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Pan (4K Ultra HD) [Edizione: Germania]

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  • Attori: Amanda Seyfried, Cara Delevingne, Rooney Mara, Garrett Hedlund, Hugh Jackman
  • Regista: Joe Wright
  • Formato: 4K, Import
  • Studio: Warner Home Video - DVD
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Formato: Blu-ray Acquisto verificato
Bellissimo film in formato UHD 4K.Anche la versione Blu Ray normale non è male.Io questo film in formato UHD 4K lo consiglio a tutti anche a quegli utenti che attualmente non usano il UHD 4K ma magari;e lo consiglio in futuro vorranno passare al formato molto ma molto piu' performante del UHD 4K
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1.0 su 5 stelle Dishonest Trailer for a bizarre and unbelievable movie makes me think unhappy thoughts. 7 marzo 2016
Di haruki blue - Pubblicato su
Acquisto verificato
I had hoped to see the origin story of Peter Pan an captain Hook's relationship as the trailer would have you to expect. Instead You get a very bizarre story that refuses to touch how the two became enemies. Villain Black beard, played by Hugh Jackman, was most bizarre. Constantly singing 90's grunge songs like Nirvana's "smells like teen spirit". This did not fit the story, the characters, or the fairy tale world portrayed in this movie. It was very much out of place.

Overused CGI makes this film seems very unbelievable. As it is a story with fairies, you would think the unbelievably might help the fairy tale. It does not.

I wish I could get my money back. I am contemplating deleting it from my amazon library so I don't have to be reminded of that one time I was duped into buying a bag of dog poop.
15 di 16 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
4.0 su 5 stelle One part Musical, One part Fantasy, One part History, One part Adventure = Pan 26 gennaio 2016
Di Evil Eye - Pubblicato su
Acquisto verificato
Pan was severely mis-marketed in my eyes. It was marketed I remember to children but this rendition of Pan is more suitable for the adults taking kids to see it then anything. Pan glosses over the WWII backdrop it's placed in with an early and late scene that involves the Blitzkrieg over England, a fact of life I don't believe many in the American audience truly know much about. Some recent British TV and films have started to include it in there work, like Brits are now comfortable talking about it some 70 plus years later. Aside from the Blitz, Peter is in an orphanage, abandoned by his mother with parkour-like abilities (you'll see in the opening of the film) and light on her feet. Peter notices more children have gone missing and with the help of his best friend they stay up late one night to find out what's going on. Peter and his best bud stay up late and go on the hunt of the evil nuns who run the orphanage. They find Peter's letter that his mother wrote him which he has never seen. He cannot read it due to what seems to be dyslexia (another point of interest that is more a detail of storyline then I believe people figured out) but his friend goes on about why his mother left him those years ago. Peter has renewed hope of seeing her. As the two boys go through the treasure trove of goods being horded for rationing by the nuns, they run into whose been taking the children, pirates who come down and snatch them from the roof of the orphanage. Peter is grabbed as well as his friend but the boy escapes the clutches of one pirate, while Peter stays behind on the ship.

As Peter, the other boys and the pirates enter a netherworld, neither here on Earth but more of a scene of a ripple in space time, where the planets and stars are all around. This would be a good time to smoke a bowl or take a trip on LSD. The audience is then treated to Neverland, where bubbles of water hold schools of fish and marine life and a giant island floating in the clouds. Then the film becomes a half musical, something the trailers never got into. To the tune of Nirvana with floating pirate ships and an open pit quarry, we meet Captain (before he is one) Hook, Black Beard (Hugh Jackman) and Mr. Smee among others. Peter is interested of what they are mining for? The answer is pixum or pixie dust that is in large quantities (or at least used to be on the island) that in a Jurassic Park like way is now fossilized. What pixum is used for is only hinted at as well until a scene with Blackbeard in his Captains Quarters showing his true age and then the effects pixum has. Pixum is really a fountain of youth like substance when inhaled it keeps you forever young. Lets just say Michael Jackson would've loved this film. I imagine he must've liked Dorian Grey too... We learn Hook only wants to escape and when Peter is said to be a liar and a thief, Blackbeard tries him and throws him off Queen Anne's Revenge. Peter then briefly flies or well floats, and when Peter realizes this to be the case, this is when he doesn't believe he is doing it whereby he falls to the ground and is knocked out unconscious. Peter awakes and is questioned by Blackbeard, asked if he has ever flew before? The answer is obviously no but we learn a bit about the man Blackbeard was and some of the story behind Neverland. Peter is put in the prison cell just for safe keeping. Hook and Peter escape however and with Mr. Smee in tow, they get out by hijacking another pirate ship.

