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S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Complete Collection Omnibus (Inglese) Copertina rigida – 20 ott 2015

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Le recensioni clienti più utili su (beta) (Potrebbero essere presenti recensioni del programma "Early Reviewer Rewards") 5.0 su 5 stelle 11 recensioni
40 di 40 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
5.0 su 5 stelle One of the stunning heights of 1960s comics 21 ottobre 2015
Di Tim Lukeman - Pubblicato su
Formato: Copertina rigida Acquisto verificato
In the mid-1960s, for a mere 12 cents a month, a reader could enter two fantastic worlds in the pages of one comic, "Strange Tales" -- the multiple, eerie dimensions of Dr. Strange, and the sleek, big-screen technological action of Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD. This vastly entertaining volume contains the complete run of the latter, from its origins by Lee & Kirby, to its most famous, innovative period with Jim Steranko, and its falling-off with a rotating cast of writers & artists.

For most fans, it's the Steranko period that's the big draw, and no wonder. Starting over the layouts & plots of Jack Kirby, Steranko soon took full control & brought graphic design, pop art, high art, vivid color, dynamic storytelling & fantastic, mindblowing ideas to nearly every panel of the spy series, changing the face of comics permanently. He expanded the cast & scope of the series, introduced one of the first truly adult relationships in comics between Fury and La Contessa Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine, gave Fury real characterization beyond that of the former three-striper -- and in the process gave readers an incredible ride that just got better & more dazzling with every issue.

Of course, it couldn't last. No run in comics ever does. Steranko himself seems to be somewhat adrift in his final issues; and those that follow are much more standard comics fare of the day. Even so, I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss them entirely. Frank Springer's more rough-hewn, shadow-soaked visuals had real promise for another direction, if he'd had time to hone his own style, rather than having to badly interpret Steranko. The real problem was in the plotting & scripting -- Fury became a solo lead for the most part, as the rich supporting cast faded into the background; villains were uninspired for the most part, doing "Eeeeevil!" for the sake of it, like all good comic book villains. World-shattering threats requiring several issues to defeat were becoming nothing more than the bad guy of the month.

In some ways, it was simply that a certain moment in time had passed. The culture was in constant flux then, so that every 6 months felt like a new era, leaving everyone in pursuit of a constantly shifting zeitgeist. The writers & artists who followed Steranko were throwing anything that came to mind against the wall, to see if any of it would stick. What was needed was an individual vision just as firm & clear as Steranko had provided -- and sadly, there just wasn't any to be found.

The book itself is handsome, including an early Fantastic Four story introducing Colonel Fury (still without his famous eyepatch then); a later Avengers story tying up loose ends from the cancellation of the series in mid-plot; and best of all, a mid-1970s story by Jim Starlin & Howard Chaykin, finally explaining why a veteran of WWII could still be so young & in the thick of action. Why Marvel didn't pounce & sign Chaykin to a SHIELD revival is beyond me -- he had his own distinctive style & vision that suited the character & would undoubtedly have given us an appropriate Nick Fury for the post-Vietnam, post-Watergate world.

But never mind what might have been! The stories are here for your enjoyment, long before later "edgy" writers pretty much warped & destroyed the character. We even get the famous 4-page foldout that originally required two copies of the same comic to see completely. Alternate covers & art (including some censored at the time), three charming spoofs, and several introductions to the earlier Masterworks editions of SHIELD are included as welcome extras. And as an added treat, the reprinted letter pages include several future comics creators, particularly the prolific & enthusiastic Don McGregor. So, for a few hours, enter the strangely innocent & thrilling world of 1960s spies once more & enjoy the deadly rollercoaster that'll carry you through a thousand fates worse than death without mussing your hair -- most highly recommended!
7 di 7 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
5.0 su 5 stelle They Knew We Wanted It- Now More Bronze Age Pls 14 febbraio 2016
Di thirdtwin - Pubblicato su
Formato: Copertina rigida Acquisto verificato
If you have always wanted the complete run of this title- or you grew up reading it- here it is for you in vivid color. More and more complete runs of titles are being collected- it's rather a rare thing to have a whole story line of graphic art under one cover- here's hoping more are published like this from the bronze age. well worth your time.
1 di 1 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
5.0 su 5 stelle This big hardcover book is worth the price for any serious fan of the series or Steranko. 31 marzo 2017
Di VikingPrince - Pubblicato su
Formato: Copertina rigida Acquisto verificato
For any fan of Nick Fury or Jim Steranko, this heavy book is a treasure trove. Marvel did an excellent job of reprinting all the SHIELD comics starting with Strange Tales and finishing with the SHIELD stand alone issues, in full color and detail. This omnibus also includes some fascinating behind the scenes articles by Steranko and others. It all made me wish once again that Steranko had continued to write and illustrate Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD.
5.0 su 5 stelle Five Stars 13 maggio 2017
Di Amazon Customer - Pubblicato su
Formato: Copertina rigida Acquisto verificato
I've waited decades to read this collection
28 di 29 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
5.0 su 5 stelle Wonderfully restored artwork from this classic series 26 ottobre 2015
Di Dan Pace (feral atom) - Pubblicato su
Formato: Copertina rigida
Amazing omnibus with Strange Tales 135-168, Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD 1-15, Fantastic Four 21, Tales of Suspense 78, The Avengers 72, and Marvel Spotlight 31. This collects all the material from Agent of SHIELD Masterworks 1-3 at the larger omnibus size and then some. Volumes 1 and 2 have been sold out. Like New copies are selling for $150 for Vol1 and $90 for Vol2. As fans requested, foldout for the quad-paneled sequence with the Yellow Claw.

