Seeing Red: A Contemporary MM Romance (Copertina flessibile)

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30 aprile 2019 di

*this review may contain spoilers

This a brilliant, emotional book with two beautiful main characters.
Idris is a shy,sweet,gentle Islamic man scared of racism, who's never allowed himself to have feelings for another man. Victor is a hard-case,self made success,who considers his worth based only on the luxury things he owns. Their encounter has a strong impact on both of them, but the situation can only end in ugliness,seeing that Victor does everything in his power to take down Idris' tea room, putting the latter's ruin in motion.
Personally, I think that Victor's story is heartbreaking. It was hard reading through his emotional inner battles. As Idris realizes at some point,Victor's growing up the way he did,"stunted his ability to feel empathy,to understand right from wrong ". Page by page,I saw him practically reset all his previous beliefs in order to eventually consider himself a man worthy of being loved and capable of loving in return. Idris also teaches him some important lessons about money not being the most important thing, and about acceptance and forgiveness.
Seeing Red is a beautiful story of two troubled souls finding each other, bringing hope,color and love into the other's life. I love it so,so much and I highly recommend it.

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