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Viewsonic Pro7827HD 2200ANSI lumen DLP 1080p (1920x1080) Compatibilità 3D Desktop projector Nero

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  • Risoluzione 1080p predisposto per contenuti Bly-ray, 3D e HD
  • Luminosità da 2200 lumen e contrasto da 22000:1
  • Sistema di colori SuperColor 6-segment RGBRGB per sfumature brillanti e colori ricchi e naturali
  • Porte: 3 x HDMI, 2 x MHL per una connettività versatile
  • Colore standard sRGB e cinematografico Rec. 709

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Dettagli prodotto

Specifiche prodotto
Peso articolo2,6 Kg
Dimensioni prodotto22,8 x 31,6 x 10,4 cm
Pile:2 AAA (Tipo di pila necessaria)
Numero modello articoloPRO7827HD
Max. risoluzione schermo1920 x 1080
Dettagli audio2
Numero di porte USB 2.01
Numero di porte VGA2
Wattaggio350 watt
Tipo di alimentazioneAC
Confezione della batteria al litioPile in dotazione nella confezione
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Posizione nella classifica Bestseller di Amazon n. 47.544 in Informatica (Visualizza i Top 100)
Peso di spedizione4,3 Kg
Disponibile su a partire dal7 marzo 2016
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Descrizione prodotto

Cinematic Colors - 1080p, 2200lm, 1.1-1.5 Throw Ratio, DarkChip3, 144Hz 3D frame rate & 2xHDMI (MHL)/1xVGA

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5.0 su 5 stelle Best value for money 17 agosto 2015
Di Primelover - Pubblicato su
Colore: BlackStile: 3000 Lumens (modello 2013) Acquisto verificato
After a long rearch for a budget projector i decided to go with this one instead of benq 1070 as this was on sale on amazon for 520. After using it for a month, i can say that i am very happy with my decision.. just cant find any flaw at all. The picture is bright and colors are fantastic though i am projecting directly on the wall (dont see any need for a screen). I have not seen any rainbow effect at all. It is very compact and easy to use. I have plugged it to Onkyo 7.1 receiver via hdmi and using hdmi splitter to run TV in parallel. I am able to play chromecast, firestick, blueray via receiver without any issues. This is plug and play so setup was quick and easy. We've been watching movies almost every night (using Kodi on firestick) and with my definitive tech speakers it just feels like being in a theater and even better. Check the photos for picture clarity.
282 di 293 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
5.0 su 5 stelle You can't do any better for the price 27 giugno 2013
Di Psythik - Pubblicato su
Colore: BlackStile: 3000 Lumens (modello 2013)
NOTE: Since this review is so popular, I will update it on a regular basis as I find out more about this projector. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or want to request clarification. (Last Updated: Sep 28, 2014)

This projector is ideal for gaming. Zero input lag, instant response rate, 1:1 pixel mapping via HDMI (no overscan) with an RGB source (like a PC or high-end Blu Ray player).

Bright, vibrant colors; bright enough to replace a TV. I barely even have to draw the blinds to use this during the day, even at picture sizes up to 140" and the lamp mode set to Economic. Yellows and cyans look especially good. Eat your heart out, Quattron.

Post calibration contrast is amazing, better than any movie theater.

1080p 3D gaming is mind-blowing. Even though you have to play in Side by Side or Top-Bottom mode at that resolution to get 60Hz (full 1080p 3D is limited to 24Hz, which is fine for movies), picture is still crystal clear and razor sharp. This is a limitation of HDMI, and not the projector itself.

3D Crosstalk is almost non-existent. Make the screen large, crank the FOV to 110-120 in FPSes, and you'll feel like you're living inside the game.

Very little perceivable brightness loss in 3D.

Short throw gives you approx. 1" of screen size for every 1" the projector is away from the wall at full zoom.

Rainbows all but completely disappear in 3D. In 2D they are noticeable with bright objects against a dark background, though. Even though I'm very sensitive to rainbows they're not visible enough to annoy me. Over time you start to notice them less and less as you get used to the projector. After 1000 hours I rarely see them anymore.

