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Red Sun [Edizione: Regno Unito]

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4.0 su 5 stelle Underappreciated Spaghetti Western Classic 16 ottobre 2001
Di Johnny Sideburns - Pubblicato su
Formato: DVD
Upon its original release this movie was far more successful in overseas market than in the United States (not surprisingly, as two of its stars, Ursula Andress and Toshiro Mifune, were bigger stars in their respective home markets than pre-"Death Wish" Charles Bronson was in the States). But I would say that "Red Sun"'s reputation as an "Art House" favorite still shouldn't keep American Western fans from giving it a look, even those casual fans of the genre who believe that a Western requires either the presence of Clint Eastwood or John Wayne for a Western to be considered any good.
As a point-of-reference for those whose tastes in Westerns (or movies in general) run along more contemporary lines, I would categorize "Red Sun" as an "Old School" variation of "Shanghai Noon" (that takes itself far more seriously). The obvious hook for the movie is the "East Meets West" theme, as well as the "discipline vs. lawlessness" and "faith vs. betrayal" conflicts that provide additional energy to the story. If the multiple subplots aren't enough, there is a brief frontal nude shot of Ursula Andress that makes it easy to remember why she was cast in "Dr. No" (and was thus subsequently identified in "Trainspotting" as "THE quintessential 'Bond girl'") in the first place.
Now, the quality of the DVD itself isn't that good, I'm afraid. Yes, it is formatted, which for a Spaghetti Western qualifies as a crime against humanity. The transfer itself is as good as can be expected, going on the questionable quality of the original print. There aren't any additional features (a documentary piece regarding the international quality of the cast would have been interesting at the least, but the movie likely wasn't considered worthy of such pretention at the time it was made).
In truth, if I hadn't found the DVD used (I'm not even sure if they're actively being printed anymore), I probably wouldn't've bought it at full price. I'm hoping that its "limited availability" at this time means that someone (hopefully the folks who re-issued "Repo Man" and "The Wicker Man") will put together a proper re-issue package for this film. Surely Charles Bronson fans alone at least deserve that much.
In conclusion, I do recommend this movie to anyone who has a soft spot for Westerns and/or abstract's not one of Mifune's best works, but it is (all things considered) one his more interesting efforts as an actor. I just wish this DVD included a better presentation.
46 di 49 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
1.0 su 5 stelle Red Sun Region 0 (All Region) Version 17 marzo 2010
Di AD - Pubblicato su
Formato: DVD
This review is for the Red Sun Region 0 (All Region) version, and the low rating is for this DVD version, not for the great movie. Not mentioned in the Amazon information, and by only one reviewer, is that this DVD is from Hong Kong, and a disclaimer on the back of the case says "for sale in Hong Kong SAR and Macao SAR only". This DVD has a big problem, and to my surprise, no reviewer has mentioned it. The problem is a hard, harsh, screechy sound track that makes the DVD almost as difficult to listen to as finger nails scraping a black board. It sounds like the treble was turned way up and the bass way down, and then distortion added. I can only speculate as to the reason. Maybe it's an asian compatibility problem with U.S. equipment, or maybe the sound track was remixed to appeal to asian listening preferences. Whatever the case, the sound is so nasty that I had to return the DVD. Before I did that, I tried it on 2 different DVD player/TV setups. The DVD sounded awful on both. Finally, I tried it on my computer -- a Dell Media Center with excellent 5.1 surround sound. The DVD sounded as bad as on my two DVD player/TV setups.

It's really a shame. Red Sun is a 5 star western, and ranks among the best westerns ever made. It the second best western Bronson made, falling slightly below his amazing Sergio Leone spaghetti western "Once Upon A Time In The West." Red Sun is so good that I can't figure out why there is not an excellent Region 1 remastered widescreen version available.

Unlike the previously released full screen Region 1 version of Red Sun, this Hong Kong Region 0 DVD does have very good picture quality in widescreen with the original aspect ratio. That makes this DVD all the more sad -- it's beautiful to look at but horrible to listen to.

The musical score on Red Sun is beautiful in the tradition of the best westerns ever made. It is right up there with films like the Magnificent Seven and the Ennio Morricone scores for the great spaghetti westerns. It is tragic that such a musical masterpiece would be butchered with bad sound mastering. Please, will somebody release an excellent remastered Region 1 widescreen version of Red Sun with good sound? This is a classic western that should be preserved.

