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About 1-Click Ordering

1-Click ordering places your order automatically and lets you skip the shopping cart.

When you place your first order and enter a payment method and delivery address, 1-Click ordering is automatically enabled. If you click Buy now with 1-Click (Compra ora con 1-Click) on any product page, your order will be charged to the default payment method on your account and delivered to the default address.

A list of delivery addresses you use frequently will appear beneath the Buy now with 1-Click (Compra ora con 1-Click) button on every product detail page. The address at the top of the list is your 1-Click default address. To change the default, go to Manage Addresses and 1-Click Settings (this page will be in Italian).

When you order several items delivered by via 1-Click within the same 30 minute period, the orders are combined and confirmed 30 minutes from when the last item was added. You can change or cancel the order before these 30 minutes are up. For more information, see About 1-Click Order Consolidation (this page will be in Italian).

Note: Your browser must be cookie-enabled to use 1-Click shopping. Cookies are short pieces of data stored by your browser which we use to identify your account. If your browser isn't cookie-enabled, you can still purchase items by adding them to your Shopping Basket and clicking Proceed to checkout (Procedi all'acquisto).

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