Pathfinder Strap Tough Solar Digital with Altimeter and Compass

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Specifiche prodotto

Informazioni Orologio
Marca Casio
Nome modello PAW2000-1CR
Codice identificativo PAW2000-1CR
Anno 2011
Forma Tondo
Tipo di vetro Minerale
Tipo di quadrante digital
Chiusura Fibbia
Materiale della cassa Resina
Diametro della cassa 47 mm
Spessore della cassa 11 mm
Materiale del cinturino Resina
Lunghezza cinturino mens-standard
Larghezza cinturino 21 mm
Colore cinturino Nero
Colore quadrante Grigio
Tipo di calendario day-and-date
Caratteristiche speciali chronograph, compass, light, stop-watch, world-time
Tipo di meccanismo Al quarzo
Tipo di garanzia Combinata produttore e venditore

Dettagli prodotto

  • Dimensioni e/o peso: 12,7 x 10,2 x 10,2 cm
  • Peso di spedizione: 295 g
  • Numero modello articolo: PAW2000-1CR
  • ASIN: B002OSY3WM
  • Disponibile su a partire dal: 21 novembre 2011
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Descrizione prodotto

Casio Uomo #PAW2000-1

Domande e risposte dei clienti

Recensioni clienti

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4.0 su 5 stelle No regrets 16 gennaio 2010
Di Glenn A. Cruz Cancel - Pubblicato su
Acquisto verificato
This is my first Pathfinder and I am really impressed. I am putting it through its paces right now in Afghanistan and it is doing very well. I bought it to replace a 4 yr old G-Shock (tough solar) that would not recharge anymore. The functions are great. The compass is accurate for general direction and navigating. The barometer has been on par with several other instruments I have at my dispossal in the military. I have not had a chance to really play with the altimeter but its generally within 5 ft of the GPS unit I also use. I had to go into the programing and input the lat and long for my position (extreamly easy) to get a more accurate sunrise and set times and they are spot on now. I see some of the other reviews about the functions and I offer this. If your are trying to reach a barn a few miles north of your position then the watch will get you there (if you have oriented your map properly and know how to do terrain association of course). If you are looking for a roll of quarters on the ground the same distance away, use a GPS. The only reason I didnt give it a 5 star rating is comfort. It has a great large face and unless you cinch it down tight (not comfertable) it will slide down and pinch the top of your wrist when you turn it up during some activities like pushups or holding a guardrail. Also, It has two small "wings" underneath it that keep the watch centered really well on your wrist and support the bands. The draw back is that despite the fact that I am not a hairy man, those little plastic parts have managed to pull and tug on all 4 hairs on my wrist...not comfertable. I typically wear my rugged time peices through just about anything...I take this one off before I go to sleep to keep the hair pulling and wrist pinching to a minimum.
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5.0 su 5 stelle Atomic time keeping and sunrise/sunset data make this one a winner! 24 febbraio 2014
Di Matt82 - Pubblicato su
Acquisto verificato
I debated long and hard about which Pathfinder (Protrek) watch I was going to buy to replace my previous triple sensor that was not solar powered. I opted for the PAW2000 for few reasons 1) The slim design means the watch, while the same diameter as the other Pathfinders, protrudes from your wrist about 33% less, meaning it doesn't snag on things as much as the others. I will admit, though, that it doesn't look quite as rugged as the bulkier Pathfinders. So if you have bigger wrists, this one might not be for you. 2) It has atomic time keeping. While this might not be a huge deal to some, I like the idea that this watch will automatically adjust the time every night when I go to sleep. In the unlikely scenario I actually need to depend on this watch to help out in a survival type situation, it's good to know I can depend on it to keep precise time. 3) The sunrise/sunset function is great. For me, this is a hiking/backpacking watch. Knowing exactly what time I need to start prepping camp in the evening is always important, and, again, the PAW2000 helps me out in the event I forget to do my homework before departing on a trip.

The decision on which Pathfinder to purchase came down to the PAW2000, PRW2500, and PRW3000 for me. All three feature atomic timekeeping and solar power (of course). While I do prefer the look of the PRW2500 a bit more, it replaces sunrise and sunset data with tide and moon charts. Since I don't need that feature, let alone know how to use it, I had to decide between the PAW2000-1CR and the PRW3000. The PRW3000 is essentially a hybrid of the PAW2000 and PRW2500. It slightly less bulky than the PRW2500 and features the sunrise/sunset data. The price is roughly equal to the PAW2000 and the specs are almost identical with the exception that the PRW3000 operates on the new generation 3 processor, while the PAW2000 is still using the second generation engine. The big difference in terms of daily use is that the PRW3000 has a negative display meaning it is all black with white numbers. From what I have read, this makes it difficult to read in less than ideal lighting. For this reason, I chose the PAW2000 despite it being a couple years older than the PRW3000.