Conclusion: Red Sun is a fabulous movie, but stay away from the Region 0 (All Region) version due to the harsh, screechy sound track.
22 di 22 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
1.0 su 5 stelle Beware of Well Packaged Bootleg 6 dicembre 2010
Di Amazon Customer - Pubblicato su
Formato: DVD Acquisto verificato
Movie excellent Bronson/Mifune; DVD release horrible. I received the version with the white backdrop with the red sun and color sketch of Bronson, Mifune, Andres, and Stamp on the cover. On the packaging Evergreen Entertainment is indicated as the DVD producer; in the Amazon description it refers to Evergreen as the Studio. It looks like quatlity from the outside and says it has been remastered and that format is letterbox. Not true. It is a poor transfer form a video and is cropped, not even close to letterbox and the sound is poorly mastered. Even the menu mispells words. Amazon has really confounded reviews that try to protect other buyers of DVDs and CDs by combining the reviews for all prints of movies and CDs. Good luck in sifting through the offerings now. I will get a good print and letterbox of this movie if I can find one with confidence, but cannot so far.
26 di 28 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
4.0 su 5 stelle Good yet unconventional western 30 marzo 2005
Di Cory D. Slipman - Pubblicato su
East meets west as legendary Japanese actor Toshiro Mifune teams up with Charles Bronson in Terence Young's "Red Sun".

Bronson is the leader of a band of desperadoes who have endeavored to rob a train, with Alain Delon playing Bronson's lieutenant "Gauche". Coincidentally traveling on the same train which is traversing the remote 1870's western frontier is the Japanese ambassador to the U.S. He is guarded by two loyal samurai, one of which is Mifune playing Kuroda Jubie. In the ambassador's possession is a ceremonial samurai sword destined to be a gift to the president. Delon decides to steal the sword killing the other samurai in the process. He double crosses Bronson by dynamiting the train attempting to kill him and stealing all the money.

Mifune is commissioned by the ambassador to retrieve the sword within one weeks time. He and Bronson collaborate to form a shaky partnership as they both are after Delon. During their odyssey their initial mistrust for each other gradually gets replaced by a mutual respect. Along the way they pick up Delon's prostitute girlfriend Cristina played by Ursula Andress.

While "Red Sun" was a novel idea for a western it fell short in a few areas. Bronson's character Link Stuart was overly comedic for my liking. Ursula Andress, while a fine looking woman is no great actress. The star of the movie was unquestionably Mifune. The stoic samurai he has played in so many classics by Kurosawa was once again magnificently created by him.
30 di 34 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
5.0 su 5 stelle Gunslinger and Samurai 9 luglio 2008
Di Zack Davisson - Pubblicato su
Formato: DVD Acquisto verificato
I am amazed that I have lived so much of my life without even knowing this flick existed. This is the sort of thing I should have seen years ago, and watched over and over again. Think about it. A Western staring Charles Bronson (The Magnificent Seven) and Mifune Toshiro (Seven Samurai), facing off against Alain Delon (Le Samourai). As a little icing we get Ursula Andress (Dr. No). Bliss.

Getting these four international actors together in the same plot isn't as strange as you think. Mifune is Kuroda Jubie, a guard for the Ambassador from Japan who is currently en-route to Washington D.C. where he is to deliver a magnificent sword as a present from the Emperor of Japan to the President of the US. Their train is robbed by Bronson, playing outlaw Link Stuart, but he is betrayed mid-robbery by his partner Gauche (Alain Delon) who takes the gold-encrusted sword. Joining together in a wary truce, Mifune and Bronson hunt Delon to recover their lost honor and stolen treasures. Andress is Delon's woman, but someone who can easily be convinced to switch her loyalties if the price is right.

What is so amazing about this film is that, aside from its impressive international cast, is that is just a really good movie. What could have been played for laughs, as happened in the much later Shanghai Noon, is instead treated entirely straight, and a subtle story of honor and revenge is laid out with patience and perfection. Although technically a "Spaghetti Western", none of the tropes are brought into play, and everything is handled with respect and intention. Mifune is not Bronson's wacky sidekick, and Delon is no French buffoon.

As an interesting note, this is the first film I have seen where Mifune speaks English. It was quite a surprise, and he does an able job with his lines, although they are not flawless. His character here is a straight-laced servant to his lord rather than the dangerous rouge from Yojimbo, and the scenes between him and Bronson are fantastic.

This DVD presentation is a little lacking. It is strictly bare-bones, and the video looks to be a PAL transfer. It would be nice to see this gem get a deluxe Region 1 release, but until then I am just happy to have it in any format.

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