Once free of the mines, they have a hard landing in the jungle and stumble upon Princess Tiger Lily and her island people. Peter, Hook and Smee are taken prisoner. Hook himself is then set to fight against the chieftain's warrior. His skills are legit and he was very impressive. Peter is found to have a necklace with what is called the "Pan." Hook is saved as the Chieftain stops the fight and tells us what the Pan is. Legend has that whomever wears the Pan, will save Neverland from Blackbeard. We also learn here more of Peter's mother and how Peter was always meant to return. More action ensues when Blackbeard and his many crews search for Peter, Hook and Smee. Smee then sells Hook and Peter's location out to Capt. Blackbeard himself. Now I felt that the almost sexual tension between Rooney Mara and Garrett Hedlund (Hook) unbearable and some serious off-camera hook-ups (no pun intended) was definitely going on. Perhaps I'm wrong and it's just two actors skillfully pulling off "hard to get love" but my gut doesn't think so. During the battle of Blackbeard and his goons versus the Princess and her tribe ends in a playful bloodbath if I can put it that way. If this were a PG-13 or R rated film, there'd be blood everywhere. It felt a lot like how some video games get away with a Teen rating when obviously blood and gore is present in your mind but it's not seen. Instead of the blood and bullets, we see colorful explosions of smoke whenever a tribal member is killed. That's right kids, war is just like the Indian celebration of Holi... So beyond the creative spin on what a gun battle is like and the white-washing of Tiger Lily (good job Hollywood...) the natives are a pretty good cast of characters until they're basically wiped out in a 5 minute fight.

Peter, Hook and Tiger Lily however escape with their lives. They go further on into the jungle and come across the crocodiles, mermaids (who are also Victoria Secret Clone Angels) and a new ship, The Jolly Roger which Hook tidies up for himself to get off the island and go back to where he was originally from... America's pioneering West? That's my take at least. Beyond this Hook leaves Tiger Lily and Peter only to come to their rescue when Peter, Tiger Lily and Blackbeard open the door to the fairy world. In a Han Solo rip-off (which is exactly how the relationship between Princess Leia and Han plays out in Star Wars - Tiger Lily and Hook have the same relationship) Hook comes back with the Jolly Roger (insert Millennium Falcon) and saves the day against Blackbeard's Queen Anne's Revenge (insert Death Star and Darth Vader). Before that takes place however there's a Nazi flame thrower scene where Blackbeard and his crew burn the fairies to ashes. A play on the WWII timeline I imagine. After Blackbeard is gone for good, with Peter saving the day we're led back to the London Orphanage whereby Peter takes more boys back to Neverland. There's also a wink wink wait for it, Pan 2 nod but with the poor box office turnout that Pan did, I don't see it happening any time soon. Most likely another Peter Pan reboot will happen in the future. My mind to Hollywood, stop with the Peter Pan reboots and just go with an original storyline! We can always wish for something right? In the end Pan was definitely better for the adult crowd, I'd pin it for those 15 - 30 years of age than anyone younger or older. A mis-managed and terribly marketed movie should be seen if you like semi-musicals and the Peter Pan universe.
4 di 4 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
4.0 su 5 stelle Warts and All, a worthy film to watch. 3 gennaio 2016
Di Mossback - Pubblicato su
Acquisto verificato
The film is wonderfully colored, the sets are perfect, truly a beautifully filmed movie. The story is a bit weak, with over the top performances by James Hook (Hedlund) character, it felt heavy handed and distracted from an otherwise nearly perfect film. Hugh Jackman's role was terrific, very enjoyable in every scene. Overall I came away with a renewed sense of wonderment, and this Peter Pan back-story feels natural and a fantastic reboot of a classic, leaving room for additional movies. This though feels a bit contrived, an obvious set-up for the next movie. I loathe when I movie plays as a set-up for the next in the series (if there is a next). luckily this movie didn't quite stoop to this level, it does become apparent later on in the film, I suppose as it should.