Supports downsampling from 2560x1440, great for gamers with high-end hardware who want the best possible picture.

Out of the box picture is ok, but needs some fine tuning. See below for the color settings I've come up with (calibrated using test patterns).

Glitchy firmware. Hopefully an update will fix some minor issues I've been having.

Colors are a bit washed out in 3D, though it's nothing that can't be fixed with a color profile in your graphics card. See below for another fix.

Color settings can't be adjusted in 3D. The only way to get around this this is to set a profile in your graphics card or use an external video processor. (After more experimenting, turns out I was wrong about color settings made in 2D carrying over to 3D. Apologies for the misinformation.)

Contrast isn't as good in 3D, but blacks still go well below the video reference level.

Throw angle is a bit awkward. Hard to ceiling mount with a high ceiling, and you can't table mount it unless you slouch in your seat or sit behind it. If you have a high ceiling or simply don't want to buy a mount, the best place to stick it would be on top of a bookshelf. Just make sure you leave plenty of room around it to breathe!

Here are my post-calibration color settings:
Color Mode: User 1 or 2
Reference Mode: Dynamic PC or ViewMatch
Brightness: 52
Contrast: -5
BrilliantColor: Off (turn it on as a last resort if you ever need some extra brightness, but keep in mind that it reduces contrast, throws color accuracy & gamma all out of whack.)
Noise Reduction: 0
Gamma: Depends on the source. 3 is more accurate in some cases, and in others it's 4. has some good Gamma test patterns to determine which setting is right.
HDMI Range: Depends. For PCs, Enhanced gives you the full color range. However, some sources like game consoles and satellite receivers might have washed out blacks. In that case, use the Normal setting.

Red Hue: -10
Red Sat: 110
Red Gain: 105

Grn Hue: -5
Grn Sat: 105
Grn Gain: 104

Blue Hue: -3
Blue Sat: 100
Blue Gain: 74

Cyan Hue: 9
Cyan Sat: 110
Cyan Gain: 104

Mag Hue: 0
Mag Sat: 100
Mag Gain: 104

Yel Hue: -5
Yel Sat: 110
Yel Gain: 100

Keep in mind that colors can vary from projector to projector, even with the same model, so it's a good idea to use these settings as a baseline for your own calibration.
8 di 8 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
5.0 su 5 stelle Go ahead and buy it! Now! 25 maggio 2016
Di Rudy B - Pubblicato su
Colore: WhiteStile: 3200 Lumens (modello del 2016) Acquisto verificato
Very quick setup and warm-up. I purchased this for my wife so she can bring her own gear for her presentations as the equipment that the facilities where she is contracted to teach is very antiquated and finicky. She is not the most experienced computer admin and as I cannot be there for tech support every class I wanted something that was ready to go without any issues 100% of the time. The only problem we have had was frequent disconnects due to my own error in setup: I made the mistake of leaving the wifi dongle we had purchased for use with this projector unsecured and apparently someone was try to hack it during her presentation (definitely not the projector's fault). Once we had set a password for this connection there have been exactly zero problems aside from misbehaving students.