Ultimately, you can't go wrong with any of the Pathfinder watches. It really just depends on what little bells and whistles you are looking for. For instance the PAW5000 and PRW5050 ana/dig series, amongst others, have a magnetic second hand that serves as a secondary compass always pointing north. This is a fantastic feature in the event the watch ever malfunctions and you still need to use the watch as a compass. However, those both run a couple hundred dollars more than the PAW2000 and you sacrifice sunrise/sunset data with the ana/dig watches. My best advice is to go the Casio website and check out all the Protrek watches. They have models going back to 2008 on the site, and many of those are still being reviewed more highly than the newer models. Unlike most things in life, when it comes to the Protrek series of watches, there is no harm in buying one of the older versions, especially if the features match what you're looking for in a alti/bar/comp watch.

In terms of daily use, I have found the PAW2000 (with a 2010 release date) to be very easy to navigate and program. The atomic timekeeping works great once you find the right place in your home where you're sure to get a signal. The illumination can be adjusted from 1-3 seconds and, unlike a battery powered watch, it isn't going to kill your battery to use it at your leisure. I am 6' and 170 pounds and have found that the watch is a perfect fit for me size wise. Again, if you're a bigger guy, you may not like the sleeker look of this one. The PRW2500/3000 may be the perfect fit for you. Overall, however, for a midlevel Pathfinder, you can't beat the features of the PAW2000. And if you're a hiker/backpacker who doesn't need tide/moon graphs, this is the watch for you.
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4.0 su 5 stelle I think the PAW-1500 wins. This watch shouldn't cost more than $200 6 settembre 2016
Di bmmh05 - Pubblicato su
Acquisto verificato
I have tried every model Protrek to date, except for the 7000. I believe the PAW-1500 is a better watch. Some interesting things about this watch;

Most Casio watches have a decent to exceptional ridge around the glass to protect it. This 2000 model is almost* flat across, which in my opinion is ridiculous.

The display on this watch is okay, but the viewing angles are terrible. The viewing angles on the PAW-1500 are nearly 180 degrees (similar to the new STN displays). The viewing angles on most ProTreks are bad, aside from the STN displays and the older models.

The backlight is dull compared to many many versions (G-Shocks included) .

The band is comfortable. I like every band that Casio have made. I'm not sure why people hate bands on these watches. I've had resin straps last 3 times (9-12 years of constant abuse) as long as these nato/zulu straps (which end of getting disgusting after heavy use/over time). This strap is nice. It has a nice texture on the outside.

I like the simplicity of the screen real estate, however I think the PRW-2500 is the best (Looking) Protrek. I believe this PAW-2000 is superior in terms of durabilty, compared to the PRW-2500. The PRW-2500 feels cheap...has a rotating bezel that looses paint if you brush up against a couch, let alone actually abuse it...

If you like shiny things, you'll like this. In a tactical situation this watch is terrible because the sunlight reflects off of the polished bezel insanely. I dislike shiny buttons as well. However, for a survival watch the highly reflective bezel is good to have.

This model says made in Thailand on the back. The PAW-1500 says Made in Japan. I'm aware there are zero differences, but some people would care to know that.

Nice watch, anyhow.
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4.0 su 5 stelle This is my favoritewatch of all time 19 gennaio 2016
Di Allan L - Pubblicato su
Acquisto verificato
This is my favorite watch of all time. It does exactly what i need it to do: tell me what time it is, what day it is, last forever. In my experience, battery powered watches are never the same when the battery is replaced. I've gone through countless sports watches in the past and either the battery dies, the band breaks, or it isn't accurate. I have had this watch for almost 5 years now, and it has never failed me. With the exception of the band breaking in about 2 years later. (I later replaced it with an OEM titanium band). All the other feature such as the altimeter, barometer, compass, sunrise/sunset time is great and all, but when it comes to finding a watch that is reliable, atomic, solar, tough, and slim; this is the watch to get. I would recommend it a 100 times over. The only feature i really use is the sunrise/sunset feature, and that's just for fun. The compass only works for about 20 seconds until you'll have to restart the compass feature again. There is a battery indicator on the face, and I've tried running the battery all the way before. It just constantly give you a low battery warning. Unless you turn the auto illumination on, the battery indicator will almost never drop below high.
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5.0 su 5 stelle The perfect watch 3 dicembre 2010
Di Mark H - Pubblicato su
Acquisto verificato
I wanted the resin version because it is half the weight of the titanium version. My only concern was the few who have said the band pinches their wrist. I'm happy to say that I wear it fairly loosely and I haven't experienced a single pinch. I have a pretty small wrist and minimal hair for reference sake and I've been wearing this day and night.

This watch is everything it has been advertised to be. I've been saving up for a pathfinder since the 1300 series was introduced and it is very satisfying to finally have one on my wrist. The screen is not recessed at all, so somewhat susceptible to scratches. I had an old PDA screen protector that I cut out and put on the screen. Without staring at it from 3 inches away, you can't even notice.

Other concerns were some said it was harder to read than the 1500. I find it very easy to read, nice large numbers, and extremely wearable everyday, even for a small wrist. The dual LCD screens is great, and I can't tell the difference of clarity from a 1500. Fits under dress shirts just fine.

I got the battery down to medium the first day from some extensive use, but two hours in the sun the next day and it was back to high and it's been high ever since.

This is my third Casio solar, second atomic, and first ABC. My g-shock couldn't hold a charge after about 4 years and I didn't want to pay $30 to fix it, the second is still going strong and I wear it on dressier occasions, this one gets everyday/outdoor duty.

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