This omnibus has a ton of extras:

Introductions by John Morrow, Jim Steranko (10 pages), and Roy Thomas, Stan Lee "Against the Hordes of Hydra" essay from Sons of Origins, intros from A.M. Viturtia ad Larry Hama.

Also, all the Strange Tales and Agent of SHIELD letters pages, covers from Agent of SHIELD 16, 17, 18 (reprints Strange Tales), cover for Not Brand Ecch #2, Knock Furious full story from Not Brand Ecch (NBE) #2, cover from NBE #8, Knock Furious full story from NBE #8, cover and full Knock Furious story from NBE #11, house ads showing two new features: Nick Fury and Sub-mariner, solo titles ad for Doctor Strange and Nick Fury, two page proposal for "The Man Called DEATH" penciled by Jack Kirby and tryout inks by Jim Steranko. This proposal became Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD, Original art from Strange Tales #135 by Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers, unused Kirby pencils inked by unknown inker (great work, BTW) from #135, production photostat from #155, page 7 showing original art with Nick Fury having ropes around his neck before Comics Code pressure resulted in their removal, production photostat with Steranko coloring notes from #156, page 6, production proof #157, page 7 with Steranko notes, #159 cover original art by Steranko and unedited Captain America, production proof on 168 Contessa's posterior before Comics Code alterations, famous Agent of SHIELD #2 romantic interlude between Nick and Val which was significantly altered and possibly made even more scandalous, original cover art for iconic Agent of SHIELD #4 by Steranko, original color design for cover #5 which was proposed as #1 cover (Who is Scorpio cover), awesome unused Herb Trimpe cover with Hydra in Nick's mind, quarter-sized thumbnails for Agents of SHIELD reprints 1-5, and 1-2 (1 shown front and back). Kirby Complete Collection and Steranko Complete Collection covers (colors by Dean White) and Alex Ross reimaged cover from Kirby's scope cover.

The series started off with a bang. From the letters pages, it's clear that most fans immediately took to the title. There were a few complaints about Nick's crude manners and appearance. The character was the exact same as he was in Sgt. Fury but now leads a spy agency. I really enjoyed John Severin's finishes over Kirby's layouts. These issues are different from Steranko's later work, of course, but they have their own charm and Kirby's signature wild sci-fi imagination. I loved having Dugan and Gabe join the roster from the Howlers. After Severin left Marvel, the series floundered a bit and became even more hyperbolic.

The series completely changed from the moment Jim Steranko came on board. Fury shaved, wore suits and acted more like a spy than a foot soldier. Even over Kirby's layouts, Steranko's art looked more sophisticated while still being action-packed. Soon, Steranko was doing the whole shebang and it was impressive.

Having Captain America and Baron Strucker from Nick's WWII days and adding Jimmy Woo, Suwan and the fiendish Yellow Claw from the 50s spy series was an awesome flourish. The Yellow Claw was one of the best villains out of the Atomic Age and could've given Dr. Doom or Darkseid a run for their money with his sinister scheming.

Oh those moments with the Countess. Wow! Fury has all he can handle with this femme fatale.

Scorpio was always a favorite of mine. It's too bad that Marvel didn't do more with him.

Though he worked on Agent of SHIELD for only a short time, his impact on the industry was long-lasting, though no one else quite managed his style. Frank Springer, Herb Trimpe and Barry Windsor-Smith did an admirable job trying to ape Steranko's style but fell significantly short. These stories are still enjoyable and are slightly better than the post-Severin, pre-Steranko period.

This omnibus is a wonderful addition to a comic collector's library, with industry-changing artwork by Steranko and wild tech by Kirby, including the Porsche hover car and the Life Model Decoys.

I've been having a lot of trouble uploading photos to Amazon over my phone (where my photos are). It takes several days to update, so I've had double or triple photos appear.

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