Add it to your list, a worthy though flawed work, highly enjoyable.
1 di 1 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
2.0 su 5 stelle I really wanted to like this movie. 23 maggio 2016
Di Dee - Pubblicato su
Formato: DVD Acquisto verificato
I ignored the bad reviews. I like cheesy movies, and I love Peter Pan. I figured, how bad could it be?

To the number of reviewers who said things like, "This is not the Peter Pan I know," I would argue that this is an original work and, as such, is required to bring its own interpretation to the characters and the story. That being said, it is still responsible for the choices that it makes for those characters and story...most of which make absolutely no sense.

Why is Hook an American cowboy? He is given no backstory whatsoever, which seems an odd choice for a prequel which is ostensibly introducing the character. In addition to that, his accent is so cartoonish that at first I assumed the actor must actually be foreign (no, he was apparently born in Minnesota), and his outrageous over-acting makes me want to throw something at the TV every time he opens his mouth.

Why change the real world setting from Victorian times to World War II? It's an interesting choice, but other than giving the pirate ship a chance to have a brief and gratuitous air battle with the Luftwaffe, it seems to hold no purpose. SO MUCH could have been done with that idea, and instead it's a total throwaway.

WHY DO THE SLAVES SING "SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT"?? It was jarringly out of place, and the only hint at an explanation is Blackbeard's line shortly thereafter about Neverland "spanning all places and all times" or something like that. Like so many other things in this movie, it could have been a good idea, but was poorly executed and instead just felt random.

The movie is visually stunning, and young Levi Miller is definitely a talent to watch. Hugh Jackman chews up the scenery entertainingly. These facts bumped my review up to 2 stars. The movie has few other redeeming qualities. It's filled with interesting concepts, but no overall narrative structure to actually develop those concepts into a real perspective. It's difficult to imagine how the serious little orphan in search of his mother and the self-confidence to fulfill his destiny will become the carefree boy who refuses to grow up.

If you're looking for a prequel to Peter Pan, check out Nick Willing's 2011 "Neverland" TV miniseries. It too takes the position that Hook and Pan were friends before they were enemies, but unlike this movie, it actually shows the disintegration of that friendship as well, and truly sets the stage for the story that we all know and love. This one just falls flat.
3.0 su 5 stelle Poorly casted 17 febbraio 2016
Di Sony XL - Pubblicato su
Acquisto verificato
Other than a cheezy musical number of a bad Nirvina song the movie was really amazing. It was a huge picture that should be seen on a big screen to enjoy it to it's fullest. Levi Miller as Peter was over the top and some times goosebumps worthy. He's precious and talented way beyond his years. I see grand things for him in the future. The ever stunning Rooney Mara was once again stunning. Poorly casted as native Tiger Lily but she carried the role with grace and beauty. Hugh Jackman, aka the Jack of all characters, Blackbeard was once again top of is craft. You actually forget it's him because he sinks into a role like a magical being. Best of all was the comedic relief of Smiegal. His humor and goofiness rounded out the film and really made it enjoyable. What a wild beautifully done ride.

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