555
Numero pezzi1304
Assemblaggio necessarioNo
Batterie/Pile necessarie?No
Batterie/Pile incluse?No
Telecomando incluso?No
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Disponibile su a partire dal18 maggio 2014
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Ecco, questi si che sono soldi spesi bene! Lo desideravo tanto e mio padre, che fa l'operaio, alla fine ha deciso di comprarmelo, ma visto l'esborso ci siamo accordati che in famiglia non avremmo mangiato per un mese. Così abbiamo fatto e ne è valsa la pena! Mia sorella che già era mezza bulimica ci ha lasciato le penne, mia madre ci si è presa l'esaurimento da digiuno, ma io e il papi abbiamo messo su una linea invidiabile e adesso con l'x-wing nuovo fiammante possiamo fare i fighi in tutta la galassia !!!
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...unico difetto, é l'atterraggio, non sempre trovo posto in cittá, ma per quanto costa ne vale la pena! Ne comprerò un altro andar in ferie
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17 di 17 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
4.0 su 5 stelle An Excellent Addition to all the Star Wars stuff out there 11 dicembre 2000
Di Leon Chia - Pubblicato su
This set is one of my most enjoyable Lego investments todate! I'm not a massive Star Wars fan but I do follow the films. Everyone knows how the X-Wing looks like, roughly, but this model showed me many intricate details which I never realised - the massive length of the wingtip lasers, for example. It took me a few tries to get the gears properly aligned for the x-wing section, and that proved to be an education in itself - I am amazed at how the Lego engineers have balanced the construction of the wings and the main fuselage.
It was a small shock to me to see how colourful this X-wing model is - is it really so colourful in the films? The first page of instructions alone must have featured at least 6-7 colours. In any case, the construction work is much more fun and satisfying than the comparatively simple Tie Interceptor model of the same series - I must mention that the money spent on the X-wing is much more worth it than that spent on the Tie Interceptor (the latter is much cheaper). If you can only buy one of these models, I greatly recommend purchasing the X-Wing. Somehow, the Tie may look cooler on the box, but you won't get the same amount of satisfaction from it.
Some weaknesses in the X-wing model prompt me to give it a 2-star rating for durability: the engines' exhaust nozzles are prone to falling off, as are the tips of the wingtip laser cannons. The pilot's windshield does not close fully, but I believe some filing will resolve this problem. The wings themselves are attached to the main fuselage at just two male/female points each - which is not exactly the most secure way, but I still must appreciate the engineering that has gone into designing this model to make it easy for construction. Lastly, and not surprisingly, the model will tip over on its stand if given a solid bump - but despite all these minor faults, if well taken care of, the model will stay in one solid piece.
This is a very large model, so to speak, which may explain the 14+ (age) rating - small kids will have trouble lifting its considerable weight, so it's obviously not meant for them. But for all you youthful adults there who've followed Star Wars since the 70s-80s - this is a wonderful toy!!
4.0 su 5 stelle Review by: 7 ottobre 2015
Di Brick&Plate - Pubblicato su
Build: Like the UCS TIE Interceptor (7181), I was surprised at how easy it was to build. The instructions were easy to follow and there were no steps I had to question. Also like the Interceptor, the wings are quite flimsy (especially when they are closed) and the engines fall off with the slightest bumps.

Playability: Because of the flimsy wings/engines, I would not get this one to play with. I would only get this one for display and with the UCS TIE Interceptor displayed together, it looks amazing!

Value: Original value was great.

Recommendation: Collectors only for the above listed reasons. Non-collectors who want one to play with should buy one of the many X-wing Fighters (e.g. 9493).
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5.0 su 5 stelle Amazing attention to detail! 9 settembre 2000
Di Kenneth C. Jamora - Pubblicato su
TOTAL CONSTUCTION HOURS: 6 1/2 hrs over 2 days
PROS: (1) Amazing attention to detail. (2) Well-engineered and integrated mechanics to open and close the X-wings. (3) Easy-to-understand instructions. (4) Model stand with boilerplate included (nice touch.)
CONS: (1) Cockpit window has been troublesome in staying shut when closing. I had to use some workarounds to fix it. (2) Opening/closing mechanisms are difficult to adjust if not done correctly the first time. There's an issue with the weight of the wings with proper gear alignment. (3) Engines are structurally weak. It broke off on occasion, particularly travelling beyond light speed... test know...ah hem! I remedied the situation by supergluing the engine down.
NOTE: I am quite impressed with the engineers at LEGO in creating a close replica of the X-wing while maintaining the LEGO feel. Sure makes the age 7-12 X-wing fighter quite small. This model has a wingspan of 16" and a length of 19". Wow! The inclusion of a model stand is a nice touch. Makes me want to superglue the whole darn thing down. It is a bit on the delicate side.
I also purchased the Ultimate Collector Tie Interceptor, which I must say is mechanically less-intensive than the X-wing but equally impressive. Both are close to scale in relations to each other.
I hope to see more from this series. I do not regret my purchase.
3 di 4 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
5.0 su 5 stelle Awesome for collectors!!! 31 luglio 2001
Di dz-jay - Pubblicato su
This is one of the most awesome models I've ever built from lego sets! Its so highly detailed and resembles the movie's X-Wing fighter as close as possible. I was impressed at the level of detail in the model, things such as the proton torpedo cannons, the realistic-looking engines, and the cockpit. Even R2-D2 looks properly scaled to the size of the model!
I gave it "4 stars" in durable, because as so many others point out, the fully built model is sort of flimsy, and not very good to "play" with. The motors fall off easily and the wings are too heavy for their width and end up bending a little. However, I gotta give credit where its due: Although some of the pieces of the built model might fall off, but due to the fact that its made out of legos, you know that the bricks themselves will last forever. and everyone knows that building the "box" model in the instruction booklet is not the only thing legos are for!
In any case, for collectors/builders like myself, this is a great item: fun to build and fun to stare at! :)
1 di 2 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
4.0 su 5 stelle Underwhelmed 17 settembre 2001
Di Kevin - Pubblicato su
I have to say I am quite a bit underwhelmed by this item. I have collected legos for years, and have most of the starwars lego ships adorning my entertainment center. I was really impressed with the other entry in the ultimate collector series, 7181, Tie Interceptor, but this one left alot to be desired. The model is very heavy, the wings feel flimsy (I know heavy and flismy in the same sentence sounds like contradictions, but see one, and you will know what I trying to say here). This is the first lego starwars model I have felt the need to glue together. It looks great, just feels overheavy in all the wrong places, and light in all the wrong places. Also, I hate adding decals to legos. That was the whole point of the silk screened pieces, no decals. My recomendation, look at one carefully, and talk to someone who as built it before investing. It's a very expensive model for all it's flaws.

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