This is more than bright enough for a well lit meeting room and sharp enough for a very nice appearing presentation. Overall, the only negative is that I would have preferred this to be available in black but my wife would have preferred a dark grey.
35 di 39 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
5.0 su 5 stelle The king of budget projectors. 25 aprile 2016
Di Thomas J Duffy - Pubblicato su
Colore: WhiteStile: 3200 Lumens (modello del 2016) Acquisto verificato
I have been planning for about 2 years on buying a projector as an upgrade to our 8 year old Sony LCD TV. With a small budget, the predecessor to this ViewSonic looked to have the best bang-for-the-buck of the under $800 units. Amazon discounted that one to as low as $499 during the 2015 black Friday sale, but I missed clicking on Buy Now through my own indecision, and the price went back up.
When this unit came out, it seemed like it had to be, and so I went ahead with this one.
We made a screen for it using the Carl's Blackout cloth available here on Amazon.
This is our first Projector, so we don't know what a bigger budget projector might look like, but for our needs it is pretty near perfect.
We wanted to watch BluRay and DVD movies as though in a theater, and for this it definitely delivers.
Our Family room is not bright during the day, is about 12 feet wide where there is sufficient wall space for the screen.
I put the projector suspended from the ceiling almost as far back as it can go, and the zoom control was almost at minimum, i.e. this is not a short throw projector, it needs a good distance, so I'd say 12 foot is the minimum.
Our of the box, it is at normal/maximum brightness. We got used to this pretty quickly, so when I tried the eco mode, the loss of brightness was sorely missed. In Eco mode you can't hear the fan really, but it is noticeable in normal mode, and that is the mode we continue to use it at.
Out of the box, we tried a few color settings because people's faces were looking too colored, then I ran some calibration pictures through it. The performance was spot on at the default settings, I couldn't really make it any better by tweaking anything.
I did a brief test for rainbow effect, but net wisdom says that once you notice it, it becomes hard to ignore again, so I didn't try too much.
I presume that ViewSonic has done incremental improvements on these kind of things over the different models, but this is a budget unit, so it's probably as good as it gets.
When I purchased this, I got a generic ceiling mount, but I should have done my homework some more. The projector ended up being too low, and had to be pointed back upwards a bit, also needing keystone correction. I fixed that this weekend, cut the ceiling mount stem in about half and drilled some new holes in it for the screws.
We measured the projected size on the bare wall, and made the screen/frame to fit it with a small border. It ended up at over 100", but not quite 110". Definitely big enough.
Note the screw holes for the mounting are weird, they are not in a regular rectangular pattern, so you need to rely on the mounts arm movements to reach the 4th one, and still have the arm holding the projector by its center of gravity (i.e. so that it doesn't tend to swing up or down). Some mounting arms might not work with this at all if they don't have much movement.
Connected to a Sony Amplifier with CEC control enabled, turning the ViewSonic Off triggers the amplifier to turn off automatically, but the reverse was not true.
So the only cons are the mounting screw positions, the noise of the fan and the partial CEC control.
The power consumption will be larger than the LCD TV it replaced, but I knew that going in.
I think we're set now for another 5-8 years before 4K projectors hit this price point. Fun times.
3 di 3 persone hanno trovato utile la seguente recensione
5.0 su 5 stelle Best value for the dollar now available! 10 novembre 2016
Di Granite City Green Guy - Pubblicato su
Colore: WhiteStile: 3200 Lumens (modello del 2016) Acquisto verificato
We've had a dedicated home theater for 6+ years now and decided to upgrade our projector from 720p over the summer. Weeks of research left me unable to decide, in part because there are no stores within 100 miles that have even a single projector on display, much less a viewing room. I finally purchased an Optima HD37 from Amazon Warehouse during a great sale (about half of retail)...not a bad idea, but once I got it installed we found there were dozens of stuck pixels (white) scattered all over the image, so back it went. Rather than chance another refurb I went with what was my second choice, this Viewsonic model, and couldn't be happier. The image is comparable to the HD37 (a projector that sells for exactly twice the price usually), the user interface is better, and it's quieter. What's missing by comparison are "niceties" like lens shift, a wider zoom, and more flexible user control of image settings. Since I have a dedicated theater with complete flexibility in projector location, none of these were a problem. About 75% of our viewing is teenagers watching movies so even though the image looks great on a 124" screen they probably don't care about the upgrade from 720p as much as I do (frankly the sound is more important to their enjoyment than the picture). But I notice the improved image quality! Read the technical reviews on the projector sites if you're interested, but suffice it to say this unit will be fine for most anyone who is not terribly concerned about having the absolutely finest image quality possible...none of the adults we've had over to watch a film has said anything other than variations of "Wow, this is better than going to the movies!" The only change we've made from our prior projector is a full switch to Bluray...we used to be OK with DVDs in 720p but they just don't cut it in 1080p.

Our old projector was a Viewsonic as well and we've been very happy with the brand. The only question remaining is bulb life, but since we use our projectors only about 6-8 hours per week (100% movies, nothing else) I expect we'll get several years from the original.